College Football Hotties 2009 – Vol 5

OK, I’ve ranted long enough about the Billion Dollar Yankees and Lovie “Idiots Guide to Coaching” Smith.  Let’s have some fun.  Bring on the college football hotties.


After last weeks loss ASU fans should be hiding their faces.  Oh wait, not you!  As a matter of fact let’s ditch the Pink jacket.  Thanks Dirty!


The Wolverines are going down faster than a drunk coed at a frat party.  Not sure about this Wolverette going “down” though.  After further review it looks like she has a pair of scissors.  Yikes!


How can you do a post like this and not give love to the Gators?  They have the #1 team in the land and some of the hottest fans around.


Look at this Wisconsin girl go.  Daddy would be so proud.


The NC State cheer squad by the pool.  Are they ripped or what?  I am thinking about diving but the pool didn’t give me that idea.


This gorgeous hottie is a Playboy model but I also know she is from Texas and a Longhorn fan.  Judgement call here but I think it was OK to use her in the post.


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