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WWE PPV is Money in the Bank

I don’t typically post on sports entertainment but last night I took my son to WWE’s Money In The Bank Pay Per View and had a fantastic time.  It was certainly the fastest 3 hours of live entertainment I have ever attended

There were a couple of matches, the Diva match and the Big Show v. Mark Henry, that lacked energy and the crowd showed by sitting on their hands or chanting CM Punk’s name.   But, when you are up against two MITB Ladder matches and two World Championship matches, it is almost impossible to standout.

The ladder matches and Randy Orton v. Christian matches were very good and the WWE Championship match of Cena v. CM Punk was ridiculously good.  It reminded me of the old days when guys like Flair, Sting, Windham, Steamboat and the like would put on these marathon back-and-forth matches that would last 30…45…60 minutes.  I give props to Cena and Punk for putting on a match that should be considered a Match of the Year candidate.  I also give props to the WWE and C.M. Punk for the scripted build up to the match.  Absolutely classic!

Now, I watch boxing and MMA from time to time and even went to a couple of live events.  I can’t say there weren’t exciting moments but WWE certainly puts out a product that is far more entertaining and exciting.  From the fireworks to the acrobatic skill of the combatants to their raw power to the sexy Divas it is something the other “ring” sports can’t hold a candle to.

The WWE, and to a lesser extent TNA Impact Wrestling, have an exciting product with great athletes and even better story lines.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to step in the ring with a boxer or MMA guy.  They are tough, quick, strong SOBs.  Unfortunately for their brand there is just as much down time as there is action.  Between the round breaks and the “hugging” they can easily lose the audience.  They also fail to market their up coming stars  Half of the time I feel like those guys in the diner in the movie Major League.  “Who are these f**kin’ guys?”

I am not sure what the ultimate solution is for boxing or MMA but all I am getting at is those organizations could learn a thing or two about packaging their products from a Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff.

In closing, if you love, like or used to like pro wrestling, get the MITB PPV on replay or get the DVD when it comes out a few weeks from now.  It was really one of the better live events I’ve attended in a long time.  The energy from the crowd is contagious and the battles are classic.

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