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Rex is our Quarterback? Enough Ced!

3 weeks into what was supposed to be a Superbowl run and I am left a little dazed.  Wait, a little dazed doesn’t quite cover it.  How do us Bears fans really feel this morning?  Well, a little bit like that sorority girl that had one too many Appletinis and woke the next morning naked next to the fat, loser kid named Ernie.

On national TV the Bears Defense did all they could for 2 1/2 quarters to keep the team in the game.  They had stifled Tony “I am much better than Rex” Romo through the first half and shut down the running game almost entirely.  All the Bears had to do was establish a few drives, put it in the endzone once and let Robbie “good as” Gould knock down 3 or 4 field goals and we win.  Really, the game could have and should have gone something like this…”Defense, Gould Good Enough In 19-17 Nailbiter”.  All Rex had to do was not turn over the ball, complete half of his passes and have a QB rating of about 70.  All Ced Benson had to do was run for about 80 yards, 4.0 avg and not turn over the ball.  Really, a victory was just that simple.

But it went the other way.  Rex, even though the loss was not entirely his fault, was absolutely brutal.  He made it obvious he doesn’t possess the skills to be a successful Top 10 QB in the NFL.  He gave us another QB rating under 50 and 3 turnovers.  All of this from the kid that was supposed to be the best Bears QB since Sid Luckman.  I now have a feeling Bears fans would take Mike Phipps or Vince Evans over this mental and physical midget. 

Now Grossman isn’t in this alone.  Cedric Benson deserves much of the blame too.  He was the kid from Texas who was supposed to make people forget about other Texas greats like Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams.  The Bears tried to give him the job last season over the often banged up Thomas Jones and he couldn’t take it.  So, the best way to resolve that is to remove the player standing in his way.  Jones, now in NY, led the Jets to an exciting victory over the Miami Dolphins while Benson couldn’t average over 2.9 yards per carry in a brutal loss.  In addition, Benson put the ball on the ground again.  Chicago Bears fans take the running game very seriously and Benson is testing our patience. 

One of the keys to the Bears success in 2006 was they didn’t turn over very much and they took the ball away.  Now the Bears are giving the ball away like turkey at a Thanksgiving food drive.  You can’t expect to win if you keep giving the ball to the other team.  Especially if that other team has players like Tony Romo, Marion Barber and T.O.

An exhausted defense just couldn’t contain this aggressive offense any more as they opened it up in the late 3rd quarter.  The defense has been on the wrong side of the clock for all three games and after a while that wears the defense down.  The Bears of 2006 at least used to move the ball, hold on to the ball and gave the D a chance to rest.  Now they are getting tired AND injured.  This season is shaping up to be a regular Stephan King novel. 

Solutions anyone?  Well, you can always start from scratch like Charle Weis but we know that bascically means the season is over and ours is far from over.  Any other suggestions?  Call better plays?  Well, that is a small part of it.  I am continuely baffled by some of the play calling but that is only a small part of the problem.

My solution to the Bears problem is very simple.  It is like going to the doctor to discover you have painful, fleshy growth on your ass.  The doctor’s will simply, LOP IT OFF!  Ladies and gentlemen of Bears nation, Rex and Ced are growing on our asses and it is getting pretty painful to live with.  Rex and Ced need to go.

Now are Griese or Orton and better than Rex.  We don’t know!  Griese has always been a solid player.  He is a solid game manager and can make most of the throws required of this offense.  Granted, he has never “won the big game” but I guarantee he has never had multiple QB ratings of under 50 in the same season either.  Rex had 5 last season and we went to the Superbowl in spite of him.  Orton, whose rookie performance was shakey at best, won 11 games and took us to a division title.  Even as shakey as he was he only had one game as bad as Rex.  The entire offense lacks confidence in Rex and either guy would be an improvement.  And we can’t wait any longer.  The change should be made now if a Superbowl run is still in the future.  A mid-season change of QBs means the season is pretty much over. 

A removal of the Ced virus from our asses is a little more problematic though.  See, last year we had T.J. to save us.  One back could always fall back onto the other and many successful NFL teams have two good backs.  Do the Chicago Bears?  Once again, we simply don’t know.  Adrian Peterson looked like the real deal in San Diego but now that we have watched two other teams toast the San Diego defense, it doesn’t look all that impressive.  The 3rd back is a kid from NIU that is 5 foot nothing 100 and nothing and has the speed of Devin Hester.  So, what do you do with a Smurf with amazing speed.  You run him on a screen in a sea of 6’5″ blockers and throw the ball to the other team.  Great use of your Smurf.  The running game is a mess and there is currently no solution.  All you can do is bench Ced from the starting lineup but still give him 10 carries a game because the other two won’t be able to carry load.  I think the Eagles reached the Superbowl splitting carries between three backs so there is some hope.

I will keep the faith and hope the defense, special teams and random miracle plays keep us in the hunt for the NFC title.  However, I realize with injuries, poor play and the Packers starting 3-0, things are beginning to look a little bleak.  We simply can’t ride out the Rexperiment any longer.  We can’t give Ced the running back crown in Chicago without earning it.  Dr. Lovie needs to prep the Bears for the operating room and remove the Rex and Ced from our asses.  It can’t hurt…or can it?            

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BPD’s Top 10 BOZOS for NFL Week 1

#10 JaMarcus Russell – Hey rookie holdout!  Get comfortable on that bench and hope to God your coach doesn’t call your number.  If it were my team he would be playing special teams this year.

#9 Rex Grossman – Now most of what happened Sunday wasn’t your fault but you were still a dolt.  You can’t look past some of the “throw aways” and the fumble with with him running away from the D-Line like a little girl makes me sick.  Sorry mental midget, you make the list.

 #8 Bill Belichick – OK, your team was dominate and you would haven’t made this list unless…YOU WERE CHEATING.  Your team is awesome…no need for this ass munch.  I hope you have to forfeit your game to the J E T S.

#7 Charlie Frye – Well kid you had your chance.  How the hell does one go from being an NFL starter to 3rd string in one week.  Now to defend him he did play for the Browns and NO ONE could save them.  However, he did look bad and faced the ultimate demotion.  Way to make history Akron boy.

#6 Atlanta Falcons – That’s right the whole f**king team.  Mostly the organization though for not keeping Matt Schaub.  Matt who you say?  The guy who backed up Vick the last couple of seasons.  Everytime he entered a game BOOOOM 300 yards.  So what happened this week.  Vikings WHOOP Atlanta and Matt is victorious in Houston.  Do Doo Do Mr. Blank and co.

#5 Lovie Smith/Ron Turner – They came out in the media saying going “undefeated” was a plan.  OK, sounds good to me.  Then you launch an offensive game plan against San Diego that appeared to be created by Corky from Life Goes On.  How does 11-5 sound boys.  Yeah, that’s better.

#4 Buffalo Bills – Well you guys played pretty well against a good NFL team.  You held the Broncos offense in check most of the game and your rookie runner looks like the real deal.  However, how do you let the Broncos line up for a field goal with seconds left and no timeouts.  The previous play was a pass over the middle.  Lay on the guy, hold the football, do something.  They just kicked back and let them win.  On the other hand KUDOS SHANAHAN AND BOYS!!! Nice win.

#3 Reggie Bush, L.T. and Steven Jackson Fantasy Owners – LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  HEE HEE HEE.  Oh ha ha ha.  Yeah, that’s a good one.  Not often we can give them a ribbing but after week one….why not?  HEE HEE hahahhahahaha!!!!

#2 NY Jets fans – The cheering of injured Pennington for the kid from Oregon was low…very low.  Let’s be honest, Chad plays his ass off for you guys.  He gets hurt be he is a tough ass competitor.  He also was crucial in the JETS playoff run last year.  Kellen Clemens hasn’t done jack squat and if you look at the careers of other Oregon QBs (Akili Smith, Joey Harrington) you wonder why the fans have such a hard on for him.  Maybe it is the same reason Bears fans have a hard on for Orton.  Oh wait, that is because Rex is a mental midget.  Sorry.

#1 Cedric Bensen – He will be forever stamped as the #1 tool in the NFL until he starts running like he has a set of nuts.  Ced you are a @#%$#^$%^@#$%$%!$%!  Translated that means you are soft and should go play golf with the other great Bears backs like Bennett, Enis and Salaam.


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