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BPDs New Years Resolutions

Every year we make these promises to ourselves.

“I’m gonna quit smoking.”

“I’m going on a diet.”

“No candy, no cookies, no anything fun.”

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, stop it.  Stop the madness.  If you haven’t done it all year chances are you are going to set yourself up to fail.  Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep and than blab them to your friends Jan. 1 like it should be headline news on 

Make a real promise to yourself.  Give to charity more.  Spend more time with your kids, family or friends.  Put the Blackberry away on weekends.  Do something that will have meaning.  Something if you break it you will feel really shitty about it.  I’ll talk to my 88 year old grandma more.  That’s a good one.  You break that, you’re an ass and you’ll feel like one.

As I step down off my soapbox there are fun resolutions you can make.  No, I’m not talking about promising you will pick up your socks off of the floor or put down the toilet seat after you wizz.  You should be smacked in your head if you even thought of that.  No, I’m talking fun like, I PROMISE IF THE CUBS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS AND CHOKE AGAIN I WILL BURN ALL OF MY CUBS BELONGINGS IN A RAGING BON FIRE.  That is a good one.

Stay will me folks, this is BPD’s Sports Rag, not Dr. Phil.  Oh, and thank the big man upstairs for that one.  “I promise never to mention Dr. Phil again on the BPD Sports Blog.”  Now that is a good one.

C’mon guys, I bet you have some good ones I could post.

At any rate, here are mine.






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2008 NFL Regular Season Comes to a Close

The 2008 NFL Regular Season has come to a close.  So, for better or worse, what do we know?

We know…

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan is for real.

Winning a crappy division like the NFC West doesn’t mean you are a good team.

Starting out the Regular Season 8-3 and missing the playoffs means the coach needs to start sending out resumes.

Failing to clinch your division 4 weeks in a row and losing it on the last Sunday to an 8-8 team means the coach should be out of a job.

Losing your final game of the season to the Houston Texans means you shouldn’t be in the playoffs any way.

Finishing 0-16 means you are the worst team in the modern era of football.  An era that includes the Steelers and Broncos of the 1960s, Saints and Bucs of the 70s and Packers and Cards of the 1980s. 

The wildcat offense is the coolest damn thing to hit the NFL since the 46 defense.

The Chicago Bears would have finished 6-10 or worse without Matt Forte running and catching the ball.

We know that the NY Giants are going to walk through a weak field of NFL contenders to reach the Superbowl for the second straight year.

We know Indianapolis is going to upset the Titans and Steelers to reach the Superbowl.  You know the networks want the battle of the brothers…c’mon.

A high powered passing game with a weak run attack and mediocre defense gets you nowhere.  How many rings do Brees, Marino, Moon and Fouts have combined.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s less than one.  

You were retired and then came out of retirement to play only to finish the season gimpy and interception ridden, it means you probably should have stayed retired.


Your original team that spurned you in favor of an injury prone, dismal 4th qt QB rating punk had changed their mind and wanted you instead.  See what Favre had to go through.  😉

Michael Turner is better than LT.

Dallas gets what they deserve for bringing cancers like T.O. and Pacman in the fold.

Tony Gonzalez may go down as the best tight end to ever play the game.

Packers management was wrong.

Tavaris Jackson is a great kid and you can’t help but root for him.

The top college players of 2008 are telling their agents, “WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP ME OUT OF DETROIT!” 

Football is still a 10-yard game.

Tennessee and NY Giants got to the best records in the NFL with power running and tough defense.

We know the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL are…

#15 San Francisco 49ers


#14 Seattle Seahawks


#13 Indianapolis Colts


#12 Houston Texans


#11 Arizona Cardinals


#10 Denver Broncos


#9 Oakland Raiders


#8 KC Cheifs


#7 San Diego Chargers


#6 Carolina Panthers 


#5 Washington Redskins


#4 Dallas Cowboys


#3 Philadelphia Eagles


#2 Miami Dolphins


#1 Tampa Bay Bucs  



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It’s a Wonderful Life Unless Your a Cub Fan


Every time I see this part of It’s A Wonderful Life I can’t help but think of the Cubs.  Like George Bailey, Jim Hendry goes into Potter (Tribune) begging, pleading and whining.  Potter simply replies “What are you but a warped, frustrated young man.”  And that is how it goes on Clark and Addison. 

Half way through the free agent period and they are no better than they were last year.  Kerry Wood…gone and Kevin Gregg in.  Yaaaaaawn!  Jim Edmonds out…Joey Gathright in.  Faster version of…Jim Edmonds.  Oh, by the way, Felix Pie will become an all-star for another team. 

George Bailey had his eye on Jake Peavy which would have given the Cubs the best rotation in the history of baseball.  However San Diego wants all that and a bag of chips for Peavy.  Potter says NO!  In the meantime every free agent worth anything is signing with other teams.  The Yankees are spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

Potter, Bailey and the rest of the Cub organization have one last chance.  ADAM FREAKIN DUNN.  He strikes out a ton but he hits over 40 homers and 100 rbis EVERY SINGLE SEASON.  And, he is the precious lefty bat they are looking for.  Dunn in the middle of that line up will help cure what ails that team.  He has already said he wants to play here and is a great clubhouse guy.  But they are courting Milton Bradley instead.  Look, if it is the dude that make board games he might be worth something but that isn’t who I’m talking about.  It is the injury prone, cuckoo for cocoa puffs switch hitter.  Way to go Bailey!  Appease Potter by signing a cheaper option.

Let’s put it this way guys, if you spend hundreds of dollars on tickets, hot dogs and beer to watch these A–holes you need your head examined.  Talk about no return on your investment.  But its your dollar.  You might as well spend it poorly.  That is the trend in this country.

I suppose the last hope is the bell rings and Cubdome gets their wings which means Adam Dunn. 

Happy Holidays.

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Puck Bunnies Vol. 4

This is by far one of the more interesting hockey seasons in recent memories.  We have “Sloppy Seconds” Avery out of the league and that is never a bad thing.  5 of the 6 original teams are playing awesome hockey.  The “Brodyless” Devils continue to play playoff quality hockey and Toronto still sucks.  There is no doubt they are the Chicago Cubs of the NHL.  They will never win the championship but might have the hottest fan base in all hockey.  Yep, sounds like the Cubs to me.


Gorgeous fitness model and former WWE wrestler Trish Stratus is a huge Leafs fan.


Internet model Kori wears a Leaf’s sweater or nothing at all.  Bravo Kori!


Model Kelli Baker supporting cancer awareness with the pink Leafs sweater.


A hot fan sports the old school sweater.  Looking good.


Country hottie Shania Twain sports her Leaf pride.  But, come to think of it, I think she owns every Canadian teams sweater.

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Wild and Wacky NFL Season

The NFL season is drawing to a close and it has been very odd.  I would even say wild and wacky.

Who predicts Tom Brady missing the season, Chad Pennington finding a new lease on life in South Florida or the Seahawks and Browns taking a complete dump?  It has been extremely bizarre.  The Lions?  Ok, we all knew they sucked but 0-15?  How about veterans like Derek Anderson, Marc Bulger and Carson Palmer going from very good to suck in the matter of a season?   Brett a Jet and pushing for the playoffs while Aaron Rodgers has begun planning tee times.  Very strange.

A veteran running back like Edgerrin James is stuck behind 3 yards per carry Timmy Hightower.  A young stud like Darren McFadden can’t break 500 yards rushing for the season.  Willis McGahee, Willie Parker, Fred Taylor, Julius Jones, Reggie Bush, Brian Westbrook and Jamal Lewis won’t break 1,000 yards rushing this season either.  Matt Forte, Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson and Michael “The Burner” Turner have already broken 1,000 yards on the ground this season.  Anyone surprised that Turner has out-rushed LT this season?

The Giants are the #1 seed in the NFC and I think that is probably the only thing that has happened that hasn’t surprised anyone.  How they’ve done it might be a bit of a surprise.  Manning hasn’t set the record books on fire and Plaxico is a criminal with a hole in his leg.  They are doing it with a bad ass, two headed ground attack of Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward.  Hmmm?  I recall some fans earlier in the season saying that a tough D and ground game were the old fashioned way to win and that you had to have an all-out aerial assault to win in the modern NFL.  Well, I’m not going to call out these fans but I am pretty sure Drew Brees will be watching teams like New York and Tennessee from the comfort of his home.   Oooops.

The playoffs really are going to be bizarre though.  If New England squeaks in it will be without Brady and if they don’t it will be Miami or the NY Jets going to the post-season?  How about the very mediocre Bears making a late charge to the post-season?  And how about the Denver Broncos collapse and a 7-8 Charger team still in the hunt?  Really, is it just me or is the NFL more vanilla than ever?

Could we really stomach a Kyle Orton led Bears team playing the Dolphins in the Super Bowl?  Bears v. Dolphins in 1985 OK!  Today, not so much.  How about Atlanta v. San Diego?  Yuck!!!  

Here is hoping the NY Giants and Tennessee Titans, their respective conferences best teams all season, make it to the big game.  Both teams deserve it and will once again re-affirm my belief that great teams are still built around a power run game and aggressive, speedy defense. 

In closing, the reason we shouldn’t feel too bad for Tom Brady.




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Tis the Season for DRAFT TALK 2009.

The road is never an easy one.  Some assume it is and gloat in their teams selection of a Ryan Leaf, George Rogers or Rashan Salaam.  And, when they turn out to suck they deny they ever wanted them or cheered for them.  “Ryan Leaf is a bust, I always said he was.”  Others brag about their football intellect stating things like, “Remember, I called it!  I said Matt Forte would be a stud.”  Regardless of the situation or whether the guy pans out or not tis the season for evaluating talent and getting ready for the 2009 Draft. 

It starts just before bowl season (NOW) and continues through April until Draft Weekend.  I love Draft weekend.  For me it is right up there with Superbowl Sunday, College Bowl Games, the Masters, the World Series, March Madness and the Stanley Cup finals. 

It is the weekend when champions are built.  It is a day for the boys getting together, drinking a few beers, eating some burgers and nachos and watching team’s destinies take shape before your very eyes.  Draft Day parties are a blast. 

My colleagues and close friends have often referred to me as Mel Kiper Jr. Jr.  Since high school in the late 80s I’ve studied the players and the teams needs and would anxiously await the Draft to see how I would do up against the “so called” professionals.  Not to brag but most years I do pretty well and occassionally I will pull a rabbit out of a hat and call a mid-round pick on the fly.   

My gold medal or crowning acheivement if you will was nailing the first three picks of the Dolphins in 1994 when they took DT Timmy Bowens, LB Aubrey Beavers and OL Tim Ruddy.  Other highlights are when I called QB Kyle Orton going to the Bears in the 4th Round of the 2005 Draft and nailing Hester, Dvorceck and Anderson in 2006.  I also called QB Matt Ryan being selected by the Atlanta Falcons and having an immediate, positive impact.  For a brief moment on a spring weekend you feel like you know as much as the guys in the war rooms do.  And, in some cases, you might even know more. 

Yes, sometimes the “geniuses” in the war rooms will over-analyze situations or needs and pick the absolute wrong guy (Rick Mirer, Cade McNown or Curtis Enis).  They are smart and do know the game.  Their is no question about that.  However, it seems alot of them check their common sense at the door. 

A young kid like Dan Marino hangs on for the first 28 picks in the draft.  Teams take Todd Blackledge and Ken O’Brien before him.  WHAT?  Zach Thomas a hall of fame caliber line backer hangs around until the 5th Round.  Richard Dent collects dust until round number 8.  But every year it happens.  Guys that you like that should be gone just sit there for nothing more than being over analyzed.  “Oh, he tried pot once, was caught drinking, he doesn’t lift 250 pounds as much as the other guys or can’t run a 4.4 second forty.”  Like Jimmy Johnson said years ago, “You can have your combines and tests, give me 22 guys that know how to play the game of football.”  Here, here Jimmy!

Now, I’m not against all of the tests and combines and other things.  At some point you have to seperate groups of kids that appear equal at times.  Simply put I am not a fan combine numbers and physical appearance first (see Alonzo Spellman).  Give me a kid that hits hard, isn’t afraid to take a hit, that comes from a winning or well coached program and has a love and intelligence for the game.  Passion and common sense should have a place at the war room table.

I look forward to writing many more pieces on the 2009 Draft in the coming months.  In the meantime, enjoy the bowl games and the NFL playoffs.

In closing let me give you 3 dark horse players to keep an eye on this bowl (including all-star games) season.   


QB Tyler Lorenzen from UConn – His stats aren’t going to break any records.  No doubt about that.  However the kid has terrific accuracy, range and height.  He doesn’t play with any receiving stand outs and should get a chance to prove himself in an upcoming all-star game.  I see him as a Matt Cassel type.  He will probably get selected in the 6th to 7th Round and spend a year or two on a teams development squad.  He would actually do well in a west coast or run first type of offense.  Chicago, NY Giants or San Francisco are possible destinations.


RB Arian Foster from Tennessee – I felt bad for this kid in 2008.  Everything was set up for him to have a great season and then Tennessee collapsed.  The offensive line was terrible and that effected his numbers.  Career wise he ran 650 times for almost 3,000 yards and 24 TDs.  He made 83 receptions for 742 yards, an average of about 9 yards per catch.  He is a special kid, well liked by teammates and coaches.  He is also obsessed with winning and that is a good thing.  He can play in almost any system.  Denver would be a great spot for him but replacing Deuce in New Orleans would work too.


LB Joe Mortensen from Kansas – Joe hurt a knee ligament last season and had some turf toe this season.  It has slowed him down but he has played while injured.  This will effect what round he is drafted in but won’t effect the type of player he has the potential to become.  When you are named 1st Team Big 12 you aren’t a bad player and are probably draft worthy.  He has the perfect NFL frame and the tenacity to go with it.  An NFL team that already has a linebacker that can give him a couple of years to develop is probably his best bet.  I am thinking Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas or Seattle.

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Puck Bunnies Vol. 3

It is getting cold out there.  It was 10 degrees yesterday and it is snowing like an MF out there today.  Winter is a brutal time of year but it does have a few redeeming qualities.  One of them happens to be hockey season and with hockey season comes puck bunnies.  Enjoy vol. #3.


Zetterberg is one lucky MF.  Emma is the bomb.


Kelli Baker certainly roots for a crappy team but their is nothing crappy about this photo.


This Edmonton Oilers Bunny is smoking.  Nice top.  Leaves little to the imagination which is the way we like it here at BPD Rag.


Ms. Milano is always a staple here at BPD Rag.  Granted she is wearing the Kings when I know she is really a Devils fan at heart but I forgive her.


Speaking of the Devils, how about a little S&M with your puck bunny?  Yikes!


Canadien’s fan and bunny extrodinaire Vanessa Blouin.

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