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Out Of Retirement

It’s been a while.  Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

Well, since I’ve last scribbled much has happened.

ND went to the College Football championship and got their ass kicked.  ND MLB T’eo was found to have a fake girlfriend so he got his ass kicked by the oh so righteous and ethical sports media.

The Cubs signed some free agents…zzzzzzzzzzz.  What was I saying?  I shouldn’t be so negative though.  If Nate Schierholtz doesn’t spell championship, I don’t know what does.

Lance Armstrong kind of, sort of admitting to doping and the world was NOT surprised.

And, finally, the Chicago Bears ended the not so offensive reign of one Lovie Smith.

The new coach IS….drum roll….Marc Trestman.  Silence.  Tumbleweed rolling across the floor.  Confused looks on the fans faces.

Actually the hire wasn’t all that bad.  Plenty of offensive experience in college and pro football.  Oh, and hey, he has head coaching experience up in Canada which has about as much credibility as a competitive rec league.  Seriously though, the guy is the QB guru.  And I mean THE QB guru.  I don’t know what it is but he has a knack for getting the most out of his thrower.  He also calls a good game and his offenses are ALWAYS at the top of any league.  This IS what the Bears need.

The remaining questions are…  Will Cutler buy into it?  I think so.  Will the aging, talented defense have one more good season under an offensive minded head coach?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Not sure if the guy from Jacksonville has the chops but we’ll all find out.  Will Emery open up the Bears tightly fastened coin purse and get several (meaning more than 2) offensive linemen on the free agent market?  That would surprise me but that is exactly what is needed to keep Cutler on his feet and throwing TDs.

Oh, and I don’t want fans demanding the Bears waste a 1st Round pick on lineman because we need one.  Stop it.  NFL teams almost always take the best guy on the board no matter what his position is.  Besides, drafting offensive linemen that are immediate contributors on an NFL offensive line is like finding a winning lottery ticket in the garbage.

Well, glad to be back writing.  I’m sure it will be an interesting off-season in the NFL.  There will be lots to talk about in the world of baseball.  The Bulls continue to do well without D. Rose or the Bench Mob.  The NHL is back in action and…well, so what.  I think the fans should boycott for the season.  Make Bettman sweat a little.

I might also start spewing about pro wrestling.  I have been a fan since, well, since I’ve watched TV.  I don’t watch with as much interest or passion as I did 20 years ago, but I still enjoy it.  It’s the male soap opera and plenty of us guys are hooked.  LOL

Oh, and in closing, plenty of fine BPD ladies of sports to come.  😉


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NBA and NHL 1st Round Predictions

The NBA and NHL’s 2nd seasons are upon us.  1st Round surprises in 2011?  I don’t see it but I guess anything can happen.  In the NBA Memphis could pull it off because the Spurs have been beaten and battered much of the season but it is unlikely.  In the NHL the Blackhawks could beat Vancouver but not the way they’ve been playing.  They still turnover the puck in their own end way too much.

NBA  1st Round Projections

Eastern Conference

Chicago over Indiana 4-1

Miami over Philadelphia 4-2

Boston over New York 4-1

Atlanta over Orlando 4-3

Western Conference

San Antonio over Memphis 4-2

Los Angeles over New Orleans 4-1

Portland over Dallas 4-3

Oklahoma City over Denver 4-3

NHL 1st Round Projections

Eastern Conference

Washington over New York 4-2

Buffalo over Philadelphia 4-3

Boston over Montreal 4-3

Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay 4-2

Western Conference

Vancouver over Chicago 4-3

San Jose over Los Angeles 4-1

Detroit over Phoenix 4-3

Nashville over Anaheim 4-2


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Imma Feelin’

…pretty good about the Chicago Bears in the 2nd half.  I thought the 2nd half was going to be a bear but not so much.  Green Bay and New England are going to be very tough but the rest of the games are win-able.  10 or 11 wins looking good but that probably means another year of Lovie.

…pretty excited about the Bulls.  They didn’t look so hot in the 2nd half of that San Antonio game but they are 6-4 without the Booze.  If they can come home from the circus road trip at .500 I’ll be happy.

…pretty disappointed in the Hawks effort so far.  Granted they are banged up and have a bunch of new guys but they are going to have to do better than .500.  I guess I’ll be patient, for now.  After all they started slow last year and we know how they finished.

…pretty unimpressed by the Cubs efforts on and off of the field.  They aren’t going to spend any money this off-season which means no Adam Dunn or Cliff Lee.  We need to unload some dead weight and no go so far.  Then they can’t seem to get the momentum behind a Wrigley re-build.  Ugh!

…pretty pissed at Governor Quinn and the City of Chicago playing BS politics with the Cubs.  The Bears and White Sox got public money to help finance a new stadium.  The Cubs are told to take a hike despite the fact more people go to Cubs games than any other major sport in Chicago.  They are watched by the one of the largest nationwide audiences on the Superstation WGN.  They draw mega-millions in tourist and commercial dollars to the city, specifically the Wrigleyville neighborhood.  If they want to play politics and I were a Rickett, I’d pay a visit to Buffalo, N.Y. and visit their beautiful little Wrigley replica.  I hear the upper deck can be expanded at a reasonable price tag to accommodate 38,000.  The Sox threatened to move, I sure would.

…pretty tired.  Time to go home and watch the Bears v. Dolphins.

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NHL 2010-11 Predictions

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Congrats to the 2010 Blackhawks

Better late than never but congrats to the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks.  This transformation from a playoff-less team that only 10,000 people would show up to see to a Cup winner, selling out the house each and every night.  The Bowman’s, McDonough and Rocky Wirtz were able to right the Hawks ship that had been wandering aimlessly in a sea of mediocrity since 1994.  Coach Q was also the right guy for the job.  His ability to keep his players up while swapping lines to get the greatest results was nothing short of brilliant.  Finally the guys on the ice were in every sense a real team.  These guys were fast and tough.  When one guy would have a bad shift or two, someone else would pick up the slack.  Kane and Toews should be the “Jordan-Pippen” in this town for the next 10 years.  Although salary cap issues will force the Hawks to get rid of some fan favorites (Big Buff) they will be able to replace these guys with other veterans (Reasoner) and young guys (Skille and Beach).

But for now lets enjoy having the cup in Chicago.  Let it be a tribute to all the die hard fans that stuck with the team through the very rough, non-TV, Mike Smith era.  Let it be a tribute to guys like Roenick, Chelios, Savard, Lamar, Graham, Wilson and Secord.  Hold the Cup HIGH guys because in just a few months will be back at it to defend it.

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Stanley Cup in Full Swing

I don’t think too many hockey fans would have called a Blackhawks v. Flyers Cup Finals at the beginning of the playoffs.  But, now that it is here, almost every hockey fan I know is enjoying it.

The first game you had a crazy, sloppy, high scoring affair that went to the final few seconds to decide.  Then, in Game 2, you had just the opposite.  It was a slower, more physical game.  It was a game the Flyers usually win.  But, the Hawks had goals from unusual sources in Hossa and Eager.  Once again the game goes into the final few seconds and unlike Game 1, Niemi is an absolute stud in the pipes for the Blackhawks.  The Flyers had opportunities but couldn’t get it past Niemi.

Game 3 is in Philly tonight.  Look for the style and pace to favor Philly.  It is going to be another great, low scoring affair tonight.

Even if you aren’t a huge hockey fan I encourage you to watch.  I am more of a football and baseball guy myself but there isn’t much that tops NHL playoff hockey.  The games are usually close and the intensity can’t be matched.

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Puck Bunny’s Galore

There are plenty of hockey celebrity/model girlfriends and hotties associated with the game of hockey to go around.  Enjoy this hot round of hockey hotties.


Emma’s got to be happy after the deal Henrik just got.


JJ Gretzky was the first “babe” of hockey and she still looks great.


Hillary Duff is with Mike Comrie.  Lucky bastard.


Edmonton’s ice girls showing team pride.


Yes, she has to be the hottest girl in Columbus, OH.  Easy Buckeye girls!  I didn’t say you weren’t hot, she’s just hotter.  Look, the ice is melting.


A Boston hottie on the ice making the Zambonis work overtime.


Angelica Bridges.  The reason Sheldon Souray will always be in my HOF.  Nice work sir.


Not sure if I posted Canadian Kate yet but she is one of the hottest puck bunnies I’ve ever seen.

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