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F*ck You Cubs


I am not sure if you’ve had enough of this but I have.  Last year I thought I was done but I let them back in.  Spring of 2011 rolled around and I thought the NL Central would be kind of weak and that they might have a chance.  Well, I was right that most of the NL Central is horse crap but the Cubs are near the bottom of the crap barrel.

Who knew Zambrano would flake out again?  Um, well, everyone but Cub fans.  Their logic is often trumped by their loyalty.  Marmol not being able to get anyone out because he falls off to first like an asshole that just learned how to pitch.  Our 1st baseman can’t hit his weight.  Fukudome…fuk u!  You’re Cleveland’s problem now.  LOL.  Marlon “half assed effort” Byrd’s act is wearing thin. Sorry A-Hole (aka Soriano) is the worst investment the Cubs EVER made.  Quade can’t handle a pitching staff.  Our GM can’t generally manage anything.

I asked some Cub fans I know why they do it?  I wanted to know why we keep going back when the results are always the same.  Like someone that wants a delicious dinner and goes to the fridge and finds nothing.  They go back to that fridge time and time again expecting to see something yummy staring them in the face.  That is borderline insanity and us Cub fans are on that insanity train for sure.

One of them said the atmosphere and history keep them going back.  OK, they lose every season in a historic park.  Not good enough.  Another one of them said going to Wrigley is so much fun.  “It is so much fun to be a Cubs fan”.  If you already guessed this Cubs fan was a girl, you win a prize.  The same prize the Cubs win every year.  Finally this guy says to me, “I honestly don’t know.  I watch them.  I defend them but I don’t know why.”  I think most Cub fans are in his boat.  They grew up a Cubs fan.  A fan of Sandberg, Maddux, 1969, 1984, 1989, Harry Carey, Mark Grace, Andre Dawson and the dreams they had of the Cubs winning it all.  We are still a fan of an organization that either doesn’t know how to win or doesn’t really give a shit about winning.  If they gave a shit they’d launch Quade NOW and the rest of the coaches when the season ended.  Hendry would also be gone.  Anyone would be better than him at this point.  Then the purge of these overpriced POS players would begin.  At least that is what SHOULD happen.

I suppose I am just about done trying to figure this team out so, F*CK YOU CUBS!  I’ll enjoy watching the Red Sox, Yankees, Brewers and Phillies in October.  At least they’re good and know how to win.








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