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One More Superbowl Run for Bears?

I have been under the impression the Chicago Bears are rebuilding on the fly. It is one of the harder things to do in sports and they might be trying to do just that. However, as the list of free agents builds and the combine draws to a close I think there is enough talent available for the Bears to make one more run at a Superbowl in 2009.

First off let’s look at the key players who are OUT or will be shortly.
FS Mike Brown, OT John Tait, WR Marty Booker, WR Brandon Lloyd, OLB Hunter Hillenmeyer, QB Rex Grossman

Now let’s look at a few NFL free agents.
LB Donnie Edwards, OT Mark Tauscher, WR Devery Henderson, S Jermaine Phillips and QB David Carr

Finally let’s look at what rounds 1,2 and 3 could possibly hold for the Bears.
Round 1 I think you go with WR Percy Harvin unless WR Jeremy Maclin or Darrius Heyward-Bey fall to the Bears spot. Round 2 you get the best offensive lineman available which could be a choice between Sooner OT Phil Loadholt or Sooner G Duke Robinson. Round 3 is almost one of those best player available type of slots. Mizzou S Will Moore might be good here. Alabama C Antoine Caldwell is also very tempting. I also think another RB to pair up with Forte is important too so maybe they take a chance on UConn RB Donald Brown (if he slips) or maybe the versatile RB Ian Johnson from Boise State.

Now I originally thought the Bears might clean house even more than they have so far and start a rebuild with one of the top 4 or 5 college QBs next season on their radar. However I took a peek at the 2009 schedule and realized how easy it is. The Bears will go no worse than 4-2 in their own division. They have the AFC North which means 2 wins (Cleveland, Cincy) 1 loss (Pittsburgh) and the Baltimore game I’m not sure about because of their defensive losses thus far. In the NFC they have Philly and Arizona (possible losses) but they also have San Fran, Seattle and St. Louis. If they Bears have a bad season they should still finish 8-8.

The next 8-10 weeks should be very telling. With the right off season player additions, the coaching changes and the relatively easy schedule; the Chicago Bears could win 10 or 11 games and make the playoffs. If they fail to land quality free agents and their 1st Round pick fails to make an impact the Bears will once again wade in the seas of mediocrity. Lovie will be amongst the 7.2% of working age Americans looking for a job and Bears fans will have to wait several more years for a winner.


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The Shot, a Felon, Pissed Piston Fans and More

It certainly is “half-time” in the world of sports but I did happen to find a few interesting things this weekend.

To start things out check out this warm up shot from Dwight Howard.

In other news much of the water cooler talk that wasn’t Oscar related was around Michael Vick.  “Who do you think will get him?  Will it be for a 1st Round pick?  Ooooh, do you think the Bears will go after him?”  And so on, and so on, and so on.  It was like a bad Japanese detergent commercial.  Look, first off the guy is a criminal.  He is fresh out of jail so I am on the “Let’s see what he does out of jail for a while” bandwagon.  Why waste time and effort making him a centerpiece of your offense if he is going to start  a cat fighting ring or an animal call service.  “Hey Vick!  How much for one night with the goat?”   Let him go up to the CFL and play a season there and not get into trouble.  I don’t mind a guy getting a second chance but most people have to earn it.

A colleague of mine is a huge Pistons fan and you would think the world was coming to an end.  I know Detroit fans are pretty passionate.  They are Red Wing crazy, have life size Piston bobbles etched into their homes landscape and hired an undertaker to start building coffins for Marinelli and Millen.  They get into their sports, no doubt.  But recently this feeling of apathy has come over the ballers in Detroit.  They feel Joey D sold them out for AI.  Even with the AI Cancer the team should still be better than .500.  That town is ready to run fan favorite Joe Dumars and Coach Curry out of town on a rail.

I was debating whether to run another edition of HOT BASEBALL WIVES when I came across one I hadn’t seen before.  I know who the ball player is.  Brian Roberts of the Orioles is the guy and his girl is totally hot.  Her name is Diana Chiafair.  Check her out.


In closing I couldn’t post a beautiful girl in swimwear without giving props to SI for this year’s swimsuit issue.  Bar Rafaeli is one of the hottest cover girls ever.  Well done!  Oh, and Brooklyn Decker is smoking too. 


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Spring Training Fever?

Can you feel it?  No really, can you?  Baseball has begun in Florida and Arizona.  The pitchers are pitching and the hitters are hitting.  GMs and Owners survey all that is theirs.  Isn’t it exiting?  The sound of silence.  You can only hear the wind in the back ground, maybe a chriping bird but that’s it.  Fans aren’t going like they used to and most are fed up.

This spring training starts off with a major PED scandal.  No, not Bonds or Clemens but A Rod.  He was supposed to be the squeaky clean poster boy who would eclipse Bonds home record.  Now we know he cheated which means his homers, RBI, hits, walks, etc. for those three season should be stricken from the record. 

And, per usual, none of the managers and players can agree on course of action.  Of course guys like LaRussa and Girardi support their cheaters and say, “We never saw anything going on.”  Others like Ozzie Guillen say reveal the list and suspend future first timers with a year suspension.  I usually don’t like Ozzie but way to go Oz.  The Cubs Aramis Ramirez and Derek Lee agree with Ozzie.  Call the guys out and string them up.  Curt Schilling also agrees saying all the players should be ousted ASAP.

Other players like the Cubs Rafael Soriano says forget the drugs and the list, let’s play ball.  Hmmm, OK, normally I am all for putting aside distactions and getting to the sports at hand but not now.  Not when the integrity of the game is on the line.  Or is it that maybe Soriano might pop up on this list.  Perhaps Pujols and Chipper too.  Maybe Kerry Wood and Jason Schmidt.  Who knows how many were juicing.  All I know is the Roids and cheating are front page and Spring Training isn’t.

In addition the economy is in the shitter so who is going to go.  Are fans from NYC, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Minnesota and St.Louis gonna make those long treks to the South and West?  Some, maybe, but most are too worried about things like keeping their jobs and homes.  Even those in decent financial shape right now are saving and stocking up.  They aren’t on Priceline and Travelzoo trying to figure the best prices on hotels and airfare.  Most just can’t do it.

Baseball is off to a rough start.  The cheating millionaires appeal less and less to the common man who can’t afford to see them any ways.  Raise your prices MLB and skirt around the “cheating” issue.  I am sure economy or not the ASSES, ooops, I mean masses will come.  Or will they?

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Tribute to the Daytona 500

NASCAR season has begun in a very odd and wet fashion.  Congrats to Mr. Kenseth.  In his honor,  let’s celebrate his victory and the beginning of the season as only BPD can.







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Pro Football News and Notes

– WR Mike Furrey was release from the Lions two days ago.  Hmmmm?  He has over 1,000 yards rec two years ago and now he gets cut from an 0-16 team.  That is a mystery to me.  Teams looking for a 3rd (slot) type WR give Mike a call.

– Pacman Jones is finished as a Dallas Cowboy and may have run out of options in the NFL.  Sorry Pac, if you are too “thug” for the Cowboys than you are done.

– Rumor mill says T.O. might be SOL in Dallas.  They are considering giving him his out right release but a deal to the Oakland Raiders for a mid-round pick might be in the works.

– Brett Favre is gone…again.  Brett officially retired from the NY Jets.  A bit of advice to the future HOF, stay gone.  Your fans choose to remember your high flying Superbowl years.  I am sure you will be an awesome high school coach in southern Mississippi.

– Apparently Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger played the Superbowl with two broken ribs.  What does this mean?  He is one bad MF with a ring.

– The Bucs re-signed QB Luke McCown and are apparently cutting ties with Jeff Garcia.  This means two things.  First it means Jeff will now under perform for  some other teams offense in 2009.  Finally it means the Bucs are indeed starting over.

– Currently the NFL is not in a steroid crisis unlike MLB.  A-Roid CHEATER…Tej-hoppedup…CHEATER.

– The NFL College Combine is rapidly approaching and the NFL Network is planning on giving us a behind the scenes look at combine week.  Interesting but I am guessing the interest will wane after about 10 or 15 minutes.  Free Agency and the NFL Draft are much more interesting.

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A-Roid and Baseball’s Big Problem

Are we surprised that yet another “star” in MLB has tested positive for steroids?  Perhaps we are surprised at the who this time.  A-Roid doesn’t necessarily exhibit the mammoth growth we see in steroid users.  Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, etc. all exhibited growth in physical size and numbers.  However guys like Petitte and Brian Roberts didn’t exhibit that physical growth.  But regardless of chest size, cheating is cheating and A-Roid is now amongst the league’s cheaters.

Guys like Clemons and Palmeiro cheated and perjured themselves which means jailtime if this thing ever gets in front of a judge and jury.  A-Roid may have avoided that by coming out and saying, “Yeah, I did it.”  However in the court of public perception he is just as guilty as Clemons and the rest.  Years ago A-Roid had a conversation with one Katie Couric and denide ever using performance enhancing drugs.  “No I don’t use them” and “I have never used them” is exactly what he told her several years ago.  Well, now he is a cheat and liar just like Clemons and Palmeiro.

So many people in the media and in baseball made Canseco out to be such an ass when he first brought these allegations of performance enhancing drug use to light.  MLB and the players union did everything in the world to discredit him.  He stuck to his guns, destroying any friendship he had ever made to make the truth known.  Now I don’t like Canseco.  I never did.  He is self-serving and in it for the money but he is the only one to step forward. 

Not even the managers had the balls to step up over the past several years.  These are men that know the most intimate details of their players.  They know if guys are dinged up, having problems at home or aren’t happy with their roles.  How can they not see the pharmaceuticals sitting in a players locker or question when a player takes a shot in the ass.  These are men that could have helped stop this from spreading.  Men like Dusty Baker, Buck Schowalter and Tony LaRussa are either blind or just as guilty as the players that took the drugs under their watch.

Finally we have Bud Selig and the Players Union.  Bud knew what was going on but according to reports really couldn’t blow the whistle.  All he could do was set policy moving forward because baseball had virtually no drug policy at the time.  The MLBPA is the group that really has done almost the most harm by protecting the guilty parties.  By doing that they essentially put the other 65% of the players who are doing things the right way into the same boat as the cheaters and liars.  Instead of the MLBPA agreeing with owners and the commish and agreeing to a very strict policy they continue to protect the cheaters.

A policy that would work would be one that tests randomly.  If you know when your test is ahead of time you can purge your system of the toxins in a few days time.  The penalty should be tougher too.  If you are caught you lose an entire season without pay and the record books would reflect your violation of the league drug policy.  If you are caught again you will receive a lifetime ban from baseball which includes the Hall of Fame and/or employment with any MLB team in any capacity.  If the MLB penalty is harsh and enforced the usage will drop significantly.  The biggest challenge are the drugs they can’t detect yet.  Hopefully science is at work to develop tests to detect enhancers like HGH.

Pete Rose bet money on some baseball games and was immediately treated like a pimple on baseball’s fat ass.  MLB came down hard, established policy and virtually eliminated the problem of gambling in baseball.  Steroids is the animal they let get out of control.  MLB knew.  MLBPA knew, managers knew, owners knew and ALL of the players knew.  At this point I say release the list and let the fans be judge, jury and executioner because baseball certainly doesn’t seem interested in doing so.

Oh, and for the record, here are the players that haven’t been accused or come forward that I THINK used steriods over the past 10 years.

(note: to my knowledge these players haven’t been accused or found guilty by any governing body.  below are my own assumptions made based on stats and the human response.)

 Kenny Rogers, Albert Pujols, Alfonso Soriano, Luis Gonzalez, Magglio Ordonez, Pudge Rodriguez, Jay Buhner, Jack Cust, Ryan Ludwick, Carlos Pena, Josh Hamilton, Nick Swisher.

These are just a few off the bat that I suspect took or take PED.  Hopefully the entire 2003 list will surface and this forces baseball to take a tougher stand.

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Puck Bunny’s Galore

There are plenty of hockey celebrity/model girlfriends and hotties associated with the game of hockey to go around.  Enjoy this hot round of hockey hotties.


Emma’s got to be happy after the deal Henrik just got.


JJ Gretzky was the first “babe” of hockey and she still looks great.


Hillary Duff is with Mike Comrie.  Lucky bastard.


Edmonton’s ice girls showing team pride.


Yes, she has to be the hottest girl in Columbus, OH.  Easy Buckeye girls!  I didn’t say you weren’t hot, she’s just hotter.  Look, the ice is melting.


A Boston hottie on the ice making the Zambonis work overtime.


Angelica Bridges.  The reason Sheldon Souray will always be in my HOF.  Nice work sir.


Not sure if I posted Canadian Kate yet but she is one of the hottest puck bunnies I’ve ever seen.

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