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Super Bowl 42

I am not a Roman so I use the standard numbering system.  42 works for me and it is a lot easier to write.

Let’s face it, as much as people would like a close game it is going to be a blow out.  Let’s face it, double digit underdogs don’t usually waltz into the Super Bowl and come away with a win.  It happens less than 5% of the time so those are massive odds to overcome.

Even against all odds the NY G-men will take the field and bring their A game.  They will be able to run the ball and may give Brady some fits.  However, the Pats HAVE NOT LOST A SINGLE GAME.  The odds appear to be against NY.  

In the first 27 years of the wildcard, only four of them got to a Super Bowl, with only the 1980 Oakland Raiders winning it.  However, in the 15 years since, there have been five more wildcards make the big game with three of them becoming champs.  I am not sure what all of that means but wildcard teams have faired better lately. 

Do the Giants stand up and slay the Pats?  Will they pull a David and Goliath? 

My answer is NO, they are dead meat.  They will stay relatively close through the 1st half but the Patriots will make half time adjustments and pull away.  I look for Brady to throw for over 300 yards, Moss will have 10 or more catches and other role players like Gaffney and Faulk to step up big.

Final Score Patriots 41 Giants 22 


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NFL Championship Game Predictions

  NFL Playoffs

 Well, 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad.  Here are my picks for the NFC and AFC Championship games.


Green Bay 14 New York 10 – I was leaning towards NY for days but then I realized that in a game of this magnitude on a frozen turf you go with experience.  Eli is new to this.  He has never played in a 4 degree game before let alone an NFC championship game.  Both defenses are good an there will be turnovers.  I ultimately think the team that controls the clock and ball the best will ultimately come out on top.  Look for Eli to make a crucial 4th quarter mistake.

New England 35 San Diego 20 – I really haven’t changed my opinion much on this game.  Brady should be able to pass against this defense and with Maroney running well they will move the ball at will.  San Diego will be in the game for a while but LT will be contained for the most part and Rivers will make a few mistakes.  If the game was in San Diego it would have been a closer game but in New England in January I’ll take the undefeated Pats.

 SUPERBOWL XLII will be Pats v. Packers part deux and unlike the first meeting, I will actually tune in to this one.  After all, history is on the line.

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Ben the BullChicago thought that it had an Eastern Conference contender.  Chicago has been hungry for basketball champion.  The Bulls ruled the 1990s and so far this millenium has been an utter disaster.  They haven’t been able to draw A-list free agent talent, only some of the draft picks have worked out and almost none of the coaches have. 

Ben Wallace was thought by many to be the final piece to the puzzle.  With Ben the younger, quicker shooters would be lethal and out score most of the opponents in the Eastern Conference of the NBA.  The Bulls were young and deep and had yet another lottery pick coming.  After making the playoffs in 2007 there was only one way to go…up.

 However it has been just the opposite.  The lottery picks, Noah and Thomas specifically, are not working out.  Big Ben has been a monumental disappointment with injuries and lack of effort.  Luol Deng has had a terrible Achillies injury that is keeping him out of games.  Due to this Hinrich and Gordon have been launching wild shot after wild shot in hopes of keeping them close.  In reality this strategy is helping aid in their downfall.

So, an answer to this problem was to fire firey coach Scott Skiles.  I am not sure if this turns into the Doug Collins kind of firing when everyone screams bloody murder and then a championship later they say, “Doug who, this Phil guy is awesome.” 

What a JOKE-im.I think the inmates got the warden fired and now all hell is breaking loose.  Paxson has let this get way out of control.  He passed up on extensions for Deng and Gordon and now players like Thomas and Noah are acting out.  This is not a good situation and it is not one to be easily fixed by simply putting a bench coach in charge and riding out the season.

 Destroying the current team through trade is the only way to go.  The first trade would be Ben Gordon (who we may lose in FA anyway) and Ben Wallace to New Jersey for Vince Carter and Jason Collins.  New Jersey would get the Bens which improve NJ’s low post game and team defense.  Kidd and Jefferson with the Ben’s would be good enough to get to the playoffs and compete.  Carter is a new beginning for the Bulls and Collins is a bench center.  He is essentially a throw in.

Finally I launch a bunch at once sending Joakim Noah, Andres Nocioni, Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefalosha to injury plagued Phoenix for Center Amare Stoudamire and a 1st Round pick in 2009.  Phoenix might be hesitant but at some point they have to look to the future because this configuration of Suns have been together for several years and 3rd or 4th best in the West is about as good as they can do.

Sure the Bulls seem to be giving up the farm giving Phoenix mulitple lottery picks but think of the starting 5 if the Bulls accomplish the two trades mentioned above.   

PG Kirk Hinrich, SG Vince Carter, SF Luol Deng, PF Joe Smith and C Amare Stoudamire.  That is a playoff starting 5 that leave the bench pretty thin.  However, if memory serves, that didn’t stop Boston from cleaning house and now being one of the 2 or 3 best teams in the NBA.  

However, the Bulls are really building for a run in 2009 so there should be no pressure to make these moves.  It might also be easier to add those couple of role players necessary for a championship run in the off season with a new coach like Stan Van Gundy or Del Harris. 

So while this season is essentially lost there is no reason 2009 and 2010 need to be lost too.  All Paxson has to do is deal the kids, get a few stud veterans like Stoudamire and Carter and hire a talented coach to put it all together. 

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NFL Playoffs and NFL Draft 2008

What’s up Daddy Blog fans?

I apologize for the long hiatus.  We have lots to talk about but I will stick to one topic at a time.

NFL PlayoffsThe NFL Playoffs are underway and I have some upset specials this week.

It will be windy and snowy up in Wisconsin this weekend and I look for the Packers to continue their end of the season struggles.  Passing will be a challenge for both teams as weather and stingy defenses are a factor.  I look for a low scoring game and for turnovers to be the key factor.  Seahawks 16 Packers 10

Jessica Romo?Dallas is another team that had some issues at the end of last season.  T.O. has a bad ankle so we don’t know how effective he will be.  Romo, who was lights out the first half of the season, looked a little more human in the 2nd half.  Perhaps he just came down to earth or maybe he was ‘distracted’?  On the other hand, the NY Giants were a very dull, mediocre looking bunch in the first half of 2007.  Late in the season they turned it on and look like the team to beat in the NFC.  Manning has been effective and the running game bruising.  The defensive front 7 is just about as good as anyones.  With all that being said Romo is still the key.  If he gives another lackluster performance look for the Giants to jump to an early lead and iIf he is on than the game will be over for the G-Men in the 2nd quarter.  My take – Romo’s struggles continue and T.O. is a non-factor.  Giants 24 Dallas 14

PatriotsIn the AFC there shouldn’t be much concern over the game in suburban Boston.  The Patriots are hands down the best team in the NFL and one of the best ALL TIME.  Jacksonville might keep it close for a while but they won’t be able to keep Moss and Brady down.  New England 27 Jacksonville 13

Colts Suck!Finally, San Diego plays at Indianapolis.  I make it no secret I despise Peyton Manning and if given the opportunity would slap him in his face like the bitch he is, however I care more about my record of picking teams than any petty hatred so here it goes…CHARGERS WIN! CHARGERS WIN!  That is right, the San Diego D slapped that punk around all night and I think he completed more passes to the Chargers that night than he did the Colts.  I think he blamed the Vienna Boys Choir for his poor performance that night.  At any rate, I think it will be much of the same.  San Diego and L.T. are on fire.  I look for L.T. to have a huge day.  San Diego will get up early, control the clock and force Manning to make mistakes in the 2nd half.  San Diego 35 Indianapolis 20.

So, what do you think?  Yeah I have some upsets but other than New England the top teams just don’t impress me much this year.

 Finally, DRAFT COVERAGE IS COMING!!!  I may go team by team or position by position.  I haven’t decided yet.  Let me know what interests you about the draft coming up in 102 days and I’ll research it and give you my opinion. 


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