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NFL 2010-11 Predictions

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – All around best team in division.  Balanced attack and solid D should take them far.  Should win 12 or 13.

Washington Redskins – If McNabb stays healthy they should push for final wildcard spot.  Defensive line is the potential weak spot.

Philadelphia Eagles  – Not sold on Kolb/Vick combo.  McCoy is the real deal though.  Eagles lack depth at key positions.  .500 at best.

NY Giants – Defensively front 7 still looks very good.  Running game and O-Line are suspect and thin.  Will lose a lot of close games.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings – Favre is back so offense will click.  Health issues could derail this team.  Defense was good last year and it is getting better.

Green Bay Packers – Rodgers should put up big numbers but the running game and defense are just OK.  Playoff appearance is likely.

Chicago Bears – Cutler could put up big numbers if he gets protection.  The defense is average at best.  This will be a Jekyl and Hyde team for sure.

Detroit Lions – Detroit is still surging in the right direction but it is a slow surge.  Defense and special teams still need some work and talent.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints – Brees and Co. continue to light it up and the defense might actually be better.  They should win 13 to 14 games.

Atlanta Falcons – Ryan, White and Turner return to form but shaky D could cost them a wildcard birth.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs are surging upwards but they are probably 2 years away.  Cadillac could get comeback player of the year.

Carolina Panthers – Panthers have a lot of work to do.  Stay afloat with Moore or begin the Clausen era is the biggest question.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers – I’m not sure they’re as good as advertised but the defense is good.  Not sold on Smith.  Could be a 9 win division winner.

Arizona Cardinals – No QB, No Anquan,No Defense, No title.  Beanie should be a bright spot in a mediocre bunch.

Seattle Seahawks – This is a poor team in transition.  Hasslebeck’s last year at the helm.  Tate should be fun to watch.

St. Louis Rams – This is a terrible team that is starting to get better with future stud QB Bradford.  Defense could surprise people.

AFC East

Miami Dolphins – Could this be the season?  Maybe!  Henne has even more weapons and the D is better under Dansby.

NY Jets – Ryan’s group is really good.  The D is super with or without that DB who will remain nameless.  They will be neck and neck with Miami.

New England Patriots – They’re third best in a great division.  Brady needs to stay healthy.  They will have to battle to get that last playoff spot.

Buffalo Bills – These guys don’t stand a chance.  Not sure what they’re doing!  However, Spiller is a stud and should be fun to watch.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals – Best of the division and maybe the AFC.  Should be an entertaining team to watch.  Can the egos coexist though?

Baltimore Ravens – Solid defense again and Flacco has new weapons.  They’ll be neck-in-neck with Cincy.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Pittsburgh is still a good team but Big Ben’s absence will cost them games early.  Mendenhall should be great in 2010.

Cleveland Browns – Cleveland is building a decent looking team.  Harrison, Hardesty and Davis is the best trio of young runners in football.

AFC South

Tennessee Titans – The Titans should be good enough to eek out a division title.  Best runner in the land and V. Young has come into his own.

Indianapolis Colts – Manning and his collection of receivers are still great but the rest of the team is just average.  Wildcard might be tough.

Houston Texans – Houston can’t get past the top two teams.  Schaub and Johnson should be All-Pros again.  Health always seems to be an issue.

Jacksonville Jaguars – This is a bad team with no light at the end of the tunnel.  New leadership needed for this group.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers – The Chargers are rebuilding on the fly but the West can’t overtake them yet.  Very thin at WR and on defense.

Denver Broncos – Elvis injury creates huge hole on defense.  Orton looks solid but Tebow is for real.  Moreno key to offensive success.

Oakland Raiders – They are getting better.  The D and running attack should be better this season.  Is Campbell a good pro QB?

KC Chiefs – KC isn’t worse but they aren’t much better.  This is a very young group with lots of potential.  Let the Eric Berry show begin.


NFC – Depends largely on home field advantage but if New Orleans gets all their home games in the dome they should repeat as NFC Conference champions.  Brees is so hard to stop with the system Coach Payton put in place.  The only two teams who stand a chance of derailing the Saints are the Cowboys and Vikings.  However, I still feel New Orleans is better than both of those teams.  Green Bay could advance a round but they have too many holes on defense to be considered a real threat.

Wildcard – Green Bay over San Francisco AND Minnesota over Atlanta

Divisional – New Orleans over Green Bay AND Dallas over Minnesota

Championship – New Orleans over Dallas

AFC – This conference is way more competitive than the NFC.  There are 8 or 9 teams that are good enough to make the playoffs but there can only be 6.  There is not clear favorite either.  Miami, NY, New England, Baltimore, Cincy and Tennessee are all capable of winning 12 to 13 games.  Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver and San Diego could win 10 or 11 games.  The AFC will certainly have a few above .500 teams on the outside looking in this season.

Wildcard – Cincinnati over NY Jets AND Baltimore over  San Diego

Divisional – Miami over Cincinnati and Tennessee over Baltimore

Championship – Miami over Tennessee

SUPERBOWL – Miami over New Orleans

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BPD’s Girls of Summer

Wonderful things like football, playoff baseball, basketball and hockey lie ahead but that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect.  The beginning of the summer, at least for people from the Chicago area was chilly and gray.  However, the sun came out and we had a wonderfully warm summer.  And, as we all know here on the BPD Rag, when it’s hot, so are the girls.  Enjoy BPD’s Salute to our Sporty Summer Babes 2010.

If golfers were really this hot I would certainly do it a lot more.

They may have lost the cup but if you’ve seen their fans you know they really don’t lose at all.

If you are looking for hot girls than hang out where the baseball players do.

Beach = Good     Volleyball = Good      Girls playing beach volleyball = GREAT!

Did I mention it was really great?  LOL

Summer is all about hot cars and hot women.  Babes who race them are even hotter.

Some of these hotties go fast, Ashley goes REALLY fast.

Surfing is great summer activity.  Did I mention it is a great spectator sport too?  😉

Tennis players weren’t this hot when I was a kid.

You can’t have summer without a Hawaiian Tropics pageant.

Tan fitness models are a wonderful summer sight.

The END!!!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of summer hotties.  Coming soon College Hotties 2010!!!

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BPD’s College Football 2010 Top 25

1 – OHIO STATE – Pryor, Nine starters return to this talented offense.  Defense isn’t great but is probably good enough to win the Big 10.

2 – ALABAMA – Same recipe as last year.  Run, run, run with Ingram and an aggressive defense.

3 – TEXAS – Losses to NFL keep this group just out of National Title reach.  Look for a more balanced attack on offense.

4 – BOISE STATE  – They have the talent to get to the big game.  A tough opening game at Virginia Tech will keep this team on the outside looking in.

5 – IOWA – The Hawkeye offense is good but lacks experience on the line.  The receivers are excellent and the defense should be Top 10.

6 – VIRGINIA TECH – For once the VT offense and not the defense will dictate just how far this team will go.  Tyrod for Heismann?  Maybe.

7 – OREGON – The Ducks have the talent to compete for a National Title.  Off-season issues with the law could mean trouble for this team.

8 – TCU – A light schedule keeps this team out of the Top 5.  Both the Horned Frog offense and defense should be in the Top 10.

9 – NEBRASKA – The Huskers won 10 games last season without an offense.  Well, now they have one and another killer defense.

10 – FLORIDA – That Gators move on without Tebow but Brantley might actually be a better passer.  The Gator game plans may change but the talent is still there.

11- WISCONSIN – The Badgers have a powerful offense led by John Clay and a good defense.  Hopes for a title hinge on mid-October wins against OSU and at Iowa.

12- OKLAHOMA – Keys for Sooner success are the development of QB Landry Jones and overall health.  Tough non-con and con schedule doesn’t help.

13 – UTAH – While the Utes defense should be tough again the inconsistent offense should keep this team outside of the Top 10.

14 – AUBURN – This is a team rise.  The Tigers have a great offensive line and should do a better job moving the ball.  Look for an aggressive Tiger D in 2010.

15 – PENN STATE – A great trio of runners led by Evan Royster should make State very tough to stop.  The defense lacks experience and will make mistakes.

16 – NORTH CAROLINA – The Tar Heel defense could be one of the best in the country.  If they get some consistency out of QB Yates, watch out.

17 – ARKANSAS – Mallett and Co. should score a lot of points this season.  The team struggled defensively in 09 but the team speed and depth have improved.

18 – MIAMI (FL) – 8 guys return to this very talented defense.  They have some consistency issues at QB and a tough non-con schedule.

19 – HOUSTON – The Cougars, behind QB Case Keenum will be one of the highest scoring offenses in the US.  Problem?  They still can’t stop the run.

20 – GEORGIA TECH – The Tech spread offense will be great again under QB Josh Nesbitt.  The real plus was adding Def. Coord. Al Groh in the off-season.

21 – WEST VIRGINIA – This team should have a good offense if it can control the football better and the defense should be solid.   Overall, down year for the East.

22 – LSU – The Tigers could be better than #22 if the offensive line improves.  The defense is good but needs consistency.

23 – GEORGIA – Hold on to the football is the Bulldogs key to success.  WR A.J. Green should be fun to watch.  New pro-style Def. Coordinator is a welcome change.

24 – USC – The Kiffen regime begins in Southern California.  The offense is led by hot and cold Matt Barkley but look for them to run a lot more.  Defense looks to be solid.

25 – FLORIDA STATE – Get ready for the Chris Ponder show.  The FSU offense will put up its best numbers in years.  The defense is rebuilding under Mark Stoops.


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College Football 40

We are only weeks away from the beginning of college football.  There is much excitement and anticipation for this season.  Teams like Nebraska, Utah and Colorado will play in their respective divisions for the last time.  Schools like TCU and Boise State have a realistic shot at a national title.  Storied teams like Tennessee, Notre Dame, Florida State and USC are under new leadership.

After looking at the schedule I’ve determined there are at least 40 ‘can’t miss’ games this season.  If you are a college football fan like I am don’t miss these games.  Here they are!

Monday, September 6th

Boise State at Virginia Tech

Saturday, September 18th

Florida at Tennessee

Thursday, September 23rd

Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh

Saturday, September 25th

Alabama at Arkansas

UCLA at Texas

Saturday, October 2nd

Texas at Oklahoma

Miami (FL) at Clemson

Stanford at Oregon

Saturday, October 9th

LSU at Florida

Florida State at Miami (FL)

Alabama at South Carolina

USC at Stanford

Saturday, October 16th

Texas at Nebraska


Ohio State at Wisconsin

Saturday, October 23rd

Washington at Arizona

Wisconsin at Iowa

Saturday, October 30th

Florida at Georgia

Stanford at Washington

Oregon at USC

Thursday, November 4th

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

Saturday, November 6th

Alabama at LSU

Washington at Oregon

Arizona at Stanford

Saturday, November 13th

Penn State at Ohio State

Miami (FL) at Georgia Tech

Utah at Notre Dame

USC at Arizona

Saturday, November 20th

Stanford at California

Ohio State at Iowa

Friday, November 26th

Arizona at Oregon

BYU at Utah

Florida at Florida State

Notre Dame at USC

Saturday, November 27th

Georgia Tech at Georgia

Michigan at Ohio State

Thursday, December 2nd

Arizona State at Arizona

Saturday, December 4th


Oregon at Oregon State

Saturday, December 11th

Army at Navy

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