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I can’t get enough of these.  They make me giggle.


OI..HO?  These kids certainly qualify for enrollment into OSU.


I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to go OVER the bar.


You suck at soccer now go back inside and play with your Barbie dolls.


Speaking of soccer it is called a header…not a facer.


“I said your short of the 1st Down so take that beeeotch!”


This is why the fat kids get picked last.


Introducing your Washington FAIL!


Paddle faster bitch, you’re about to become lunch.


A baseball fail with the Cubs?  No…really?  101 years of Fail.  Way to go boys!


I can’t imagine why soccer doesn’t catch on in the United States.


…as I was saying.


This shit never happens when I watch skating.  I love skating fails.


LOL!  Upside down Cup fail.  Hahaha.  What do you expect?  He’s a Brit.

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Football is King in NWI and Chicago

soxcubshglassLiving in NW Indiana (basically a suburb of Chicago) this is the time of year many of us begin moving on.  We may still catch an inning or two but our sports minds have begun looking ahead.  We have moved on to pigskin, helmets, pads and touchdowns.  The true “die-hard” baseball fans (most of those on the North side of the city) will hang in there longer than most of us.  However there are many who have mentally moved on to football. 

In NW Indiana there are 3 pro football teams.  The Chicago Bears (obviously), Indianapolis Colts (In state) and Pittsburgh Steelers (steel mills support the Steelers) all look to be good this season.  The Bears and new QB Jay Cutler look to be NFC North Division favorites and compete for the NFC crown.  The Colts still have Peyton Manning and a solid group of guys and the Steelers look to repeat as Super Bowl champs.  How can the Cubs and Sox beat that?  

NW Indiana is also in the heart of college football country.  Notre Dame is 90 minutes away and has a huge following.  They look to improve on last year’s bowl season with a majority of the starters coming back.  The Big10 (5 of the schools are within a 4 hour drive of NW Indiana) appears to be wide open this season.  Michigan State looks to be an early favorite but after MSU, Ohio State and Penn State the conference is wide open.  Indiana, Illinois and Northwestern all have a legitimate shot at 6 or 7 wins and a bowl game.  Purdue has a difficult schedule and is re-building but West Lafayette is always a fun place to see a game.   

Now I admit the Big 10 is in no way the SEC or Big 12 but the games are usually very competitive regardless of national record.  And, for all of you SEC, BIG 12 and PAC 10 fans/alums there is a place for you in the Chicago area too.  Most of the bars on the cities North side all have collegiate affiliations and are great places to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

Purdue game – Durkins, Michigan game – Duffy’s, Michigan State game – Gin Mill, Illinois and Florida games – Joe’s on Weed, Kansas games – Kincades, UCLA games – Lion’s Head Pub, Nebraska games – Kirkwood…and the list goes on and on.  http://www.chibarproject.com/Features/College/ChicagoCollegeBars.html

While there are certainly plenty of watering hole options for your college football viewing, nothing beats a little road trip.  When the weather turns cooler and leaves change colors, tailgating at a college football game should be on your to-do list.  The smell of encased meats on the grill, playing catch with friends and knocking back a few cold ones is as American as this PED infested sport they call baseball.  Even if you didn’t attend any of the major programs in the area there are plenty of in-state and conference rivalries to keep your interest.  I encourage road trips to Madison, WI, Ann Arbor, MI and South Bend, IN.

Road trips and kick offs a side, baseball games are still fun, just not that important after All-Star break.  Neither team will be “out of the race” which will keep some interest but let’s not forget the WHY…because their divisions suck.  The reality is the Cubs and Sox are going nowhere fast.  Baseball holds no interest for many of us until October when good teams like the Yankess play the Red Sox in the ALCS and the Dodgers play the Phillies in the NLCS.

Fact is the minute Jay Cutler and the Bears take the field it’s over for our local baseballers.  When you hear the roar of the crowd during kick off at the Notre Dame v. Michigan State game or Wisconsin v. Michigan game, it’s over.  When you enter Joe’s on Weed or the Tilted Kilt and have to go to a small TV in the corner to watch your Cubs or Sox, it’s over.

So, don’t fight it.  Enjoy what’s left of your seasons.  It might still be fun to play hooky from work on a Wednesday afternoon and go to Wrigley or The Cell.  Nothing wrong with that.  But Chicago fans know once football season starts weekend baseball in Chi-Town only exists in the box scores we read in the paper or highlights we catch on ESPN. 

Cubs and Sox, enjoy what is left of your spotlight in Chicago area sports.  Like sands in the hour glass so are the days of the Cubs and Sox lives.

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Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day.  The weather in the Chicago area wasn’t so hot but that didn’t stop us from grilling, drinking and blowing things up. 

New posts coming soon.  All-star break is upon us and we are several weeks away from Summer pro football.  The fun part of the sports year is upon us.  Enjoy!


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MLB Mid-Season Predictions

Well we are about 58% of the way through the season and it has pretty much gone according to plan.  The Cubs are a little better than I thought they would be.  Tampa has shocked us all.  And Seattle, Detroit, Colorado and Cleveland have all been massive disappointments.

What’s in store for the second half?


Boston 95-67   Tampa 90-72   NY Yankees 87-75   Baltimore 80-82  Toronto 77-85


Minnesota 88-74   Chicago 86-76   Detroit 82-80   Kansas City 79-83   Cleveland 75-87


Anaheim 98-64   Oakland 85-77   Texas 83-79   Seattle 76-86


NY Mets 90-72   Philadelphia 87-75   Florida 84-78   Atlanta 80-82   Washington 70-92


Chicago 96-66   Milwaukee 91-71   St. Louis 87-75   Pittsburgh 79-83   Cincinnati 71-91


LA Dodgers 85-77   Arizona 83-79   San Fransisco 80-82   San Diego 77-85   Colorado 72-90



Anaheim over Tampa   Boston over Minnesota

Anaheim over Boston


Milwaukee over NY Mets   Chicago over LA Dodgers

Chicago over Milwaukee


I am almost hesitant to make this pick but the Cubs top 3 pitchers match up very well against the Angels top three pitchers.  It is going to come down to bullpen, defense and strength of lineup and in 2008 I would have to give it to the Chicago Cubs.  Now, it won’t come easy, after all it is the Cubs.  But I see them winning a very competitive 6 game series over the Angels with Ryan Dempster getting the World Series MVP.

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Great Sports, Great Holiday Weekend

I don’t know about you BPD faithful, but this weekend was filled with hot women, alcohol and enough TNT to blow up a small country.  Wow, what a weekend.  Kudos to Chicago, IL, Portage, IN and South Haven IN for the nice fireworks and parades.  Good times…good times.  Although I do have one complaint.  The MIX 101.9 FM was in charge of the music for the July 3rd fireworks in Chicago.  Now, anyone that has ever seen the July 3rd fireworks out over the lake will agree they are awesome.  Top 5 nationally!  At any rate, as I start listening to the music I begin to realize two very important things.  The first being the songs aren’t patriotic and the second being that half of the artists weren’t even American.  I couldn’t believe it.  Black Horse and a Cherry Tree?  WTF  Usually it is the 1812 Overture or a montage of rock/pop rock/country songs with a patriotic element.  Instead we are stuck listening to f*cking Coldplay. 

What is wrong with…Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix, American Woman by Lenny Kravitz, This is My Country, Pink Houses or R.O.C.K in the U.S.A by J.C. Mellencamp, America the Beautiful by Ray Charles, American Soldier by Toby Keith, American Pie by John MacClean, Proud to Be an American by Lee Greenwood, Living in America by James Brown, Ragged Ole’ Flag by Johnny Cash, Independence Day by Martina McBride or America by Neil Diamond. 

But, back to sports.  Great baseball weekend.  2 out of 3 from the Cardinals and 7 Cubs named to the NL all-star team.  7 Red Sox named as well.

I am not much of a tennis fan but did anyone catch the men’s final at Wimbledon?  Wow.  Pretty intense.

OK, server issues, have to run.

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BLAM – Jim Hendry should be ashamed of himself.  He helped spead the fire.  He let everyone believe Brian Roberts would be here and that Coco Crisp would be here.  Now sure he didn’t say that out right but his words and body language made it appear it was only days…minutes…seconds until those two were in Cubbie blue.  Now the team pretty much looks like it did last year.  Once again my World Series hopes have been dashed and it is only March.

billy c 

BLAM, BLAM – Billy Crystal got to play for the NY Yankees for an at-bat.  Now part of me thinks “How cool is that?!”  Another part of me thinks, “You tell funny jokes and act in some subpar movies and you get to wear the same uniform Babe, Lou and Joe did?”  Blah!  What is next?  Bill Murray with the Cubs, John Cusack with the White Sox or Ben Affleck with the Red Sox.  Oh, and Billy, you weren’t the first (or designated) Jew.  Ron Blomberg of the 1973 Yankees was.  You’re Welcome!


BLAM, BLAM, BLAM – Jose is at it again.  Now A Rod has been seen talking to his neighbors, cousins, hairdresser’s best friend who might know a drug dealer.  I mean, when does this stop.  Why can’t this be like a court of law?  None of this is admisible in a court of law.  It is all he said, she said at this point.  I am not an A Rod fan.  I think he is a great hitter, bad fielder and even worse teammate,  but that doesn’t make him a drug user.  He was an amazing hitter as far back as the Lou Piniella Seattle Mariners days.  That is long before Jose “I know longer have a penis” Canseco.  I love my Cubs and Red Sox and despise A Rod because he plays for the enemy but that is no reason to call him a cheater.  Well, unless you count that time in the playoffs when he slapped the ball out of the glove like a little bitch.  But that still doesn’t make him a user.  Chasing after A Rod instead of pursuing Barry Bonds is like going to Iraq instead of concentrating on getting bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Ooooops!  Did I say that out loud?  BLAM!!!!!!!!! 


BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM – And on a very up beat note, US Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard delighted a nation when she said women’s competitive swimming needed to be ‘more risque’.  Amanda, I agree 100%.  After years of watching women’s beach volleyball it is about time your sport caught up and shed the clothing.  You are now my favorite female athlete!  Well, until Sharapova starts playing tennis naked.  😉


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MLB Predictions 2008


National League


Mets 96-66          (Best in NL if all are healthy.  Santana = Cy Young?)                                 

*Phillies 91-71 (Will challenge Mets for a while.  They are the early Wildcard favorite.)

Braves 87-75 (An interesting mix of young and old.  Swan song for Glavine and Smoltz?)     

Nationals 76-86 (Good young talent.  An organization moving in the right direction.)

Marlins 60-102 (Very, very young.  Marlins are rebuilding.  Champions in 2011-12?)



Cubs 89-73 (They are a lead off hitter and #2 starter away from a pennant.  Good enough to win division.)

Brewers 82-80 (Brewers over-achieved a little last year and lost some pitching in the off-season.)

Astros 80-82 (They should score a lot of runs but the back end of the rotation is a question mark.)

Reds 77-85 (They will improve under Dusty but it will take a couple of years.  .500 is possible)

Cardinals 74-88 (This team is trying to stay relevant but they are mediocre in every facet of the game.)

Pirates 70-92 (As usual the Pirates bring up the rear.  Bay should have a new team by all-star break.)



Rockies 88-74 (Colorado will have to fight again to win the West.  Young powerful offense should do the trick.)

D’Backs 86-76 (Arizona is young and talented.  If they don’t pull through in 08′ they will in 09′.)

Dodgers 83-79 (LA has a nice mix of youth and experience.  Back end of the rotation is the weakness.)

Padres 80-82 (San Diego has a nice rotation and bullpen.  Offense will continue to be inconsistent.)

Giants 77-85 (Adding Rowand is a step in the right direction.  San Fran is rebuilding.)

American League



Red Sox 99-63 (Boston retained almost everyone.  Barring injury they should repeat.)                           

*Blue Jays 91-71          (Toronto finally leaps NY and challenges for a playoff spot.)

Yankees 86-76 (The rotation is one big question mark and Rivera begins to show signs of aging.)

Rays 76-86 (Tampa finally gets out of the basement.  Great young players are developing.)   

Orioles 71-91 (Baltimore is a mess.  They are starting over.  Roberts and Markakis probably get dealt.)



Tigers 96-66 (Toughest rotation in baseball.  They need to stay healthy.  Very tough 2-6.)

Indians 88-74 (Last years magic is gone.  Detroit is too tough but they should battle for the Wildcard.)

Twins 79-83 (Team under construction.  Nathan may find a new address come July.)

White Sox 74-88 (Team should be under construction.  Dye, Crede and Konerko may find new homes.)

Royals 72-90 (Team is constantly under construction.  No present.  No future.)



Angels 93-69 (Rotation/Line up are very tough but health of their aging stars is key to their success.)

Mariners 85-77 (Seattle is up and coming.  They are probably a year away from serious contention.)

Rangers 80-82 (Not sure what their plan is.  They probably deal Blaylock and Young.)

A’s 78-84 (Oakland is also under construction.  Great young staff already in place.)




Cubs 3 Phillies 2 (Cubs league best bullpen holds down Philly.  Every game decided by one or two runs.)

Mets 3 Rockies 1 (Santana 2 Rockies 0.  NY goes with 3 man rotation to shut down Colorado’s young hitters.)


Red Sox 3 Angels 2 (Anaheim always plays Boston tough.  Beckett/Papelbon shut out Angels in Game 5.)

Tigers 3 Blue Jays 2 (Toronto and Detroit go back and forth for 5 games.  Miggy wins it with 9th inning homer.


Mets 4 Cubs 2 (Mets blast off to 2-0 series lead and Cubs never recover.  Santana/Martinez continue dominance.)


Red Sox 4 Tigers 2 (Every game is close.  Okajima and Papelbon contine their late inning dominance.)    


Red Sox 4 Mets 2 (Santana/Beckett games are classic.  Papi, Lowell and Manny put up big series numbers.)


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