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I wish all my BPD followers a happy and safe New Year.  Now go get your drink on, we have lots to talk about in 2011.

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College Hotties – Bowl Game Edition

The College Football season is coming to a close which is always a happy/sad time for me.  I love the heart of the season when the best of the conferences square off in October and November.  The sad part is when it comes to an end.  We get more than 30 bowl games (not sure if that is a good thing) to conclude the season but it always leaves us somewhat disappointed.  Do the best teams always play for the title?  Why can’t we have a playoff?  Why can’t we have a playoff and keep our holiday bowl games?  None of these questions will be answered any time soon.  All we can do as college football fans is sit back, watch the games AND say a fond farewell to our college hotties.


Georgia Tech has some unbeatable hotties but I think the Air Force Hottie Squad is going to have a lot to cheer about in this game.


How either of these teams made a bowl game is a miracle.  At least we get to see these southern hotties one more time.  UNC should beat Tennessee but who knows.  Blah Hum Bug!


Catholics v. Convicts re-visited!  The midwest “girls next door” v. the South Beach hottie squad.  I give an edge to Miami’s girls but not the guys on the gridiron.  ND should take care of business on the field.


One of the dumbest names for a bowl game, right?  Clemson and USF have some of the hottest fans and cheerleaders in college ball.  I wish the action on the field was as hot as what’s in the stands.  Both teams were disappointments for sure.  Clemson wins.


The old Peach Bowl now named after the frickin delicious chicken sandwich should be a good.  FSU Cowgirls v. the girls who like Cocks.  You really can’t go wrong here.  I call this matchup a draw and the action on the field should be close too.  FSU by a field goal.


The hottest girls of the Big 10 face off against the hottest of the Mountain West.  Both are amazing but I have to give a slight edge to the girls down south.  The ‘Sconnies’ are bundled up most of the year and that’s just not nice.  The Wisconsin men should get revenge on the field with a pretty solid victory over TCU.


These UConn hotties are the best I’ve ever seen.  Oklahoma is FULL of hot hotties and gets my vote in this matchup.  Oh, and the football team should kick the snot out of the Huskies.


Once again we have a top 10 matchup of hotties.  I love the OSU girls and the fact they party like they major in it.  However I am a sucker for SEC girls and the RazorHotties get my vote.  The game should be one of the best of the major bowl games.  OSU by a point or two.


Stanford girls certainly win the IQ award and these cheerleaders are certainly cute, but VTs hotties are awesome.  The action on the field should be awesome.  This is going to be an excellent game.  Stanford is probably just a bit better than the Hokies.


Auburn v. Oregon.  Auburn’s fans are smoking hot and Oregon’s cheerleaders are the best.  The game should be good and high scoring but I think Auburn should be able to handle the Ducks.


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Playoff Needed

Despite the title of my post I do love college bowl games.  Ok, maybe not the Preperation H Toilet Bowl but a good 12 to 15 bowl games have competitive and/or intriguing match ups.  However, I think to get a true champion in NCAA Football you do need some sort of playoff.  Now, in the past, I have suggested keeping the bowl games within a playoff structure.  I really think this can work.

After Thanksgiving weekend but before the bowl games start you have the best 16 teams as decided by the BCS, coaches poll, writers, fans…whatever.  You break them into NCAA Basketball style brackets.  #1 v. #16, #2 v. #15 etc. with the top seed getting the home game.

You are now down to 8 teams which fits perfectly into the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar and Orange.  Those 8 teams play in the bowl games and now we are left with 4.  Now, after bowl season, you can have a FINAL 4 for Football.  You can have it at alternating venues like the Georgia Dome, Ford Field, the Rose Bowl and the Superdome.  You hold one game at 3PM and the other at 8PM.  After that weekend the NFL Playoffs get into full swing.  You would wait an extra weekend until the NFC and AFC Championships and have the NCAA Championship the night before or the Monday night after.

Doing it in this fashion extends the season which would be great for the schools and the NCAA.  It also gives fans and the sport what it truly deserves and that is a TRUE champion.

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