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Ms. BPD Sports Rag 2008 and other news

The the hunt for Ms (or Mrs.) BPD Sports Rag is on.  This inaugural event begins now and will continue through 2008.  What are we looking for?  Sexy females sport fans displaying their team pride in a variety of creative ways.  Are you an NFL, MLB, NASCAR or NBA fan?  Not sure what I am talking about?  Check out the images below.






OK, got the picture?  I will post the sexiest sports fans as often as I can.  I will select the hottest ones each month.  Ms. (or Mrs.) BPD Sports Rag for that month will get to plug anything they want for that month (Web site, blog, team, thought).  Unless of course the content is way too hot for BPD.  I would also like a BIO with your photo.  Name (real or not)  favorite sport, favorite teams and why they are your favorite.  You can also add any other info you like.  I look forward to bringing the Sports Rag faithful the hottest sports fans on the planet.

Please send photos and info to  There is no monetary award for this contest.  It is strictly for fun and your plug is your prize.

Finally, in between all of the beauties I’ll be posting I will be covering college basketball (how about that final 4), NFL Draft and baseball in the coming months. 

Thanks for checking out the Rag.

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BLAM – Jim Hendry should be ashamed of himself.  He helped spead the fire.  He let everyone believe Brian Roberts would be here and that Coco Crisp would be here.  Now sure he didn’t say that out right but his words and body language made it appear it was only days…minutes…seconds until those two were in Cubbie blue.  Now the team pretty much looks like it did last year.  Once again my World Series hopes have been dashed and it is only March.

billy c 

BLAM, BLAM – Billy Crystal got to play for the NY Yankees for an at-bat.  Now part of me thinks “How cool is that?!”  Another part of me thinks, “You tell funny jokes and act in some subpar movies and you get to wear the same uniform Babe, Lou and Joe did?”  Blah!  What is next?  Bill Murray with the Cubs, John Cusack with the White Sox or Ben Affleck with the Red Sox.  Oh, and Billy, you weren’t the first (or designated) Jew.  Ron Blomberg of the 1973 Yankees was.  You’re Welcome!


BLAM, BLAM, BLAM – Jose is at it again.  Now A Rod has been seen talking to his neighbors, cousins, hairdresser’s best friend who might know a drug dealer.  I mean, when does this stop.  Why can’t this be like a court of law?  None of this is admisible in a court of law.  It is all he said, she said at this point.  I am not an A Rod fan.  I think he is a great hitter, bad fielder and even worse teammate,  but that doesn’t make him a drug user.  He was an amazing hitter as far back as the Lou Piniella Seattle Mariners days.  That is long before Jose “I know longer have a penis” Canseco.  I love my Cubs and Red Sox and despise A Rod because he plays for the enemy but that is no reason to call him a cheater.  Well, unless you count that time in the playoffs when he slapped the ball out of the glove like a little bitch.  But that still doesn’t make him a user.  Chasing after A Rod instead of pursuing Barry Bonds is like going to Iraq instead of concentrating on getting bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Ooooops!  Did I say that out loud?  BLAM!!!!!!!!! 


BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM – And on a very up beat note, US Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard delighted a nation when she said women’s competitive swimming needed to be ‘more risque’.  Amanda, I agree 100%.  After years of watching women’s beach volleyball it is about time your sport caught up and shed the clothing.  You are now my favorite female athlete!  Well, until Sharapova starts playing tennis naked.  😉


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New Scientific Way To Predict the Final 4

If your brackets are like mine than you are trying to find a way to make your money back.  Georgetown?  U Conn? Clemson?  C’mon already!!!!  Sure, you pick a few upsets and that is that but Davidson, San Diego and Western Kentucky?  Good grief. 

So, from now on I am using a new scientific method to determine the Final 4!  No, it isn’t best team defense or the team with the most NBA quality talent.  I look to the sidelines for my inspiration.  Actually, the hottest set of cheerleaders are getting my vote. 

What the hell right?

Here is my new FINAL 4


MICHIGAN STATE take that bracket all the way.  Cute cheerleaders with a great attitude.  I have partied numerous times on MSU’s campus and the girls know how to party.  MSU advances.


YES, most of the co-eds in southern California look like her.  The whole crew is very hot and possibly hotter than her basketball team.  Great team…hot cheerleaders…UCLA moves forward.


Now conventional wisdom says PICK UNC.  However, after seeing pictures of this Louisville cheerleader (most of them are NSFW) I am taking them all the way.  UNC may have talent but this cheerleader is a truly talented individual.  You will see what I mean.  Lousiville moves to the FINAL 4.


Now I am not sure if all of the Kansas cheerleaders can do that but I know the Davidson girls can’t do it and look that hot doing it.  Go Jayhawks!

Well, that is my super-scientific approach to picking college basketball teams.  Some girls pick cute mascots or colors they like, the Chicago Sun-Times has a monkey making picks and now I am relying SOLEY on the hotness of the schools cheerleaders.

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The NCAA gambling extravaganza is underway.  How many 12 seeds are going to advance?  Is this the year a #1 takes a 1st Round tumble?  Here are my Top 8, Final 4, Championship Game and CHAMP.

UNC, Louisville, Clemson, Georgetown, Memphis, Texas, UCLA and Duke.

UNC, Georgetown, Memphis, UCLA


This year’s champ is going to be NORTH CAROLINA.  They are one of the toughest team’s inside.  Tyler Hansboro rules the boards and UNC has solid shooting and defense.  There aren’t too many teams in this field of 64 that can compete with UNC.  UCLA and Memphis happen to be two of the teams that can stick with UNC.  However UNC is tougher inside and plays better team defense.

Winners – Tar Heels

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Hottest MLB Wives and Girlfriends

The hottest women in sports segment was so popular that I thought I would hit you guys with the hottest wives and girlfriends of the MLB.  After much research I found there are quite a few hotties out there.  ENJOY!

Mark Kotsay is married to this fine woman.


Mark McGwire might have cheated baseball but he would be an idiot to cheat on his wife Stephanie.


I am not sure if David Eckstein is officially married to Ashley Drane but she is very cute.  I looked for more “revealing” photos and couldn’t find any.  Sorry!


Paul LoDuca blew it with this one.  I believe the now Mrs. EX LoDuca discovered he was sleeping with not one but two coeds.  I am not sure how hot they are but looking at what he gave up for them, they better be pretty f…ing hot.


I can’t stand Debbie Clemens husband one bit.  He is a cheating S.O.B in my book.  However his wife is smoking and shouldn’t be ignored.  He had better be tapping that good because when the feds come down on him I guarantee she is going to find a young latin ball player to fill her needs.


Lisa Guerrero has been linked to one of the most overrated pitchers of all time, Scott Erickson.  Even if his name never gets etched into a record book he gets props from me for landing this one.

Lisa Guerrero

Most overrated pitcher #2 Kris Bensen landed Anna Bensen years ago.  She remains one of the hottest MLB wives on the planet.  From what I hear she likes to bring friends home for her pitcher hubby.  Lucky bastard!


These are all “Internet rumors” but this hottie (Yoko I believe) is linked to Boston Red Sox phenom Dice-K.  Way to go DICE K!


Jorge Posada, arguably the best catcher in baseball, made his best catch by landing lovely Laura as a wife.  I am not a fan of the pinstripe but I like the way it looks on her.


Chicago White Sox outfielder Nick Swisher made a bad move by leaving the warmth of California for a crappy team in a chilly climate.  However he made an awesome decision dating (maybe more) Daniella Gamba.  She is smoking and there are MUCH better images On-line if you look for them.


Aaron Boone may not have been the best infielder of all time but he is known for one of the best homeruns of all time.  You know the one!  The one that sank the Red Sox shortly before Boston began their dominance.  He is also known for having one of the hottest girlfriends in Laura Cover.  This former Playmate is AMAZING!


Another former playmate married the long rumored gay catcher Mike Piazza.  Enjoy Alicia!  I am sure the “not so gay” Mike Piazza is.


Scott Podsednik is one of the all-time greatest busts in baseball.  He had a great moment in the 2005 World Series and that was about it.  Speed and a decent glove but he couldn’t stay healthy.  He seemed like he was always at home licking his wounds.  Oh wait, he wasn’t the one licking the wounds.  Get a load of Scotty Pods significant other!  No wonder he is always playing sick.


Finally (and yes I might be missing a couple) is one of the hottest women in Hollywood.  I am not sure which MLB player Alyssa Milano is linked to now but I am sure he is a pitcher.  I think Brad Penny was the latest to hit it.  Nice job Brad!



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MLB Predictions 2008


National League


Mets 96-66          (Best in NL if all are healthy.  Santana = Cy Young?)                                 

*Phillies 91-71 (Will challenge Mets for a while.  They are the early Wildcard favorite.)

Braves 87-75 (An interesting mix of young and old.  Swan song for Glavine and Smoltz?)     

Nationals 76-86 (Good young talent.  An organization moving in the right direction.)

Marlins 60-102 (Very, very young.  Marlins are rebuilding.  Champions in 2011-12?)



Cubs 89-73 (They are a lead off hitter and #2 starter away from a pennant.  Good enough to win division.)

Brewers 82-80 (Brewers over-achieved a little last year and lost some pitching in the off-season.)

Astros 80-82 (They should score a lot of runs but the back end of the rotation is a question mark.)

Reds 77-85 (They will improve under Dusty but it will take a couple of years.  .500 is possible)

Cardinals 74-88 (This team is trying to stay relevant but they are mediocre in every facet of the game.)

Pirates 70-92 (As usual the Pirates bring up the rear.  Bay should have a new team by all-star break.)



Rockies 88-74 (Colorado will have to fight again to win the West.  Young powerful offense should do the trick.)

D’Backs 86-76 (Arizona is young and talented.  If they don’t pull through in 08′ they will in 09′.)

Dodgers 83-79 (LA has a nice mix of youth and experience.  Back end of the rotation is the weakness.)

Padres 80-82 (San Diego has a nice rotation and bullpen.  Offense will continue to be inconsistent.)

Giants 77-85 (Adding Rowand is a step in the right direction.  San Fran is rebuilding.)

American League



Red Sox 99-63 (Boston retained almost everyone.  Barring injury they should repeat.)                           

*Blue Jays 91-71          (Toronto finally leaps NY and challenges for a playoff spot.)

Yankees 86-76 (The rotation is one big question mark and Rivera begins to show signs of aging.)

Rays 76-86 (Tampa finally gets out of the basement.  Great young players are developing.)   

Orioles 71-91 (Baltimore is a mess.  They are starting over.  Roberts and Markakis probably get dealt.)



Tigers 96-66 (Toughest rotation in baseball.  They need to stay healthy.  Very tough 2-6.)

Indians 88-74 (Last years magic is gone.  Detroit is too tough but they should battle for the Wildcard.)

Twins 79-83 (Team under construction.  Nathan may find a new address come July.)

White Sox 74-88 (Team should be under construction.  Dye, Crede and Konerko may find new homes.)

Royals 72-90 (Team is constantly under construction.  No present.  No future.)



Angels 93-69 (Rotation/Line up are very tough but health of their aging stars is key to their success.)

Mariners 85-77 (Seattle is up and coming.  They are probably a year away from serious contention.)

Rangers 80-82 (Not sure what their plan is.  They probably deal Blaylock and Young.)

A’s 78-84 (Oakland is also under construction.  Great young staff already in place.)




Cubs 3 Phillies 2 (Cubs league best bullpen holds down Philly.  Every game decided by one or two runs.)

Mets 3 Rockies 1 (Santana 2 Rockies 0.  NY goes with 3 man rotation to shut down Colorado’s young hitters.)


Red Sox 3 Angels 2 (Anaheim always plays Boston tough.  Beckett/Papelbon shut out Angels in Game 5.)

Tigers 3 Blue Jays 2 (Toronto and Detroit go back and forth for 5 games.  Miggy wins it with 9th inning homer.


Mets 4 Cubs 2 (Mets blast off to 2-0 series lead and Cubs never recover.  Santana/Martinez continue dominance.)


Red Sox 4 Tigers 2 (Every game is close.  Okajima and Papelbon contine their late inning dominance.)    


Red Sox 4 Mets 2 (Santana/Beckett games are classic.  Papi, Lowell and Manny put up big series numbers.)


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Fantasy Baseball

MLB is right around the corner which means several things.  First, all the disappointed Chicago fans now have something to do to forget the terrible Bears and Bulls seasons.  Secondly we will have a chance to make back all the money we lose during March Madness.  Finally, it means the end to one of the most brutal winters in memory.  Enough of this cold and winter BS, let’s play ball. Below are my position-by-position fantasy rankings for the 2008 season.  Best of luck and good drafting!


Russell Martin (LAD), Victor Martinez (CLE), Brian McCann (ATL), Joe Mauer (MIN), Jorge Posada (NYY), Pudge Rodriguez (DET), Ken Johjima (SEA), Bengie Molina (SF), Geovany Soto (CHC), Paul LoDuca (WAS),  Sleeper: David Ross (CIN), Overrated: A.J. Pierzynski (CHW) 

1st Base

Albert Pujols (STL), Prince Fielder (MIL), Justin Morneau (MIN), Ryan Howard (PHI), Mark Teixiera (ATL), Derek Lee (CHC), Carlos Delgado (NYM), Kevin Youkilis (BOS), Lance Berkman (HOU), Adrian Gonzalez (SD), Todd Helton (COL), Carlos Guillen (DET), Sleeper: Adam LaRoche (PIT), Overrated: Jason Giambi (NYY)

2nd Base

Robinson Cano (NYY), Brian Roberts (BAL), Chase Utley (PHI), Dan Uggla (FLA), Aaron Hill (TOR), Brandon Phillips (CIN), Howie Kendrick (LAA), Placido Polanco (DET), Jason Kent (LA), Mark DeRosa (CHC), Sleeper: Kelly Johnson (ATL), Overrated: Orlando Hudson (ARI) 


Jimmy Rollins (PHI), Troy Tulowitzki (COL), Hanley Ramirez (FLA), Derek Jeter (NYY), Jose Reyes (NYM), Miguel Tejada (HOU), Michael Young (TEX), J.J. Hardy (MIL), Edgar Renteria (DET), Khalil Greene (SD), Sleeper: Ryan Theriot (CHC), Overrated: Jhonny Peralta (CLE) 

3rd Base

Alex Rodriguez (NYY), Miguel Cabrera (DET), David Wright (NYM), Garrett Atkins (COL), Chipper Jones (ATL), Mike Lowell (BOS), Aramis Ramirez (CHC), Hank Blaylock (TEX), Chone Figgins (ANA), Adrian Beltre (SEA), Sleeper: Alex Gordon (KC), Overrated: Nomar Garciaparra (LA)

Right Field

Magglio Ordonez (DET), Vladimir Guerrero (ANA), Brad Hawpe (COL), Nick Markakis (BAL), Hunter Pence (HOU), Jeff Francoeur (ATL), Bobby Abreu (NYY), Kosuke Fukudome (CHC), Ken Griffey Jr. (CIN), Alex Rios (TOR), Sleeper: Matt Kemp (LA), Overrated: Milton Bradley (TEX) 


Carlos Beltran (NYM), Aaron Rowand (SF), Torii Hunter (ANA), Grady Sizemore (CLE), Ichiro Suzuki (SEA), Andruw Jones (LA), Curtis Granderson (DET), Willy Taveras (COL), Chris Young (ARI), Vernon Wells (TOR), Sleeper: Jacob Ellsbury (BOS), Overrated: Nick Swisher (CHW) 

Left Field

Manny Ramirez (BOS), Carlos Lee (HOU), Matt Holliday (COL), Alfonso Soriano (CHC), Adam Dunn (CIN), Garrett Anderson (ANA), Raul Ibanez (SEA), Eric Byrnes (ARI), Carl Crawford (TB), Pat Burrell (PHI), Sleeper: Reed Johnson (TOR), Overrated: Juan Pierre (LA)

Starting Pitchers

Johan Santana (NYM), Jake Peavy (SD), Brandon Webb (ARI), Aaron Harang (CIN), Erik Bedard (SEA), Josh Beckett (BOS), Cole Hamels (PHI), Carlos Zambrano (CHC), Roy Oswalt (HOU), Brad Penny (LA), Scott Kazmir (TB), John Smoltz (ATL), C.C. Sabathia (CLE), Felix Hernandez (SEA), Justin Verlander (DET), Danny Haren (ARI), A.J. Burnett (TOR), Javier Vazquez (CHW), Ben Sheets (MIL), Pedro Martinez (NYM), Roy Halladay (TOR), Joe Blanton (OAK), John Lackey (ANA), Andy Pettitte (NYY), John Maine (NYM), Rich Harden (OAK), Dontrelle Willis (DET), Randy Johnson (ARI), Jeff Francis (COL), Rich Hill (CHC), Francisco Liriano (MIN) 


David Ortiz (BOS), Jim Thome (CHW), Travis Hafner (CLE), Hideki Matsui (NYY), Gary Matthews Jr. (ANA), Frank Thomas (TOR), Gary Sheffield (DET), Jack Cust (OAK), Johnny Damon (NYY), Reggie Willits (ANA)


Francisco Rodriguez (ANA), Jonathan Papelbon (BOS), J.J. Putz (SEA), Jose Valverde (HOU), Bobby Jenks (CHW), Joe Nathan (MIN), Billy Wagner (NYM), Mariano Rivera (NYY), B.J. Ryan (TOR), Trevor Hoffman (SD), Francisco Cordero (CIN), Takashi Saito (LA), Chad Cordero (WAS), Jason Isringhausen (STL), Brad Lidge (IR) (PHI), Brandon Lyon (ARI), Joe Borowski (CLE), Manny Corpas (COL), Huston Street (OAK), Brian Wilson (SF)

Hope this helps.  Comments are always welcome.  Did I miss anyone?  Anyone have a cool sleeper or a veteran to stay away from?

Coming soon:  Baseball’s HOTTEST wives and girlfriends, MLB predictions for 2008 and NFL Draft info and preview.

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