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Time To Trade the “Gross” man!

I have defended this man in the past.  I still feel he is going to go the way of a  Testaverde, Dilfer or even Steve Young and become a really solid pro later in his career.  However, can a team that is READY to win a championship do so with a struggling young QB.  Let’s face it, he isn’t very bright but Terry Bradshaw wasn’t exactly a rocket scientist either.  He isn’t very tall but either was Fran Tarkenton.  He has the tools to succeed unfortunately he isn’t ready. 

So, what do the Bears do?  Stick with the youngster as starter, lose a few games based on his erratic performance?  That is the million $$$ question. 

My answer is NO THEY CAN’T and the suggestion is DEAL HIM! 

Atlanta needs a QB badly and we have them.  Sure we could deal a vet like Griese or young backup like Orton but Grossman has the value and potential.  He also has only one year left on his deal.  There is very little risk for either team at this point.  Atlanta is rebuilding and Grossman would fit in to Petrino’s style of offense quite nicely.  Let’s face it, Joey Harrington is a career back up.

From the Bears point of view they can challenge for the title without him.  Griese is a seasoned vet who doesn’t make many mistakes and Orton is ready to assume a true backup role.  He has performed well enough to earn that distinction. 

 Looking down the road the Bears could get a couple of mid-round draft picks.  Picks are essential because they are going to lose a handful of guys after 2008 and 2009.  Extra picks are essential to re-stock the team and continue to challenge for a division title on a yearly basis.  Because that is really what ALL of this is about…winning!

I think Grossman will someday be a fine QB.  He will probably even play well enough to earn himself a couple of pro bowl selections and maybe even a championship someday.  However, in sports the word is TEAM.  You have to do what’s best for the whole and not just one guy. 

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