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Motorsports Alone Should Draw the Guys

I am not a huge motorsports kind of guy.  Sure, I’ll take in a live NASCAR event and I rarely miss the opportunity to see a custom or antique car show but I don’t go out of my way to see these events.  Things I would never miss would be events like the  Superbowl, World Series, Final 4, NBA Championship, New Years Day college football, the Masters or the Stanley Cup Finals.  I think those days are circled in most men’s calendars.  However, Motorsports is the fastest growing sporting event in the country.  Unless you are a total gearhead I am wondering what the draw is.  You will have the occassional wreck or something will catch on fire but that is about it.  NASCAR, Truck Series, drag racing, car shows, motorcross and baja are all pretty cool and definitely manly but what is the real draw.  Is it the colorful cars, burning rubber or fascination with speed?  That could be part of it but everytime I go to these things their is one constant and that is SMOKING HOT WOMEN.  It is unreal!  They say sex sells and most industries use it to sell their stuff, but why would a product so heavily geared towards the manly man need to have sexy woman?  This is a very simple answer and that is the sexy woman aren’t random fans that walk in to see a race or a car.  They are their to peddle other goods like alcohol, car parts, accessories, food, clothes, etc.  But the woman are so hot and so plentiful at these events they tend to be drawing guys (and girls) who wouldn’t go otherwise.  I’ll be honest, World of Wheels came to Chicago one winter and I usually go.  This year I happened to be kind of busy and knew I probably wouldn’t hit it this year.  However after reading the flyer I saw the Texas Bikini Team was going to be there.  What do you think I did?  I made time and stopped by the event.  Sure I saw some cool cars like the Batman car and the General Lee but I was there to see some hot Texas ladies prance around in next to nothing.  Not too mention most of the vendors had some hotties working their booths.  I have also noticed in recent years the HFQ (Hot Female Quotiant) has picked up considerably at these events.  Why is that?  It is where the guys are.  Everything is relative and what does that mean for us guys.  Cool Cars, Speed and lots of HOT Women.  ENJOY!


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Someone pinch me because this was one bizarre week of football.


Ronnie Brown!  I really can get anything else out of my pie hole other than Ronnie Brown.  He has been plastered on my Fantasy Bench since the beginning of the season and then BOOM 30-some odd points of production against the Patriots?  Where did that come from?  Running for TDs…Throwing for TDs…direct snaps?  Hats off to Tony Sparano (or Soprano as I call him).  What a great game plan!

2. The Chicago Bears are indeed a team of mystery.  They could be 3-0 and instead are 1-2.  After dominating a banged up Colts team the Bears blow a late lead to Carolina and now Tampa Bay.  The Tampa game was well in hand with a 10 point lead late when the penalties and mistakes started to mount.  A bonehead penalty by Peanut and drop by Sheed were pretty much the nails in the coffin.  And the defense keeps giving it up at the end.  What is the deal with that?  Are these guys supposed to be in shape and trained to play 60 minutes?  What a bunch of pansies!


Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Michael “The Burner” Turner torched a sad KC defense.  Atlanta isn’t a playoff team yet but this team has loads of talent.  I bet all of the teams that were looking for a runner in the off season feel stupid for passing up on Turner.  Furthermore, I bet the teams that passed up on Ryan in the draft and didn’t move up to get him feel stupid too. 


When I heard Westbrook went down early in the game I thought Pittsburgh would have their way with the Philadelphia Eagles.  As it turned out Philly didn’t change any part of their game plan as Buckhalter filled in for Westbrook.  Buckhalter has got to be one of the best back up runners in the game.  He is a quick, powerful runner and has great hands out of the backfield.  Watch out for Philly! 


Let’s Go BRONCOS!!!

Meeeeeeow!  The Charger girls sure had a lot to cheer about on Monday.

SMOKING!  San Diego has a hot set of cheerleaders.  Maybe 3rd next to Washington and Miami.

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NCAA Football Picks Week 3 (actually it might be 4 technically)

Well, did well again last week.  4-1 with a season total of 8-2.  This week looks pretty tough though so here we go.


Alabama v. Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR

This is the SEC opener for both teams.  Bobby Petrino would like to do nothing more than avenge last year’s loss to BAMA.  The most important battle of the day will be the one between the awesome Alabama run defense and Arkansas running back Michael Smith who is averaging over 7 yards per carry.  The winner of that battle should win the game.  Another key factor could be how Arkansas comes off that less than impressive showing against Louisiana-Lafayette.  Alabama 31 Arkansas 21


Florida v. Tennessee in Knoxville, TN

Normally you can throw the record books out when these two teams meet.  However this season most of the odds makers and “experts” like Florida to do some damage this weekend.  They may very well do that but I think there is something the “experts” might be overlooking.  Tennessee ranks higher than the Gators in rushing, passing and total yards.  Tennessee had poor play calling that cost them the game against UCLA and they ran and passed their way all over UAB last week.  I think two Florida keys are Percy Harvin and Tebow.  Tennessee doesn’t know what to do with a healthy Harvin.  I hope you like scoring because this game will have enough for all of us.  Florida 45 Tennessee 35.


Wake Forest v. Florida State in Tallahassee, FL

A clash of the ACC elite.  However Florida State has been a bit of the paper tiger these last few years.  They have had two solid wins over Western Carolina and Chattanooga but now they are facing a better class of opponent.  In the sports world it would be like a $12000 claimer moving in to $100,000 Grade III Stakes race.  What?  Exactly!  In most cases that horse never wins.  In this case Florida State is at home but that is about the only thing they have going for them.  Wake Forest has beaten the Seminoles twice in a row and this week should be #3.  They are near the top of the NCAA in + – turnover ratio.  Wake is also coming off of a bye week, has won 10 of their last 13 and FSU is still missing players due to suspension.  No matter which way you look at it Deacons win.  Wake Forest 27 Florida State 17 


Virginia Tech v. North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC

Butch Davis has the boys in blue competitive once again.  After coming off of an impressive win against Rutgers, the Tar Heels look for upset #2 against the Hokies.  Helping the Tar Heels in this task will be Heisman hopeful, WR Brandon Tate who has 8 catches totaling 231 yards as well as 125 yards on only 5 carries.  Believe me when I say if you stop Tate, you stop the Tar Heels and that is what Coach Beamer will do.  V-Tech had a disappointing game against ECU a couple of weeks back but if anything that just made them mad.  They are still a top team with a good defense, powerful running and a very good special teams.  Virginia Tech 20 North Carolina 16 


LSU v. Auburn in Auburn, AL

Their are a couple of keys to this game that we can’t overlook.  First of all, in order for LSU to repeat they will need to beat SEC rival Auburn.  The next key is that the home team has won the last 8 meetings in the series.  The final key is LSU has to run to win and Auburn has one of the better run defenses in the country.  Now, while all of this seems to make Auburn the favorite the bottom line is Auburn is having a hard time airing out the ball.  They are also having a tough time sustaining drives and scoring points.  They weren’t all that impressive against Southern Miss and they were brutal against Mississippi State, a team they should have beat by 20 points.  If LSU gets up early Auburn is done but if it stays close into the 4th quarter I like Auburn.  So…..LSU 31 Auburn 14

BONUS PICKS – There are too many good games this week so I am going to take to BONUS GAMES as well.  I like Notre Dame to squeak by Michigan State this week up in East Lansing 21-16.  I also like Georgia to put a hurting on Arizona State 38-18.

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There were a lot of interesting results this week.  Some of them were shocking and some just down right ridiculous.

1. The Denver v. San Diego game was outstanding.  Denver just blew out San Diego in the 1st Half with Brandon Marshall having a huge game in his return.  Then San Diego had a monster comeback in the 2nd Half led by Philip Rivers.  Cutler threw a terrible interception in the San Diego red zone that led to San Diego grabbing the lead.  Denver marched right back down near the San Diego end zone when FUMBLE!  It appears Denver loses the game but a whistle says Denver gets the ball back.  Wow!  I am a Broncos fan and I didn’t even agree with that one.  Ed HOCK-A-LOOGEE really blew that one.  However, Denver still had to score and not only did they score on a sweet drag route by Eddie Royal but they decide to go for two points and the win at home.  Denver lined up and ran the same play to Royal with the same result.  TD and a win for Denver.  But, take nothing away from San Diego who played well enough to win…again.  They are probably the best team to ever start 0-2.



Well the old man couldn’t get it done against the team his Jets need to beat.  However I don’t want to put it all on Brett.  The Jets had plenty of opportunities to capitalize on New England errors.  The only problem was there weren’t to many errors to capitalize on as Matt “Sand” Cassel effectively managed the offense and controlled the clock.  The Patriot defense also took the big play away from Favre and company.  Can Favre and Co. regroup next week?

3. The Chicago Bears are a good team.  They are a playoff caliber team.  They are a team that can win 9 or 10 games.  However, you can’t go on the road against a good team, turn over the football and make stupid mistakes and expect to win.  That just doesn’t happen.  They had the game in control into the 3rd quarter when the wheels came off.  The play calling was terrible.  Seriously, if I have to see that quick pass to the reciever for a whole 2 yards again I am going to scream.  And to lose like that against a jackass like Delhomme!  That just sucks.  Bears!  Step it up.


Is he for real or not?  It may be to early to tell but he sure did look awesome on Sunday.  He ran well inside-out which is a really good sign for a young running back.  Especially when your offensive line is that of the Oakland Raiders and the QB is the young and erratic Jamarcus Russell.  Kudos to DMac.


Dallas and Philly…a rivalry renewed.  Boy, what a great football game.  I was hoping for a Romo-McNabb battle and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The bomb to T.O. and the return by Felix were highlights in this game.  Who can forget the awesome hook up between McNabb and rookie WR DeSean Jackson and he puts it on the turf volunteerily but accidentally at the one yard line.  What a gaffe!  Then Dallas has it with just minutes left and Romo overthrows the ball into the flat and stops the clock.  I didn’t get that.  Now Philly has yet one more opportunity to take the game and fails on a 4th down trick play.  What a game!  Philly and Dallas (along with the NY G-men, Carolina and maybe Green Bay) are the class of the NFC.

6. The BABES of WEEK 2

I have never been jealous of an American Idol winner.  Never…ever!  Ok, now I am

The weather wasn’t the only thing HOT in Carolina Week 2.  Whew!

The Philly-Dallas game was so hot I didn’t even notice the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.  Ok, that’s a lie.

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are outstanding.  Oh, and they cheer well too.  🙂

“Oh my God!  Dude did you see that?  Cutler totally fumbled.”  Nope…sorry.  Missed it.

Bad News Packer Fans!  You lost your hot fan.

Of course Odin had to stand up and ruin the photo of the cute VIking girl.  “Hey, down in front!”

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Life After Tom

For the first time in a long time the NFL is Bradyless.  I’m not sure what I’ll do.  I might pace back and forth sucking my thumb.  Then again I might just kick and scream and throw stuff at the television.  No, actually I’ll sit in my favorite chair with a sandwich and beverage and watch the games as I do every Sunday.  New England will just have to deal and won’t it be fun watching them cope.  What would happen if a Brett Favre led Jets stormed to an AFC East title and played in the Superbowl.  Would Patriot fans join Packer fans on the ledge?  I am not sure but one man’s misfortune has made things awfully interesting in the AFC in 2008. 

Oh, and if you were thinking of sobbing and crying over Brady’s misfortune, think again.

Tom gets to spend more quality time with his girlfriend.  Lucky bastard.

Enjoy a fun weekend of football!!!

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NCAA Football Picks Week 3


Kansas v. South Florida in Tampa, FL

Kansas QB Todd Reesing is leading one of the top offenses in college ball against a very tough and disciplined USF team.  USF is also a very tough team at home.  The difference in this game will ultimately be weather the Kansas defense can stop the USF running attack led by RB Moise Planchar and QB Matt Grothe.  Kansas 34 USF 28


Ohio State v. USC in Los Angeles, CA

On paper this match up should be a “clash of titans” so to speak.  However, with Beanie Wells banged up and a very poor showing against Miami of Ohio the Trojans should pound the Buckeyes into submission.  I know it is a bold statement but the overall statistical rankings basically tell the tale.  In Total Yards OSU is 61st and USC is 7th.  The USC Trojans are 9th in Passing while OSU is 86th.  And, finally the Trojans rank 7th in Total Points Scored with the Buckeyes rank 39th.  Look for the OSU offense to struggle.  The OSU defense is very good but they haven’t faced an offense like this.  USC 42 OSU 14


Georgia at South Carolina in Columbia, SC

Despite the little slip in the rankings Georgia is still the best team in the country.  They have won both of their games by a total of 63 points.  The Bulldogs offense is led by two Heisman candidates in QB Matt Stafford and RB Knowshon Moreno.  The offense can attack you by air and on the ground.  They are very aggressive and may be the best overall offense in the country.  South Carolina on the other hand has a very good defense and home field advantage.  In the SEC unlike other conferences, anything can happen.  However the “Original” USC’s offense is just “smelley” (pun intended) and they will fall short.  Georgia 28 South Carolina 7


Wisconsin v. Fresno State in Fresno, CA

These two teams are evenly matched and this game has early BCS implications.  Wisconsin has looked a bit inconsistent against two lesser foes (Marshall and Akron).  They started slow against both but a balanced attack by QB Evan Evridge, RB P.J. Hill and TE Garrett Graham wore down the opposing defenses.  Fresno State is known for their all-out air assault.  QB Todd Brandstater had a very vanilla performance in his first game but this senior can throw.  Unlike most seasons the Bulldogs have a very talented runner in Ryan Mathews.  How good is this sophomore?  How about 163 yards and 3 TDs against Rutgers.  This is a close game but I feel Wisconsin has the intangibles to pull out a victory.  Wisconsin 21 Fresno State 19


Michigan v. Notre Dame at Notre Dame, IN

This matchup is usually one that draws attention.  Usually both teams are in the Top 25 with NFL quality talent dotting the field.  The times they are a changin.  Both teams are outside the Top 25 and both teams will be lucky to be bowl eligible at the end of the season.  Michigan is completely re-tooling under coach Rich Rodriguez.  The have changed philosophy on both sides of the ball.  Notre Dame is coming off of one of their worst seasons in team history.  They were also one of the youngest teams in the NCAA last season.  I like what I see out of QB Jimmy Clausen.  He showed a lot of poise as the ND offense opened up the air attack in the 2nd half.  Look for ND to air it out again this week.  The ND wide reciever tandem of Tate and Grimes are very solid and should do well against Michigan’s corners.  The only chance Michigan has is for RB Sam McGruffie to have a break out game.  The Michigan QB situation is not at all pretty.  Notre Dame 20 Michigan 6

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The Chicago Ships are Sinking

The SS Cubs and SS White Sox are lost at sea and fans are fearing the worst.  Both ships are taking on water and neither skipper is sure how to stop the ship from sinking. 

Ozzie answer is “Paws Up” and “Tighten your belt but if it isn’t already you’re too late.”  Now I am not sure what he means by that but he is concerned.  He is concerned because Contreras and Quentin are gone and now Paul Konerko, who was just starting to heat up, is also gone for some time.  Not too mention the Sox have played some of the worst fundamental baseball all season and seem to be lacking fire in the Clubhouse.  The Sox have a tough stretch the final 18 games, including 3 with rival Minnesota.  This boat isn’t just taking on a little water, it has a gapping hole in the hull.  Look for this ship to sink into 2nd place and miss the playoffs.

Meanwhile the Cubs ship, which has been leading the armada of ships most of the season, seems to have veered off course.  It is beginning to take on some water and many fans are panicking memories of the Titanic sinkings of 1969, 1984, 1989 and 2003 come into focus.  Captain Lou is beginning to lose his cool.  The Cubs have no natural leader on the entire roster, they have been leaving dozens of men on base and the better half of the pitching staff is banged up.  Not too mention most of the remaining games are on the road where the Cubs are usually at their worst.  Captain Lou said, “We need to come out here and kick somebody’s ass,” and I couldn’t agree more.  D. Lee needs to stop leaving guys on base.  Fukudome just needs to start hitting.  They need to stop failing in clutch situations.  Now that I look at it this ship may back into it’s destination (the playoffs) all leaky and out of gas and sinks in port (aka losing in the first round of the playoffs).  However the Cubs, unlike the team on the South Side, have the ability to right the ship and still finish with the NL’s best record.  But the time is now. 

Both teams have been in front of their divisions almost all season and it would be a monumental tragedy in Chicago sports if we didn’t get at least one team to the fall classic.

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