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Draft Day Winners and Losers



1. Carolina – I hate Carolina so it is hard for me to give them props.  They had a great draft though.  LB Jon Beason will make an instant impact on the defense and WR Dwayne Jarrett will become a favorite target of Jake DelHomo.  And how C/G Ryan Kalil is still available in Round 3 is beyond me.  They have their center for the next 10 seasons.  DE Charles Johnson should be a pretty good player in the NFL.  WR Ryne Robinson is the Panthers Devin Hester…just not quite as good.  The rest of the picks are decent enough to take a roster spot. 

2. Buffalo – The Bills had a very good day starting with the pick of RB Marshawn Lynch.  They will not miss Willis McGaHACK very much.  They needed a LB and they drafted Paul Poszluzny from Penn State.  He is not Brian Urlacher but he will be a fixture in Buffalo for the next 10 years.  Picking QB Trent Edwards was very smart.  J.P. is a decent QB but not one to take you to the next level.  Trent is very smart and has an above average arm.  Trent will be the regular starter by 2009.  S John Wendling is a fabulous pick.  Another need area filled.  GREAT DAY!

3. San Francisco – The Niners should now challenge in a weak, but rebuilding NFC West.  Willis is a very good MLB and should anchor that D for a long time.  Moving up to get OT Joe Staley was brilliant.  He could end up being the best OT in the draft.  WR Jason Hill should be the #3 receiver this season.  He was a solid pick in the 3rd round.  S Dashon Goldson in the 4th round is a steal.  He may not start right away but he will get a lot of playing time and start before the season is over. 

4. Atlanta – Well, it is all on Vick now.  ATL replaced the departed DE with Jamaal Anderson from Arkansas.  He is a fantastic pass rusher and all-around good athlete.  Getting G Justin Blaylock from Texas at pick #39 is quite a feat.  I didn’t think he would get out of the first round.  He will start the season.  WR Laurent Robinson from Illinois State will be a nice surprise.  He is a lightning bolt and he can catch.  Let’s see if Vick can get the ball to him and Horn.  6th Round pick C Doug Datish was a great pick.  I had him as a mid to late 4th round talent.  Doug could start at G and eventually become the FULL TIME C in 2008.  Finally, last pick of the draft, FB Jason Snelling will be a good FB in the NFL.  He may be more of a special teams guy his first season but he will get playing time as his career progresses. 

5. Oakland – You got JaMarcus Russell at #1 and TE Zach Miller at #2.  That alone is going to get you near the Top 5.  Both should make an instant impact as I look for Russell to have a V. Young kind of debut.  DE Q. Moses should start.  I like his all-around game.  WR Jonnie Lee Higgins (my prediction) will be a solid #2 reciever in the NFL by 2010.  For starters he is a #3 or #4 option and a return man.  He will turn heads.  RB Michael Bush in the 4th Round…are you kidding me.  Bush is coming off a bad injury but Bush 3/4 speed is still better than 1/2 the backs in the league.  He gets his first 1,000 yards in 2008.  CB John Bowie is the fastest man in the draft…now in the NFL with a 4.24, I shit you not.  Oakland will also attempt to turn him into the next Devin Hester. 


28. NY Jets – 4 picks on the day, 2 of them decent and NO STUDS.  Revis and Harris should start in 2007 but I am not sold on either of them.  Disappointing day for the J-E-T-S.

29. Indianapolis – They got a lot of players but only 2 or 3 will even stick.  WR Gonzalez is pretty good and should be the #3 reciever on opening day.  Ugoh will start at OT for the Colts in 2009.  The other 7 picks are either special teams or special ed.

30. Philadelphia – Kevin Kolb #36 ahead of Beck, Stanton and Edwards.  Players like S Eric Weddle, G Justin Blaylock and TE Zach Miller were also on the board.  WOW!  I had Kolb a mid to late 3rd rounder.  Other picks like DE Abiamiri, LB Bradley and RB Hunt are all back up kind of players.  The rest of their picks are all mid-camp cuts.

 31. Miami – BRADY QUINN staring you in the face and you pass on him.  Unreal.  Now there are very few sure things in sports but I am certain Brady Quinn will be a starter and a pretty good one.  Nice whiff!  HELL, they could have traded down 10 spots, picked up 3 or 4 more picks and still got their man.  So you take Ginn the Gimp from OSU and a QB in Round 2 in Beck from BYU.  Couldn’t you have taken Brady with #1 and a WR like Sidney Rice, Dwayne Jarrett or Steve Smith with #2.  What ass is running the show down there?  They had 7 other picks and the only one that might stick is Booker and that would be as a #3 running back.  NONE of these players will help you this year.

32. Washington – Hail to the ASSHOLES!  Ok, now Landry is a damn good player and will be a good safety in the NFL. However, you have huge holes on the offensive and defensive line as well as the need for linebacker and you take a safety.  This was one of the deepest safety drafts in recent memory.  They could have trade down 4 or 5 spots, selected LB Lawrence Timmons or DT Amobi Okoye.  There would have been quality safeties like Eric Weddle, Dashon Goldson and Sabby Pisctielli later in the draft.  They had 4 more picks in the draft.  One was used on QB Jordan Palmer who isn’t his brother.  Jordan is nothing more than a career back up QB.  The rest of the picks sucked. 


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Sens v. Devils – I like the Devils.  They have a good track record against Nottawa.  I am thinking 6 games and Devils move on.

Rangers v. Sabres – Well I am probably the only one that likes NY here but I look for a scrappy, veteran Rangers team to play like there is no tomorrow.  And for some of their players that is probably the case.  It will be a grueling 7 games with one of the teams winnning in OT.  I am on the fence, but I like NY.

Red Wings v. Sharks – I knew it would come down to these two teams and the DOMINATOR will decide the out come of this series.  If we see a little Dominick of old than the Wings will win in 6.  If he shows some age (and groin) the Sharks win in 7.

Ducks v. Canucks – I have no scientific or statistical basis for this pick.  The Ducks were formed based on a gay and lame hockey movie and the old fashioned Canuck uniforms are brilliant.  Besides, I have seen Ducks on the ice before.  We have a pond near our house and it isn’t pretty.  Canucks in 7!



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The Draft is a mere 5 days away.  There are many rumors of who is trading and which player is going where.  Do you have any thoughts on your team?  Do you care to make any ballsy predictions?  I say Bears deal Briggs for the #6 pick in the draft, I say Tampa and Detroit swap picks and the CHICAGO BEARS SELECT ZACH MILLER, TIGHT END OUT OF ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY.

 Here is the rest of my projected 1st Round

Oakland- Jamarcus Russell QB LSU

Detroit- Gaines Adams DE Clemson

Cleveland- Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame

Tampa- Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech

Arizona- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin

 Washington- Amobi Okoye DT Louisville

Minnesota- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma

Atlanta- Laron Landry S LSU

Miami- Leon Hall CB Michigan

Houston- Jamal Anderson DE Arkansas

San Francisco- Ted Ginn WR Ohio State

Buffalo- Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss

St. Louis- Darelle Revis CB Pittsburgh

Carolina- Reggie Nelson S Florida

Pittsburgh- Marcus McAuley CB Fresno State

Green Bay- Marshawn Lynch RB California

Jacksonville- Brandon Merriweather S Miami

Cincinnati- Alan Branch DT Michigan

Tennessee- Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

NY Giants- Jon Beason LB Miami

Denver- Jarvis Moss DE Florida

Dallas- Robert Meachem WR Tennessee

Kansas City- Dwayne Bowe WR LSU

New England- Paul Posluszny LB Penn State

NY Jets- Greg Olsen TE Miami

Philadelphia- Adam Carriker DE/DT Nebraska

New Orleans- Craig Davis WR LSU

New England- Aaron Rouse S Virginia Tech

Baltimore- Levi Brown OT Penn State

San Diego- Michael Griffen S Texas

Chicago- Zach Miller TE Arizona State

Indianapolis- Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State


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