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Happy New Year

Well BPD Rag fans, 2009 was certainly an evil beeeeotch!  I hope you made through OK and let’s look ahead to a better 2010.  Be safe tonight and be on the look out for some new posts in the coming weeks.  PEACE!

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I’m Mad as Hell…

and I’m not going to take it any more!  I know that isn’t original but how many people dare take a line from Network and incorporate into a blog about Lovie Smith and the Bears.  Oh yes, I dare to walk that line.

Early in the 3rd quarter of yesterday’s Chicago Bears v. Green Bay Packers game I had hope.  Mind you it was a sliver of hope but any sort of hope involving this year’s Chicago Bears is a good thing.

Jay Cutler drove the offense right down the field and all of a sudden the Bears had a 1 point lead.  With the Bears playing very good defense I thought the Bears were in line for a victory over the Packers.  Well, soon after grabbing that lead my hopes were dashed.  I mean, what was I thinking?  Have hope in this team.

Lovie calls a time out and then throws a red flag for a review he wasn’t going to win.  The dynamic, young Johnny Knox not knowing where he is supposed to go…in Week 13!  The Bears collect over 100 yards in penalties.  WR Devin Aromashodu gets major PT and it pays off for the passing game.  What’s wrong with that you might ask?  Cutler said he had quite the connection with this young, big receiver.  When did he say that?  PRE-Frickin-SEASON!  Apparently the coaches don’t give a shit what their franchise QB has to say.  Instead we suffer through 13 weeks of Bennett drops, Knox running the wrong way and Hester’s lack of height.

I know I have been harping on this for weeks and weeks but the coaches have to go.  I might keep special team guru Dave Toub but they have to go.  I don’t care if the franchise has to pay them millions.  It was their mistake and they need to correct.  Lovie is a terrible head coach and should go back to being a defensive coordinator.  Ron Turner should go back to college.  But Ron, please leave Illinois out of it.  This state has had enough of your ineptness for one lifetime.

I won’t even name the rest of the coaches because they aren’t worth naming.  OK, I lied.  How can you not bring up QB “guru” Pep Hamilton.  Good ol’ Pep has not had a positive impact on the Chicago Bears team.  The only thing he has managed to do is watch Kyle Orton get better after he left.  Jay Cutler was awesome until he got here.  This guy is the angel of death to QBs.  Cut him loose.

Finally I will go just a little bit higher and say Jerry Angelo should go too.  I’ve supported Jerry in the past for his ability to find those “diamonds in the rough” in the mid-rounds.  However, Jerry has been an absolute failure on Day 1 of the NFL Draft.  Day 1 is when you are supposed to find the future NFL studs.  It is one thing to find guys to fill roster spots in the middle rounds but you need to come up with difference makers on Day 1.  Jerry has failed to do that.

2003 – DE Michael Haynes (out of NFL), QB Rex Grossman (3rd string on Houston) and CB Charles Tillman (good pick).  LB Lance Briggs was selected in the next round which was great but the next 8 picks all washed out.

2004 – DTs Tommie Harris (constantly injured) and Tank Johnson (criminal now on Cincy).  In the following rounds Jerry found Nate Vasher (fading veteran) and Bernard Berrian (Minnesota Vikings star).

2005 – RB Cedric Benson (pain in the ass cancer on the Bears, top AFC rusher for Cincy) and WR Mark Bradley (rarely saw the field, play fairly well for KC).  Oh, 4th Rounder was Kyle Orton who will be leading the Broncos offensive attack in the 2010 playoffs.

2006 – DB Danieal Manning (small school find, fair player probably considered a bust) and WR/KR Devin Hester (good pick for what he accomplished on special teams).

2007 – TE Greg Olsen (so far this is a bust.  he should be putting up Dallas Clark numbers) and DE Dan Bazuin (terrible pick.  never played).  Beekman, Payne and Graham later on in the draft were fine.  But we know Jerry can draft in the middle rounds.

2008 – OT Chris Williams (suspect health questions and has not looked good early on) and RB Matt Forte (Good pick but we won’t know if Matt is more the player of 2008 or 2009 yet).  WR Earl Bennett is pick next and has potential.  Too many drops for my liking.

2009 – We didn’t have a Day 1 pick because of the Jay Cutler trade (not working so far).  3rd Round brought us DT/DE Jarron Gilbert (hasn’t seen the field with the Bears crappy line.  Speaks volumes) and WR Juaquin Iglesias (bad WR corps and he can’t see the field.).  WR Knox and DB Afalava are the only contributors from this group.

Here is another fun game to show people what a Day 1 disaster Angelo is.  Here are the players, year-by-year, that were taken shortly after the Bears picks.

2009 – After Bears take Gilbert…SF takes RB Glen Coffee (solid #2 behind Gore) and the pick right after Iglesias was by NYG and they took TE Travis Beckum.  4 picks later CLE takes LB Kaluka Maiva who has been solid.

2008 – After the Bears take OT Chris Williams the following players come off of the board.  DB Rodgers-Cromartie by Arizona, QB Joe Flacco by Baltimore and OT Jeff Otah by Carolina.  RB Matt Forte was an OK pick, so far, but WR DeSean Jackson did come off of the board 5 picks later and RB Ray Rice to Baltimore 11 picks later.

2007 – Bears take TE Greg Olsen who wasn’t a bad pick here but Indy did nab a quality #2 WR in Anthony Gonzalez with the next pick.  In the 2nd Round they take Bazuin and Green Bay a little bit later takes Brandon Jackson, a solid #2,#3 RB.

2006 – Finally we traded out of Round 1 and had 2 2nd Round picks.  We took Danieal Manning instead of a DB Roman Harper, RB LenDale White or WR Greg Jennings.  Hester was a pretty good pick with the 2nd one but one may argue Jacksonville got a better pick a few picks later with Maurice Jones-Drew.

What I am getting at is this Bears team looks vastly different If the Bears pick WR Greg Jennings, WR Anthony Gonzalez, QB Joe Flacco, TE Travis Beckum and RB Maurice Jones-Drew.  Sure that is a lot to expect that your GM picks perfectly every single time but you can’t miss on Day 1 and expect to remain competitive in the NFL.

Finally, those players need to go.  We have too many guys collecting a paycheck and not contributing.  Some of the guys that need to go are C Olin Kreutz, OT Orlando Pace, WR Earl Bennett, WR Rashied Davis, FB Jason McKie, RB Garrett Wolfe, RB Adrian Petersen, DE Mark Anderson, LB Brian Urlacher, LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, every safety on the roster except Al Afalava and CB Nate Vasher.  These guys are underperforming and/or just plain sucking.  I know including Urlacher may shock some but the only contribution he has made lately is with his mouth.  He needs to shut the hell up and take care of his own business and hopefully he’ll do that with a different team.

In conclusion Lovie, other coaches, some players and GM Angelo should be gone.  What is out there?  Maybe Cowher, Dungy, Billick or Shanahan.  Maybe an unknown talent from college.  All I know is the GM should be progressive and not have a Tampa Cover-2 hard on and the head coach should have head coaching experience.

The only positive we can take out of this season is that every day closer to the end of it is the beginning of a new one.

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For Sale: Corner Outfielder, good condition

For Sale:

Corner outfielder with 9 years of MLB experience now available.

Enjoys travel.  Has spent time in Montreal, Cleveland, LA, Oakland, San Diego, Texas and Chicago.

Is well versed on the challenges facing cultural diversity and fan relations.

He excels in interpersonal communications.

He plays well with others and is a team leader.

Possesses amazing strength (has broke bats across his knee).

He is a family man and loves his mama.

He has had a few unfortunate incidents professionally but NONE of them were his fault.

He is available at a LOW, LOW cost.  ACT NOW!  Chicago may pay all of his salary.

They might even throw in a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.

The Cubs are in a giving mood so don’t delay on this future Hall of Famer.

If interested in this one of a kind player contact Jim Hendry with the Chicago Cubs.


Don’t wait, act now.  PLEASE act now!!!!!

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College Football Hotties – FINAL VOLUME of 2009

The college football season is coming to a close (tear) but at least we have bowl season.  It was certainly an interesting and exciting season.  You’ve gotta love that Cincy v. Florida match up in the Sugar Bowl.  There should be a few points scored there.  Boise v. TCU in a battle of unbeaten teams should be good as well.  But, this isn’t my Bowl Preview (coming next week) this is about the college hotties that love our favorite sport.  ENJOY!

What does this ND hottie have to be so happy about?  ND isn’t going to a bowl game.  Oh yeah, Weis is gone!  That would be reason to be happy.  I hope they have Coach Kelly’s parking spot ready for him.

You can’t have a final volume of a college hotties blog post and not include some girls from ASU.

BSU’s football field turf might be ugly but that is the only thing ugly at the games.  The BSU cheer team is hot, hot, hot.

These Delta Gams from Florida are lookin’ a lot better than the Gators did against Alabama.

Texas got lucky last weekend but that was enough to get them into the big game against the Crimson Tide.  Maybe she was distracting McCoy as he rolled towards the sidelines.

Speaking of the Crimson Tide…wow!


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No Lovie for Weis

The Weis era is over.  Coach Stay Puft was released of his duties yesterday.  The search is now on for his successor.  Do they pony up the dough to lure Stoops away from Oklahoma?  Do they take a chance on a young coach like Cincy’s Brian Kelly?  Whatever they decided to do we know one thing is certain, the results are almost guaranteed to be better.  Notre Dame was quick to act and winning a championship is always the top priority.

The Chicago Bears however could learn a lot from the Notre Dame administration.  The Bears lured Cutler to Chicago with dreams of a Division title.  Instead the season has been a disaster with the Bears sitting at 4-7.  Now, the Bears have had major injuries but so have a lot of other teams.  Talented teams have depth and great coaches get the most out of those part-time bench players.  Lovie doesn’t.  In that respect he is a lot like Weis who didn’t get much out of his spare Irishmen either.

Lovie, the time is coming and the Bears are preparing to eat your deal.  There certainly was no more lovie for Weis in South Bend and I am quite sure the lovie of Lovie is running out up at Halas Hall.  Do the right thing Bears!  Follow the lead of the Fighting Irish.  Do not hesitate.  Dispatch Lovie and Co. ASAP!  Grab the phone and call Dungy, Cowher,  or Shanahan!  Once again, like ND, the results are almost guaranteed to be better.

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