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Hot College Hotties – Halloween Edition

Hello BPD fans!  We have been posting pics over the past couple of weeks of the hottest college football fans in the country.  This week I am doing it will a little twist.  This time of year is one of my favorite.  I love fall at the end of October.  The leaves are changing, World Series baseball and lots and lots of college football.  The end of October also means Halloween which means lots of college girls dressing up (or down in most cases).  Enjoy the collection!

Any girl that picks a skimpy domanatrix costume gets a gold star from me.  The ball gag is a nice touch…LOL.

I think this might be Adrianne Curry (the chick from My Fair Brady).  Either way the Clockwork Orange costume has never, ever looked hotter.  Meeeeeeow!  Oh, and just for the record, if my wife wanted to bring another beautiful woman into the bedroom the answer would always be “YES!”  Just a little life lesson for you Peter Brady.

There is just so much to love here I don’t even know where to start.

I need to start by saying the Boba Fet costume kicks ass.  But, more importantly I think I can speak for any man ages 21 to 50 and say I love, love, love the Princess Leia Return of the Jedi look.  You can just tell she’s naughty too.  I think Boba’s getting some tonight.  LOL

There’s something strange…sneakin in my bed, who ya gonna call?   HER

I am not really sure what the hell she is supposed to be.  To be honest my eyes never made it up from her chest.

Yes, I will tie everything into sports somehow.  She looks very hot in this Bengals get up.  Does she know how bad they suck though?  Probably not but I am certain she sucks well.  😉

Let’s see…nurse, naughty German girl, prisoner and flight attendant.  CHECK!  The gangs all here let the bang begin. 

Once again, props for the sports themed costume and MAJOR props for the body paint.  I highly encourage girls to don the body paint this year.  Body paint is in girls!  On, but the FLYERS.  Really…the Flyers?

ENOUGH SAID!  Happy Halloween to the BPD Rag and sports fans all across the world.  Get drunk, get laid but be safe.  I’ll be posting again some time next week.  I will be on a road trip to Lawrence, KS for the KU v. K.State game and then the Chiefs v. Bucs on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!

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NBA Predictions for 2008-09


Atlantic Division – Boston Celtics 62-20, Philadelphia 76ers 45-37, NY Knicks 39-43, Toronto Raptors 37-45, New Jersey Nets 30-52

Central Division – Detroit Pistons 59-23, Cleveland Cavaliers 56-26, Chicago Bulls 44-38, Milwaukee Bucks 40-42, Indiana Pacers 35-47

Southeast Division – Orlando Magic 50-32, Miami Heat 45-37, Atlanta Hawks 43-39, Washington Wizards 37-45, Charlotte Bobcats 33-49


Southwest Division – Houston Rockets 60-22, New Orleans Hornets 58-24, San Antonio Spurs 50-32, Dallas Mavericks 47-35, Memphis Grizzlies 28-54

Northwest Division – Utah Jazz 58-24, Portland Trailblazers 52-30, Denver Nuggets 45-37, Minnesota Timberwolves 28-54, Oklahoma City Thunder 24-58

Pacific Division – LA Lakers 63-19, Phoenix Suns 52-30, LA Clippers 38-44, Golden State Warriors 34-48, Sacramento Kings 30-52


EAST FINALS – Boston 4 Cleveland 2

WEST FINALS – LA Lakers 4 Houston 3


LA Lakers 4 Boston 2

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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Her question blew my mind.  Really, it blew my mind.  I am not a sexist person at all.  Women and people of every color and belief should have opportunity to pursue careers in any industry they choose.  However, when your ignorance is so blatant you really need to find something else to do.  Perhaps a nice career in glass blowing or perhaps working the window at the In and Out Burger.  They are taking applications today sweetie.

And Mike’s day didn’t get any better.  His team is made up of young guys who don’t know how to win and that was obvious.  When TE Vernon Davis thought his shit didn’t stink and came off the field with a crap attitude Singletary banished him to the locker room.

I loved his decision. These millionaires are so cocky and entitled they would get their ASSES kicked by the 85′ Bears or the Raiders and Steelers teams of the 70s. I know that is always kind of hard to say but those guys played ball with a chip on their shoulder. It was team first. Those guys bled their colors. Today it’s how much you make, what you drive and how many homes you own. Most of today’s pro football players just don’t impress me. Once again, hats off to Singletary!

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Time for Another BPD Drive By

It has been months since my last drive-by and it is high time I do some damage up in here.  Some of these may be a little dated but I’m behind.  I have a lot of people to blast.

No really, I can’t make this crap up.  This is a Reuters picture of Chinese toddlers “in training”.  I mean that is ridiculous.  I’m sorry, is it wrong that 6 year olds have a six-pack?  China should be ashamed of themselves for the way they run the gymnastics program.  The IOC establishes age limits, China did not obey them and they are not punished.  The Internation Gymnastics Committee checked papers and said everything looked in order.  They said that was all they could do.  Puh-lease!  Despite the China’s out and out cheating the U.S. did manage to do just fine.  Great job Johnson and Liukin!  And three parting shots, one for the IOC, one for the IGC and one for the Chinese Government BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

This one I have let build up.  I wrote a couple of entries about their collapse.  Lou Piniella not being able to get them out of the slide was ridiculous.  KOSUKE!!!!  How do you go from Ichiro talent in April and May to AAA talent the rest of the season.  Un-Freakin-believable.  The pitchers sucked ass!  Dumpster walked everyone and their mother.  Zambrano I would trade today.  I don’t care if he threw a no-hitter.  He is a head case that can’t handle the pressure.  Soriano and Ramirez were useless.  So this time I will have to break out my AK-47 for this bunch.  D.Lee, step aside, I have work to do.  BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

Al Davis is like a cancerous mole that needs to be removed via blow torch.  This guy who was once so important to the development of the modern day NFL after the uniting of the leagues is now a punchline and an asshole.  He makes the decision to fire Kiffin and develops some ridiculous series of unfortunate events leading up to the dismissal.  And, on top of that all, says Kiffin is in breach of contract and won’t be paid the several million dollars he is owed.  So, not only is he an asshole but he is a cheap asshole.  He can no longer evaluate talent and couldn’t pick a coach to save his life.  The last good coach he had was Jon Gruden and he had the common sense to get out of Dodge before things got messy.  Oh, Al, BLAM!

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!  I want the media to apologize to the Notre Dame AD and President for the decision to fire Ty Willingham.  I remember the hell they went through after he was let go.  Some of the media even went as far as to blame it on race.  It was so ridiculous.  So Ty leaves and Weis comes in.  Now Weis arguably went to a New Year’s Day game with Ty’s team but we will never know if Ty would have worked the same magic Weis did.  Fast forward to current day Ty.  He is running the show in Washington.  He was back out West and was supposed to resurrect a dying program.  Well, instead of getting Dr. House they got Dr. Kevorkian.  Washington now has a more brutal program than Syracuse, Utah State and SMU.  Perhaps they will let the Huskies play North Texas in the Toilet Bowl.  LINE EM UP!  Ty…BLAM!  Media…BLAM!  Washington AD and President…BLAM!

That’s right, I tied in VP doubtful Sarah Palin. Can’t you see her executive experience? Look at the way she give us the dog race results and the basketball scores. I wouldn’t trust her to babysit my kids. However, if she did I might be able to bill the taxpayers for it, especially if she takes them to NYC for a few days.  Sarah, look it is a gray wolf! No really. Go ahead and get a closer look. BLAM!!!!

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College Hotties Volume 3

As long as you guys are diggin them I will keep throwing them up there.  I must say I have seen many hotties this football season.  The only down for us football freaks in the midwest is the weather tends to get chilly now and the college cuties start bundling up.  Fortunately for us the girls of the SEC, ACC and PAC 10 don’t have to deal with the crazy, crappy weather and show us their stuff all football season long.


Rumor has it these ladies are on the TTech Swim team.  If this is true they are the hottest swim team EVER.  My guess is that they are a sorority or the dance team.  Whatever they are they certainly are hot!

The hotties actually have sponsors now.  These hot pieces of Sooner ass are brought to you by Miller Lite.  Now I want a beer too! 

Sterger and Co. root on the Florida State Seminoles.

Do guys look at this and honestly think, “Hmmmm, that takes a lot of athleticism.  Let’s applaud her cheerleading abilities?”  What do we really say?  “Oh yeah!  Imagine how flexible she is in bed.”  I know, we are pigs but that is what’s going through our brains.

Check out the F-Me boots on that Trojan fan!  The belly ring adds a nice touch too.

The Texas Cheerleading Squad certainly doesn’t beat around the bush…do they?  Then again with that kind of advertising maybe they beat around the bush quite a bit.


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Way Too Funny to Ignore

So Mr. Stairs, please explain to us again exactly what goes on in that Philadelphia clubhouse?


If they start hammering ass in the dugout and clubhouse the female and gay male viewership should pick up for this World Series. LOL hahahaha.

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Wide World of Wacky Sports

I woke up this morning in a confused state this morning.  Somehow my sports world was turned upside down over the weekend.  Things happened I can’t explain.  Things were just very unexplained and confusing.  Kind of like seeing some lights in the sky and wondering if it was an alien aircraft or even seeing something fall off of a shelf and wondering if it was a ghost.  You know, the kind of things that are extremely unlikely but you just can’t put your finger on it.

My sports world was just like that.  I can’t explain why Boston didn’t get to the World Series and I certainly can’t explain why Tampa Bay did.  Sure you can probably bring up some stats and other obscure goodies but really, WHY?  Boston leaving 6 men on base over the last three innings.  That was crazy.  Boston was seasoned with a lot of the championship roster remaining from 2007.  Tampa Bay?  A bunch of young kids that underwhelmed me last year and don’t impress me much now.  But they somehow got the job done.  Maybe their was something in the water.  I don’t know and I can’t explain it.  All I know is MLB has got to be pulling their hair out with this matchup.  The TV ratings for this World Series should be the worst ever.

Another bizzaro event this weekend was the USC (original East Coast USC) v. LSU.  Now I really had no vested interest in this game.  I like SEC football and was just hoping for a good game.  Well, I got a good game but I saw something that pissed me off to no end.  And…I couldn’t explain it.

What the hell was the ump doing there?  He should have been no where near Stephen Garcia.  Garcia could have easily cut back into that lane and scored.  He at least would have gotten down to the 1 or 2 yard line.  I have no clue what that official was thinking.  I can’t seem to find that umps name or where he hails from.  I am guessing big brother at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis is going to try and quiet this.  Come to think of it I think they already have.  If I were South Carolina fans, students, Alum, professors, coaches or players I would be petitioning for the Umps immediate release.  Me…I just want to know why????

Finally how in the wide, wide world of sports did St. Louis beat Dallas?  Now I know Dallas was a little banged up but they still had T.O., Crayton, Witten, Barber and a veteran back up in Brad Johnson.  The defense has been giving up points but they were playing St.Louis, one of the worst offensive teams in the NFL.  All of a sudden, like magic, the greatest show on turf returns.  Bulger, Jackson and Holt can do no wrong.  A pathetic St. Louis D all of a sudden shows up and lays the smack down on Dallas.  The team looked clueless.  Wade Wilson looked confused and T.O. was ready for another breakdown.  I didn’t mind Dallas being taken out behind the wood shed.  I am not a fan.  However, some things just shouldn’t happen and this weekend they sure did. 

If current sports trends hold true Altanta should win the NFC and Kyle Orton of the Chicago Bears will make it to the Pro Bowl.  Looks like we are in for a wild ride.


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