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Super Bowl or Bust?

It is time once again for one of the most hyped sporting events on the planet.  Superbowl XLIV takes place this Sunday at 6:30PM EST from soggy Miami, FL.  The game pits the favored Colts v. the underdog Saints.  Brees v. Manning.  Archie’s former team v. his son’s team.  Indianapolis v. West Lafayette.  Hoosiers v. Cajuns.  Who Dat v. Who Cares?

Now this game could go down as a classic with two gunslingers battling it out for 4 quarters.  However it could also be a 21 point victory for the Colts and be over by halftime.  And, speaking of halftime do we really have to endure 15 minutes of the Who?  Oh, wait, they really aren’t The Who.  Half of “The Who” are no longer amongst the living.  They couldn’t find U2 or Metallica?  Or perhaps some local Calypso bands with Latin dancers?  After all it is South Florida and The Who really don’t scream South Beach to me.  I could see it maybe if the game was played in Boca or Sarasota.  After all, they probably appeal to the over 65 crowd.

Perhaps you prefer ‘bust’.  Football isn’t for everyone and if your team is out of it and you don’t have party plans I am pretty sure you’ll find something else to do that day.  My wife might hit the movies with her friends.  Some folks are going to the mall.  I know one guy that is waiting until game time to run up to Home Depot and Menards.  Pretty smart.  I know a colleague that is going to invite people over and watch Superbowl XX (Chicago v. New England) from scratch.

Other ideas?  If you haven’t already thought of it you might want to check out Lingerie Bowl VII.

I am not sure which two teams will be facing off but does anyone really care?  It is all about hotties running around an Arena size field in their underwear.  Bravo!

If commercials are part of your reason for tuning in you may want to know the conservative Christian elements at CBS have nixed a lot of the more “entertaining” spots.  What a relief.  Let’s thank God for CBS.  If it wasn’t for CBS taking a moral high ground the world would have slipped into an immoral abyss right after the game.  Whew!  Glad we avoided that mess.  Now back to our regularly scheduled anti-abortion message with that really good QB that will never make it in the pros.

For those heathens like myself you can still find those commercial spots online and I encourage you guys to mute Timmy Tebags commercial when it comes on and watch one of the following.

If you thought, “Wow CBS kind of has their head up their collective asses”, than the following banned spot is for you.

I just find this amusing because they’re Packer and Viking’s fans.

Finally this link shows another Go Daddy ad and Dante’s Inferno spot.

In closing if you watch the SuperHype…I mean Bowl enjoy.  I hope it is that shoot out.  I hope it is 35-35 with one of the QBs driving his team down the field with under 2 minutes left.  I also hope most of the commercials are entertaining.  That always makes for fun party conversation.  I would love for that to be the case.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

For those of you finding “other and possibly better ” things to do, have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.   Enjoy work on Monday as well.  Most of us game watchers will be contracting a terrible cold Monday AM and will not be in.


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