About the Author

MARK MALONEY, BPD Sports Rag Writer/Editor

I am a 39 year old Operations/IT/New Business Manager from Chicago, IL.  Despite my career path sports and writing have been a passion of mine for over 20 years.  Besides writing editorials for the Sports Rag I play 8-man football, soccer, 3 on 3 b-ball, golf, bowling, run fantasy leagues and coach youth sports.  I currently live in NW Indiana with my wife, 4 kids and 2 dogs.  My future endeavors include development of a BPD Sports Web site and possible Web cast, obtain employment with a professional sports team’s front office and/or coach a high school/small college baseball or football team.

Bottom line is I like to have fun with this blog.  Sports can invoke such emotion one way or the other and nothing lights a fire under that more than the written word.  Sometimes events will really rile me up and I’ll show it in my writing as unfiltered as possible.  Other times there are feel good stories I like to bring up because so many blogs just bitch and moan way too much.  But most times I just like to have fun with topics and if I can make you giggle than I’ve done my job.  Regardless I hope you enjoy my posts and hope you’ll check in from time to time.

All the best, thanks for checking in and PLAY BALL!!!

10 responses to “About the Author

  1. sportstechnow


    Can you send me an email. I would like to ask you a business question about your blog.

  2. Mark,

    Any interest in also posting your college sports blogs on the College Fanz Sports Network? CFSN is the latest venture of CEO, Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN http://www.collegefanz.com.


  3. Outstanding on the hits. Good tagging and good writing goes a long way.

  4. Mark-
    To not include Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium in your list of Top 10 parks, and include the BOB in Phoenix, is just plain wrong.

    Have you ever been to either?

    Kauffman and Arrowhead, sitting all of 200 yds across from each other and sharing the same parking lot, are head and shoulders above almost all of the new generation of parks….especially the old BOB. The game day atmosphere of a Royals game is simply unmatched…at least in the parking lot, where fans take after Chiefs games and barbeque the hell out of that place. If nothing else, go for the barbeque…and then the stadium, especially after the latest improvements/renovations, is simply outstanding.

    • bigpapadaddy

      Hey Big E! I have been to the BOB. I like it. It isn’t awesome but enough to make my Top 10. I have been to Arrowhead for football. It is my favorite venue in the NFL for a football game. I love it. But the times I’ve been there they seem to be working on Kauffman. My only impression has been from the outside. After extensive research of places I haven’t been to yet nothing really ever came up (positive or negative). Kauffman is on my short list of places to go next time I am in the area (including Allen Field House). Perhaps they will make my list then.

  5. Mark,

    Since you guys obviously are into sports , if you got the time, I would love to get your take on this “hall of fame 2.0” project


    Your feedback will be much appreciated


    we are also looking for sports blogs to Collaborate with, so if you are interested, let me know


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