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Super Bowl Observations and Tid-Bits


1 – OK, loved the inspirational fly by before the game but what is the point…ALL THE PEOPLE ARE IN A DOME. 

2 – And, speaking of flying, why have a blimp at ANYTHING held in a dome?  “Well, there it is, the desolate wasteland of Arizona and a building containing the Super Bowl!”  Now that is exciting.

3 – Now I want to address FOX and there choice of singer of the National Anthem.  It is the biggest sporting event in the world of sports and the best you can do is American Idol’s Jordin Sparks.  The game is held in the America’s southwest and they can’t get a country or Hispanic star?

4 – Speaking of entertainment…TOM PETTY IS OLD.  His career is over and his music is on the oldies channel.  If your plan was to pick an act so vanilla and plain that nothing contraversial would happen,  than Fox gets an A+.  However if your goal is to get something relevant and energentic than they failed miserably.

5 – On with the game!  Could that 1st half have been any worse.  It was filled with defense and poor offense.  Like the rest of the world I was expecting a score like New England 21 NY 17 at halftime.  There were a few nice defensive plays in that half but not much else.

6 – The poor 1st half didn’t only exist on the playing field.  WOW, commercials were really uneventful.  Horse training like Rockey…meh.  Go Daddy?  Not happy DADDY!!! 

7 – The 2nd half is great.  It was very exciting.  The Eli scrambling for his life, heaving the bomb for a complete was amazing.  The fade route to Plaxico was also money.  It would have been better if someone covered him.

8 – The 2nd half commercials were great.  Will Ferrel in the basketball shorts telling people to suck on a beer.  Awesome!  The baby puking into the Web cam was funny.  And, the best in my opinion was Underdog battling Stewie for the Coca Cola.  Surprise ending…Charlie Brown gets the Coke. 

9 – Alright, is it just me or did you see the illegal pick play to set up the Plaxico TD.  Eli launchs the amazing pass…COMPLETE!  Next play, slot receiver to the flat and the receiver wide slants and takes out 2 DBs.  Not just screens them…he takes them out!  WHERE WAS THE FLAG?!?!

10 – Bellichik leaving the field before the final snap.  I understand he already shook Coughlin’s hand but if your soldiers are on the field you stay on the field with them.  I have never liked him much as a human but I had tremendous respect for him as a coach.  Now, I think he is a little spoiled brat and a complete ASS for lack of a better word.



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