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College Football Coed FINALE

The NCAA football season draws to a close this weekend as most teams will have completed their 12th and final game.  A couple of conference championships and rivalry games (Army-Navy) remain.  It has been an interesting season to say the least and one where 5 or 6 teams have a legitimate claim to the BCS title game.  Thus, once again, proving a playoff system would be best.  It also means the GRAND FINALE of our College Coeds series.  But, fear not, I may put one more together for Bowl Season.  Enjoy!


Jenn and the rest of the FSU posse are hoping for a big win this weekend!


The Sooners have their sites set on a championship game but will they “qualify”.


The Cougars have had a brutal season.  Apparently this gorgeous cheerleader has a sense of humor.


The Oregon Ducks have the worst football uniforms EVER.  Yes, ever!!!  However, the Duck Cheer Squad make the colors work.  Actually that trio could wear just about anything and make it work.


Iowa v. Iowa St   Now there is some great in-state-hate!  Oh and uh…belly ring!


I certainly have a soft spot in my heart for southern girls.  Go Dawgs!


Rutgers isn’t known for having a gaggle of smoking hot coeds but this Scarlet Knight fan certainly fits the bill.  WOW!


These ASU hotties are ready for the game. 


I am not a USC fan.  But they do have one of the hottest cheer squads in the country.


There is always space on the college coed post for some VT love.


Florida Gator cheerleader modeling the latest Gator swim wear.  What a great student body! 


UC Irvine cheerleaders are hot.  The football program might be small time but he girls aren’t.


This is my favorite Wildcat formation.


This year’s OSU-Michigan game wasn’t much to look at but these two certainly are.

BPD Rag readers, enjoy the conclusion of what has been a very entertaining college football season.

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The solution is a very simple one and lets the NCAA keep their bowl game tradition.

First off all regular season college games need to be finished before Thanksgiving weekend.

A field of 16, using AP or some sort of ranking system, will play on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  There will be 4 games on Friday and 4 games on Saturday.

Very simply put it would be #1 v. #16, #2 v. #15, etc.  The high seed would have the home game.  If the season were to end today the pairing would look something like this.

16 Cincinnati @ 1 Alabama and 9 Boise State @ 8 Penn State (winners advance to Orange Bowl)

13 Missouri @ 4 Florida and #12 Oklahoma State @ 5 USC (winners advance to Fiesta Bowl)

15 Ball State @ 2 Texas and 10 Ohio State @ 7 Texas Tech (winners advance to Sugar Bowl)

14 TCU @ 3 Oklahoma and 11 Georgia @ 6 Utah (winners advance to Rose Bowl)

NOTE: Each year they will alternate which pairing qualify for which bowls.

At this point I will make predictions to advance my NCAA bracket theory.

Orange – Alabama would play Penn State in a classic match up.  The game would remain close throughout with Alabama’s athleticism getting the better of the Nittany Lions.

Fiesta – Florida will play USC in a matchup of high powered offenses.  Florida has the hot hand right now and will pull away in the 2nd half.

Sugar – Ohio State will upset Texas Tech in the previous round and play Texas in the Sugar Bowl.  Ohio State won’t have much luck against the Longhorns however.

Rose – Georgia will upset Utah on Utah’s home turf to advance to a Rose Bowl matchup with Oklahoma.  Oklahoma and Georgia will be a bare knuckle, knockdown brawl.  Oklahoma will lead the whole way but won’t be able to pull away from Georgia.  Moreno will give Georgia a late lead and Oklahoma will kick the game winner to end the game.

FINAL FOUR – The NCAA Final Four will alternate locations between 4 sites (Indianapolis, Atlanta, San Diego and Seattle…or something like that).

Alabama v. Oklahoma and Florida v. Texas on the Saturday before the AFC and NFC Championship games.  And lets say Oklahoma and Florida win and play each other for the National Championship one week later the day before the Superbowl.

This is solution that makes a lot of sense.  You come up with a clear cut winner, extend the season and the NCAA and football programs stand to make even more money.


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Great Football Weekend Upon Us

For the first time in several weeks I have the opportunity to make myself a sandwich, grab a beer and sit down and enjoy some college and pro games this weekend.  I so enjoy football season but it also tends to be the busiest time of year with birthdays, holidays and other stuff.  I love this weekend as it is so free and there are great games on both days.


Michigan State v. Penn State

This game is going to be really good.  Penn State has come down to Earth after starting the season so hot.  However the big game in Pasadena is theirs for the taking.  And, what a great way for Joe Pa to go out!

Michigan State looks tough but Penn State’s D is really good.  They are 10th in the nation against the run and Ringer may not have much success.  To keep the Nittany Lion D off balance MSU QB Brian Hoyer will have to have the game of his life.

The biggest key might be that is most likely the last game at Happy Valley for Joe Pa.  This team is going to be pumped.  It is Rose Bowl or Bust.


PENN STATE 23 Michigan State 7   

BYU v. Utah

It is rare when you get a big game out of the Mountain West but this is indeed a big game.  BYU needs the win to increase its chances for a New Years Day Bowl bid.  Utah needs this win to clinch a BCS bowl bid.  As if this Beehive State rivalry needed to get any bigger.

Utah has had some scares in recent weeks but pulled out some wins and then destroyed SDSU last week.  They have a very well balanced team but I’m not sure they have played a very tough schedule. 

BYU on the other hand has one of the top air attacks in the country and QB Max Hall will find a job in the NFL someday.  If Hall can hook up with Austin Collie I think the BYU offense will have a big day.


BYU 35 Utah 26

Texas Tech v. Oklahoma

This is going to be a fantastic game.  Oklahoma is on fire since the Texas game and Texas Tech is just plain awesome.   Harrell and Crabtree are the Brady and Moss of college football. 

Oklahoma is just as stacked and perhaps more well balanced.  Sam Bradford is an NFL ready stud that averages over 300 yards per game.  I think this game is won or lost with the running of DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown.  They are a tremendous 1-2 punch.  Texas contained these two and won the game.  Texas Tech can do the same they will win.  However I am not so sure the Red Raider D is capable of stopping these two.


Oklahoma 45 Texas Tech 42 OT


Chicago v. St. Louis

Yes, I know this isn’t a big matchup but Chicago is my hometown team so I’ll start there.  These two teams are bad but for sake of argument one is a lot worse. 

St. Louis lacks Pace at LT and Steven Jackson at RB.  Bulger is on the downside of his career.  They have Holt (also on the downside) but an upstart WR in Donnie Avery.  If Bulger gets time to pass he will hook up a few times with each. 

Chicago is not good but most teams in the NFL aren’t that good.  All you need these days is health, a couple of breaks and limited errors.  The Bears have been making dumb mistakes on and off the field and it is costing them.  This game is so very important to this team.  Win and they still control their own destiny in a weak division.  Lose and they may slide to 3rd place, ridicule and a new head coach in 2009.


Chicago Bears 24 St. Louis Rams 17

Carolina v. Atlanta

This could be the best game of the day.  Only two teams in the NFC South will make the playoffs which means ATL, Carolina or Tampa will be on the outside looking in. 

Carolina is a top this tough division currently and they should stay there.  However, they are going to have to win down in ATL against Ryan and Co. to cement that lead.

Atlanta should hold their own at home and back to back losses at home are usually rare.  Even with Matt Ryan’s emergence the thing that keeps the offense moving is Michael Turner.  He will have a difficult time breaking free against a stingy Carolina D.


Carolina Panthers 21 Atlanta Falcons 13

Have a fun football weekend everyone!

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Bellator Underground


For anyone interested in Mixed Martial Arts, there is a new league that’s going to be awesome! Bellator events will showcase highly competitive fights between top competitors with each tournament bout winner earning substantially larger purses and moving closer to a championship fight.

Check back here for updates—it says fighters will be announced soon and fights start in April.

“What’s the number one rule about Bellator Underground? You don’t talk about Bellator Underground. ”

Contact Info:

The site hasn’t launched yet because it’s so new—but this is where it will be:

Bellator Fighting Championships, a first of its kind Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion, officially launched operations today from offices in Los Angeles and Chicago. Three years in development, Bellator has an exclusive television agreement with ESPN Deportes. Bellator season #1 premieres on ESPN Deportes in April, 2009.

Bellator (Latin for warrior), marks a step forward in the evolution of professional Mixed Martial Arts with a business model unique in the fight industry, yet followed in every other major sport. At Bellator, a fighter’s wins or losses control his future. Bjorn Rebney, Bellator founder & CEO states, “We are implementing a tournament structure to determine champions and #1 challengers so that world-class fighters can control their destiny based on their performance.” Bellator events will showcase highly competitive fights between top competitors with each tournament bout winner earning substantially larger purses and moving closer to a championship fight. “Simply put, at Bellator, fighters fight their way to the title,” Rebney adds.

News story:

I highly recommend anyone interested in MMA check this out.  Add the Bellator group to your Facebook!

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The Bears had every opportunity to walk into Lambeau Field on Sunday and take control of the NFC North.  They had every opportunity with only 6 games remaining to let Green Bay and Minnesota know that the path to the playoffs go through Chicago.  With a win and a game upcoming against St. Louis a 7-4 Bears team would have a playoff birth and home playoff game within reach.

Instead, what I saw was deeply disturbing.  This is the time of year to turn it up a notch and instead the Bears just shut it off all together.  I should have known what the result was going to be when Kampman had that ridiculously cheap hit on Orton’s ankle very early in the game.  Now, in my world, an offensive lineman should have put the beat down on Kampman.  Even at the cost of 15 yards, defending your QB sometimes comes at a price.  Someone should have gotten in Kampman’s face, shoved him down or at least insulted his mother.  Instead they walked around cold and uncaring.  I couldn’t believe it.  WHERE IS THE DAMN FIRE!!!  Lovie usually has the guys up or this game.  What the *&$% happened?

Green Bay is not that good!  Green Bay’s running game is inconsistently bad.  Aaron Rodgers is good.  Yes, good, just good.  He isn’t really good, awesome or great!  He is just a good QB.  The Green Bay defense couldn’t stop a slug in a glue puddle.  Now they can contain the Bears offense, which wasn’t great but was efficient prior to the Orton injury.

Really it was a wasted Sunday afternoon.  The Bears players should seriously apologize to all of the fans in Chicago for not showing up.  The offensive line was horse crap and should be dismanteled in the off-season.  That would include Olin Kreutz because I am very unimpressed with him this season.  Our tackle and guard play suck and when are they going to learn we can’t run the screen. 

Forte has been a total work horse for us but he is now averaging what Benson was averaging.  That isn’t because Forte sucks like Benson!  It is because the offensive line is broken.  It needs an overhaul and we can start by giving Beekman some time at center and the rookie a start at left tackle.  And the receiving corp is the worst in the NFL.  An Illini Turner washout, Devin “I am not good at any position” Hester and Marty “Slow Cooker” Booker are a trio of suck.  Mike Haas?  He catches EVERYTHING thrown his way all summer long and can’t find a job on this team?  This makes no sense to me.  The rookie from Vandy?  Is he still on the roster?  If he is he should be starting. 

I have come to a conclusion that this is a team in transition.  The 1st place standing clouded my sports logic for half a season but not anymore.  The offense is in transition and the defense should be.  The defensive line is embarrassing to watch.  Adewale, Brown, THarris and Dvorcek are slow.  They have virtually no quickness and can’t get to the QB unless we blitz.  Mark Anderson is the worst.  How do you go from a pass rushing specialist with double digit sacks in your first season to a benchwarmer?  Briggs is the bright spot on the defense.  Urlacher looks slow and out of position.  Hillenmeyer is licking he wounds and will be out of a job in 2009.  The defensive backfield is OK overall but you wouldn’t know it based on the stats.  Keep in mind the stats do lie.  If opposing QBs have 4 to 5 seconds to throw the ball they will complete a pass to someone.  Not to mention the RIDICULOUSLY bad schemes by Lovie and Babich aren’t helping.  All teams have to do to the Bears are run slants, fades and send the tight end over the middle and they will DESTROY the Bear defense every Sunday.  It is almost too easy.  When Griese, Kerry Collins and Gus Ferrerote are throwing all over the field something is seriously wrong with your scheme and your coach. 

Look, I would like to be positive but I don’t want a 9-7 Bears team to squeak into the playoffs.  What is that going to do?  They get a home game against a 10-6 Atlanta, Philly or Washington and lose?  Or, perhaps they squeak out a win on a cold, blustery January afternoon and then get crushed by Carolina or NY the following week.  To be honest I would rather see them finish 6-10 or 7-9 and get a good draft pick.  I know, I know…if Angelo is still in the fold the draft pick probably won’t mean anything anyway as most of his 1st Rounders are busts.  What can I say?  I’m still a traditionalist that thinks championship teams can still be built through the draft. 

On the bright side it would mean the end of the Lovie era.  Squeaking into the playoffs gives this administration another year and I am done with these coaches.  Lovie and his coaches define the word suck.  They can’t make halftime adjustments, they script way too much and never break away from the script if it isn’t working, the defensive schemes are just wrong and Ron Turner has no imagination.  The group needs to be taken out to the firing squad.  My suggestion is to find out what Bill Cowher is doing and make him and offer he can’t refuse.  He is just the kind of guy to right the ship and Chicago might just be his kind of town.

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As much fun as we have here on the BPD Rag it is time to remember those that fought and died for us.  My cousin was fighting over in Iraq and Afghanistan and I know many of your friends/family members have defended our great nation as well.  Some have even paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

The job isn’t an easy one.  It is selfless and heroic.  They put their lives on the line everyday so our children and our children’s children can live and thrive in a free, democratic society.  I thank all of our veterans, living and deceased, for defending America and her ideals.


Boston Red Sox great Ted Williams


NFL great Roger Staubach served in Vietnam.


Cardinal defender Pat Tillman paid the ultimate sacrifice


Hopefully Detroit Lion 2008 free agent signee Caleb Campbell will have the opportunity to play pro ball.  He is currently fighting overseas.




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Hank Baskett Finally Makes a Big Catch

Philadelphia Eagles WR Hank Baskett made the biggest catch of his career snagging former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson.  Kendra has spent the last several years living in Hef’s Playboy Mansion as one of Hugh Hefner’s “Girls Next Door”.  Hugh gave Hank his blessings to Hank and Kendra.  The biggest question is can Hugh replace the girls with 3 equally interesting and HOT girls?  The next biggest question is who will Kendra cheer for when her Chargers play the Philly Eagles?  Enjoy pics of one of the hottest sports fans alive.












I hope you enjoyed the Kendra Wilkinson (Baskett?) compilation.

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