Who are the Hottest Women in Sports

OK, I am tired of talking about losing Chicago sports and baseball is still to far away for my liking.  As I stood in line waiting to buy a paper the other day I was distracted by this months SI cover.  There is an amazing blonde, topless model on the cover and she was the inspiration for my latest article.  Who is the HOTTEST woman in sports today?  I can’t tell you how many arguments I have heard over the years in local Chicago bars on this subject.  

So, that being said I have decided to come up with my own TOP 10 list.  These women have to meet 2 main criteria to be eligible for my list.  #1 they have to be hot and #2 they have to be relevant.  I can tell you right now there are going to be dozens of people who say “Where is Anna Kournikova?”  Well, despite being HOT she is not longer relevant or playing so we move on without her.

#10 US Soccer defender Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts 

 #9 LPGA Golfer Natalie Gulbis

Nat Gulbis














 #8 Tennis Star Maria Sharapova

M. Sharapova

#7 Surfers Karina Petroni and Anastasia Ashley (thanks for suggesting Anastasia Jesse, she is hot)


























#6 Figure Skater Sasha Cohen


 #5 Billiards Champ Jennifer Baretta


 #4 Surfer Erica Hosseini

















#3 Softball Star Jennie Finch

















#2 Pro Wrestler Candice Michelle (Yes, she is the Go Daddy Girl too)













#1 Drag Racing’s Very Own – ASHLEY FORCE (Yes, she is that HOT!)

Ashley Force


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5 responses to “Who are the Hottest Women in Sports

  1. jesse

    You forgot anastasia ashley, way hotter than the other surfers listed!

  2. bigpapadaddy

    Hey Jesse, right on!!! Ana is hot. I added her to my list…well, because I can. I do think Erica is hotter though. All the best. Thanks for checkin’ in.

  3. Stephane

    I’d like to do some sex candice she’s so hot with those big breast

  4. james d

    you are so right about ashley being #1. I love the nitro funny cars. Speed and beauty.

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