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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Happy St. Paddy’s Day BPD fans.  Enjoy the basketball games, drink responsibly, eat some corned beef and, of course, get laid.  Come to think of it, if you can get laid while eating corned beef, drinking and watching the games, that would be FREAKIN AWESOME.  Have fun!!!

My St. Paddy’s Day gift to you?  One of my favorite Playmates of all time, Kerri Kendall, in the holiday mood.  There are a lot more of these AND a lot more of her to see at

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Let the Madness Begin

It is that time of year boys and girls.  Got those thinking caps on and those brackets in.

For any sports fans, especially college sports fan, this week is a frickin blast.  It is almost a guarantee one of two seeds in the Top 5 are going to go down in days 1 and 2.  There will be a handful of buzzer beaters guaranteed to freak out thousands of pool players across the nation.

But, despite all the madness that is guaranteed to take place in the first week let’s be clear about something, Kansas is going to win.  No matter how you pick them and what upsets you come up with, KU is taking the prize.  Who do they play in the Final 4?   That remains to be seen but Pitt of Florida will be left standing.

On the other side there are just a few teams there that should emerge.  I don’t see anyone in Ohio State’s side that should knock them off.  They are too good and too deep to lose that bracket.  Syracuse or UNC could surprise, but I doubt it.  Finally, Duke’s bracket could be the toughest.  While I think they too will emerge I think SDSU, UConn, Texas or Arizona could beat them.  I still like Duke with UConn a possibility.

Final 4…KU, Pitt, Duke and OSU.  KU v. Duke and KU winning it all.  I know, all top seeds but they are the best and I don’t see anyone knocking them (except maybe Florida over Pitt) off.

Have fun playing hooky from work and enjoy the games!!!

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A Special Rose

Gertrude Stein said, “A rose is a rose is a rose.”  In the case of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, she couldn’t be more wrong.  This Rose isn’t any ordinary rose.  He isn’t your average Tea or Shrub Rose.  He certainly isn’t your Jalen variety Rose either.  This Rose is one of a kind and the fans of the Chicago Bulls should cherish this time because this Rose doesn’t bloom in your garden too often.

Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said that this kid is going to be an MVP multiple times and lead the Bulls to a “minimum” of 4 NBA championships.  Wow!  I first thought that was a pretty ballsy statement coming from the Eastern Conference which contains teams like Boston, Orlando, New York and Miami.  Then I thought I kind of liked hearing some confidence coming from upstairs.  We haven’t heard or seen this kind of brash talk since 1998.

It may be unfair to compare him to Michael Jordan, perhaps the greatest professional athlete of all time.  However, he is 22 years old and a favorite to become the youngest MVP in NBA history.  I just got goosebumps typing that.  Could it be the Bulls are that lucky?  Guys like Magic, Bird or Jordan come along once every half-century if you’re lucky.  Chicago just got their second superstar in under 20 years.  To think there was even a debate of whether to take Rose or Beasley just makes me giggle.  To think some Chicagoans were behind gutting this young group, possibly even throwing in Rose, to get a LeBron, Bosh and/or DWade makes me laugh even more.  Miami cries in the locker room and I laugh.

But there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Rose and the Bulls serious play and them seriously kicking the asses of some really good teams.  I think about all of the injuries the Bulls suffered this year with a first year, first time NBA head coach.  They didn’t cry about it.  Rose and Coach T stayed cool and Rose kept lighting it up night after night.  DRose has become the soft-spoken leader of the current #2 seed in the East.

So what is the top for this Rose?  3 or 4 titles?  A couple of MVP awards?  A dozen or more All-Star appearances?  I guess we will just have wait and see.  One thing we do know is that this fragrant Rose just came into bloom and should be around to give us many great memories for a long time to come.

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In the world of professional wrestling, my guilty pleasure, there have been lots of interesting things going on.  The WWE is getting ready for what looks to be a pretty good Wrestlemania.  Cena and Miz, Edge and Del Rio, Orton and Punk, Taker and HHH.  Not great but not too bad.  The ROCK has come back to host and he has been mixing it up ever since.  However, some things have gone very, very wrong over the past 2 months.

First, WWE airs this 2-21-11 commercial.  Most every fan is pretty sure it is the Undertaker returning BUT free agent wrestler Sting who has never worked for the WWE is also a candidate.  The Blogosphere goes crazy.  Is Sting going to take on the Undertaker?  Icon v. Phenom with the streak on the line.  Talk about a buy rate.  WWE would have been swimming in cash.  They could have bumped HHH down to beating on Sheamus in a cage or perhaps one last appearance for DX.  Either way, it would have worked out perfectly.  So another promo ad and then another and the possibility it is Sting or that Sting is involved has lessened.

Rumors swirl that TNA is going to bring the Main Event Mafia back, a group led by Sting and Kurt Angle with Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Booker T included.  This would have boosted fan’s interest but it is out there well before TNA wants it to be.  Spike pressures TNA publicly so the WWE knows what is coming.  So, what does the WWE do?  They sign free agents Kevin Nash and Booker T to appear at the Royal Rumble.  WOW!  That was pretty exciting.  Nash doesn’t have much left in the tank but Booker looked pretty good.  TNA, can you say OWNED.  TNA eventually puts Flairs group as this “other” group which makes no sense and they try to sell it to the fans.  Blah.  TNA now removes Sting’s profile from the Web site.   So, once again, it is now looking like Sting is becoming an odds on favorite bolt TNA for a WWE Hall of Fame induction and Wrestlemania match against the Taker.

2-21-11 comes and Taker comes down followed by…HHH.  What?  OK, good match but we’ve seen this before.  There is nothing new or exciting.  Both men have been gone for a while and there hasn’t been a story line between them for some time now.

Where is Sting in all this?  His fans are going banana sandwich to see what the hell is going on.  WWE now appears to have its superstar power for the “Superbowl” of professional wrestling and no longer needs Sting.

Shortly after the Taker v. HHH is promoted in WWE, TNA runs an ad that says 3-3-11.  It was very similar to the WWE ad.  I mean how bush league was that?  Most fans know it is Sting but still nothing is solid and TNA could have made that anyone as a ploy to get people to tune in.  HOWEVER, it was freakin tape delayed from Fayetteville, NC.  I shit you not.  You can go on Youtube or similar sites and see Sting come down to the ring to take on Jeff Hardy in this freaking fruity looking outfit.  Oh, spoiler alert, he beats Hardy for the title.  Weird, right?  Hardy is mixing it up with Mr. Kennedy, and Matt Morgan and they throw the title at Sting in his first night back?  TNA, now you know why you are a second rate organization and that’s only because there are two main wrestling organizations at this time.  No surprise element at all and they can’t even promo something original.

Now wrestling fans have to wait and hope the WWE can swing something with Sting for next year’s Wrestlemania.  Time is running out as the Stinger gets older.  Will Sting and the Undertaker have enough left in the tank for a meeting next year?  My guess is no.  Very sad Sting and the WWE couldn’t come to an agreement.  If all parties concerned are really in this for the fans they would find a way to make it happen but the reality is that it is a business and they simply can’t come to terms.  There is no reason they couldn’t have signed him to a 3 month deal, have Sting pop up at Royal Rumble, start screwing with Undertaker, get inducted into the HOF and then Wrestlemania.  It would have been perfect and then Sting could have bolted back to TNA if that is where he wanted to be or retire or whatever.

This whole situation makes the WWE look bad, Sting look worse and TNA just look like a bunch of half-wit ding dongs that couldn’t come up with an original idea if a terrorist had a gun pointed to there heads.


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Finally the Daddy has come BACK to the Sports Rag!!!!

Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

I’ve been gone a long time in Blog years but it is good to be back.

Since I’ve been gone the Green Bay Packers have become World Champs.  Well that’s just great.  The big silver football is a town where the biggest building is a corn silo and the players look like they work for John Deere.  The fans all wear big pieces of foam cheese on their heads and the big G on the side of the helmet stands for GIVE ME A BREAK!  Hey Matthews!  Thor called and he wants his hair back.  Or was that Pamela Anderson?

The multi-millionaire dollar Miami Heat are off to a good start with King Douche and company but let’s count 1, 2 , 3…17 losses already.  Some return on investment.  The Bulls, Celtics and Knicks have all kicked their candy asses so far this year.  Sure, they’ll make up excuses like oh LeBron and D Wade missed some time.  Well, waaaaaah!  Cry me a river.  You think that’s it?  Do you really think that’s it?  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!  The Bulls have missed one of more of their big three all season and they are right on your asses.  The Knicks and Celtics have made themselves stronger as well.  So Miami sHeat, enjoy your time in the sun.  Relax, order some more mojitos and get ready for the beat down of your lives come play off time.

If you smellllllllalalalala what the Daddy is cookin’!

Oh, and yes, thank you Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for you return and inspiring me to write this.


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