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2011 NCAA Football Predictions

1 – OKLAHOMA – College football fans should hear Jones to Broyles quite a bit this season.  The Sooners should be one of the nation’s top offenses.  You will also hear Broyles a lot on special teams.  The Lewis boys, Ronnell and Travis will lay the smack down on the other side of the ball.  This unit forced 32 turnovers last season and should do the same this year.

2 – OREGON – The Ducks will also have a powerful offense behind QB Darron Thomas and RB LaMichael James.  They will continue to be aggressive and we’ll see if Thomas can guide this team to a title this year.  The only potential weak spot could be offensive line as they lack top caliber talent and size.  The defense is solid, quick and very deep.  CB Cliff Harris might be the best defensive back in the country.

3 – SOUTH CAROLINA – Extremely talented RB Marcus Lattimore will lead the Cock offense into battle.  WR Alshon Jeffery is also a big play stud.  However, QB Stephen Garcia will be the key to the USC success story.  If he plays and stays out of Spurrier’s doghouse, the sky is the limit for this team.  They could put up a lot of points and if they do that they will certainly be in a BCS game.

4 – BOISE STATE – The top QB just may be Kellen Moore.  He is 38-2 as a starter and now he’ll have to face a tough schedule and the loss of receiving stars Young and Pettis.  The O-Line should help as they bring back stars Porter and Byrd.  Eight starters return to one of the best squads in the country.  There schedule should also help.  After an opener against Georgia, the toughest it gets for the Broncos is TCU and Air Force, both on the blue turf of BSU.

5 – ALABAMA – The Tide would have been one of my top 2 teams if it weren’t for uncertainty at the QB position.  McCarron could be OK but behind him is a redshirt freshman.  RB Ingram is in the NFL as well but RB Richardson should be able to equal his production from a year ago.  The strength is the Tide defense which returns 9 players to last years 3rd ranked squad.

6 – STANFORD – Andrew Luck will be an NFL QB.  He may end up being a very good one as well.  Andy has a very good O-Line but he’ll need a lot of luck as he has an average WR core and a slightly above average running game behind Stepfan Taylor.  The Cardinal defense is good but did sustain losses on the D-Line.  Their linebacker core, led by Shayne Skov, is amongst the best in the country.

7 – OKLAHOMA STATE – If this team were in just about any other conference we might be talking BCS championship game.  OSU has a very tough schedule.  However QB Brandon Weeden and WR Justin Blackmon should be dynamic.  RBs Joseph Randle and Hershel Sims should also be a pleasant surprise for this team.  The defense will be inexperienced but they are faster and more aggressive than last year’s defense.

8 – LSU – QB Jordan Jefferson is a huge key to this talented group.  If he stays out of trouble and sticks to the game plan they’ll play in a BCS game.  If not they’ll be playing in December.  WR Ruben Randle and TE DeAngelo Petersen will be Jordan’s top targets.  RB Spencer Ware should be a pleasant surprise.  The defense did lose the likes of Nevis and P.Petersen to the NFL but this young group is fast and talented.


9 – WISCONSIN – The Badgers have a dynamic backfield in Ball and White.  They will score a lot of touchdowns and control the clock.  The defensive front 7 will be slightly inexperienced but their defensive backfield should be one of the best in the country.  LB Chris Borland, if healthy, should be one of the best backers in the conference.

10 – NOTRE DAME – It looks as if this offense belongs to QB Dayne Crist, for now.  Future star Tommy Rees is waiting in the wings.  No matter who throws the target will be future NFLer Michael Floyd.  TE Tyler Eifert should also have a huge year in this aggressive offense.  The running game is fair behind Wood and Gray.  LB Manti T’eo and S Harrison Smith lead the very talented Irish D that held teams to only 9.8 ppg in the last 4 games of last season.

11 – FLORIDA STATE – Losing QB Christian Ponder to the NFL was tough and the Seminoles ACC and BCS hopes rest on the arm of E.J. Manuel.  RB Chris Thompson will lead a talented 3-back group and WRs Reed, Haulstead and Smith are big play receivers all the way.  The FSU defense led by Mark Stoops and LBs Bradham and Smith could be one of the best in the country.

12 – NEBRASKA – The Huskers will have the best defense in their new conference.  The D has All-American hopefuls in Crick, David and Dennard.  The Huskers were 9th in the country last season have promised to air it out under new coordinator Tim Beck.  The only problem is QB Taylor Martinez might not be the guy to get it done.

13 – TCU – As usual the Frogs have a very talented team but might be just outside the Top 10 and BCS consideration.  They have 6 kids returning to a very talented defense, however they lost star QB Andy Dalton on the other side of the ball.  They will rely heavily on RBs Ed Wesley and Matt Tucker.

14 – MICHIGAN STATE – The Spartans should be right behind the Badgers and Huskers.  The offense should be very effective under the vastly underrated QB Kirk Cousins.  RB Edwin Baker and WR EJ Cunningham should be the primary playmakers of this group.

15 – FLORIDA – The Gators could go far with QB Brantley in the Weis offensive system.  However they have a difficult schedule, have to replace 7 players on defense and several players on the offensive line.  They will lose a few but we will certainly see what new head coach Will Muschamp is made of.

16 – VIRGINIA TECH – This is one of the tougher teams to figure out.  Coach Beamer just got a well-deserved extension but one of his better QBs in Tyrod Taylor is no longer there.  They will have to depend on RB David Wilson and WRs Boykin and Coale for production.  The defense is always good at VT and this should be a good group again led by LB Bruce Taylor.

17 – TEXAS A&M – The Aggies should be one of the better teams this season in the state of Texas.  The offense should be very efficient behind signal caller Ryan Tannehill.  RB Cyrus Gray could be one of the more underrated runners in the country.  The defense could ultimately be the reason this experienced team falters as they lost a couple of big play defenders, namely Von Miller.

18 – ARKANSAS – They have the talent to be a Top 10 team but lost an excellent college QB in Ryan Mallett.  QB Tyler Wilson is capable but nowhere near as talented.  In addition they had some significant losses on the offensive line.  RB Knile Davis bullying his way in-between tackles should be what keeps this Razorback offense moving.  The Arky defense is adequate and should keep them in ballgames.

19 – USC – The Trojans are in the BPD Top 20 by the hair of their chins.  QB Matt Barkley should have a very good season and connect with WR Robert Woods often.  The team has talent on the defensive side of the ball but they lack depth and did give up big points at the end of last season.  In addition they aren’t playing for anything for the second year in a row.

20 – ARIZONA – The Cats are going to be a very fun team to watch.  QB Nick Foles might put up Playstation type numbers this season against the weak Pac-12 defenses.  Benefitting from Foles skills will be WRs Criner and Buckner.  On the other side of the ball they’ve had some significant losses in the off-season.  They should do just well enough for this team to get to a decent bowl game.

21 – WEST VIRGINIA – QB Geno Smith is going to be very exciting to watch on this very fast and talented offensive unit.   Tavon Austin and Vernard Roberts are the two guys that will also make this offense go.  The defense is also very solid.  DE Bruce Irvin should be a thorn in the side of most of the Big East QBs.  The only problem with the D is they are a bit undersized.  Power backs should thrive against this unit.

22 – TEXAS – Talent is no the issue on this Longhorn team looking to regain some respect in the state of Texas.  New D-Coordinator Diaz should help make this unit more aggressive.  DE Sam Acho and LB Keenan Robinson could be the best at their position in the country.  The offense looks to be the biggest issue and the position of biggest concern is QB.

23 – IOWA – There are only nine players returning to this squad.  RB Marcus Coker looks to be the stud on this offense.  WR Marvin McNutt should also help stretch the defenses and make big plays.  QB James Vandenberg has very little game experience but has sat behind Stanzi and the hope is that some of Stanzi has rubbed off on him.  The defense is a solid unit whose strongest component is the defensive backfield.  DBs Prater and Hyde are outstanding.

24 – MISSISSIPPI STATE – The Bulldogs make the Top 25 yet again.  QB Chris Relf won’t burn up the record books but he doesn’t make many mistakes.  RB Vick Ballard will move this offense and score, a lot.  A talent defense returns 7 starters but must break in all new linebackers.  A very tough schedule of Auburn and LSU over a 5 days stretch, at Georgia and Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss to finish out the season mean this team has to have a lot of things go right to win more than 7 games.

25 – SOUTH FLORIDA – The Bulls should battle WVU for the Big East crown.  QB B.J. Daniels isn’t very consistent but he makes big plays.  RB Demetris Murray isn’t great but is a workhorse and will get the job done.  But the Bulls won’t win this conference on the offensive side of the ball.  A very quick and talented group will be what makes or breaks this team.  LB Sam Arrington, DeDe Lattimore and DE Ryan Giddins will make life difficult for Big East foes.  This group should force a lot of turnovers.

26-40 (Maryland, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, NC State, BYU, Air Force, Clemson, Tennessee, UNC, Penn State, Arizona State, Auburn, Baylor, Washington)

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Football Musings

We are a few weeks into college and pro football and I have a lot on my mind.  I suppose I could have been more proactive and written several blog posts over the past few weeks but I’ve been slacking.  So, I thought it would be best to spit out my random thoughts over these past two plus weeks with some bullet points.

* Randy Moss needs to shut the f**k up.  Whining about wanting a new deal, respect, getting the ball more, etc.  SHUT UP!  You have a deal and you are getting paid.  Keep your mouth shut and do your job.

* I am a Bears fan.  I sat in the end zone of the home opener.  I thought Calvin Johnson caught the touchdown at the end.  According to the very confusing and difficult to interpret control rule he did not.  I’ll take the very ugly win as a Bears fan but the NFL needs to get rid of that stupid rule.  It should be 2 feet OR 1 leg with control equals TD.  It is so plain and simple even a ref can’t mess it up.  LOL

* Just a reminder, the Chicago Bears lost a game in Detroit a few years earlier in similar fashion.  Berrian caught the ball for a TD late in a game in Detroit and the refs reversed it.  All I can say is pay back is a bitch.

* Holy Sh*t!  Boise beat Virginia Tech in the opener.  Great game and a great comeback.  Boise must be for real.

* Double Holy Sh*t!  James Madison beat Virginia Tech too.  Now we really aren’t sure how good Boise is.  Damn!

* By the way Boise, the blue field has got to go.  Every time I see a home game of yours I start f**king around with my contrast and tint.

* Bears looked so bad in a win over Detroit, then they go to Dallas and look so good.  Not sure how good or bad these Chicago Bears are.  They kind of have that Boise feeling to them.  Maybe we’ll find out how good they are next week against undefeated Green Bay.

* Hopefully Green Bay doesn’t have to play James Madison the following week.

* Impressive so far…South Carolina, Nebraska and Arizona

* A bit disappointing…Iowa, Oregon State and Notre Dame

* Is it just me or are there going to be several division lead changes in the AFC East?  Miami has the upper hand but New England and New York will be lurking.

* I am not quite sure if I like Head Coach Mike Singletary’s style or if he has one foot in the loony bin.

* Speaking of head coaches holy heart attack batman.  I wish MSU’s Head Coach Mark Dantonio a speedy recovery.

* Denard Robinson is absolutely ridiculous.  He single handedly beat Notre Dame so U Mass decides they are going to attack him.  Great!  They hold him to ONLY 100 yards on the ground instead of his usual 250.  OK, he’ll throw for over 200 yards too.  Unreal.  I am not a Wolverine fan but this kid is amazing.

* The Houston Texans are for real.  Schaub is a stud QB with weapons all over the field.  If they stay healthy they could be looking at 11 to 12 wins.

* The Minnesota Vikings are not for real.  They look sloppy and they have no offense what so ever.  Their old, veteran QB is finally starting to look and perhaps feel his age.  Time to retire for good and run for Governor of Mississippi Mr. Favre.

* Was so uninterested in the battle of the brothers (Eli v. Peyton) for one main reason…NBC was going to mention it 500 times during the telecast.  Instead I kept track of the score online and watched Boardwalk Empire instead.  Great show!

* Pleasant surprise?  Hail to the Redskins!  Despite the loss to the Texans the Redskins are back.  Shanhan, McNabb and gang have themselves an entertaining team.  If Dallas continues to trend down and Philly can’t decide on a QB, the Skins should be able to stay in the Division race.

* Disappointing?  It would have to be the Cowboys.  Everyone had the Cowboys 2-0 after the first two games.  However Chicago and Washington took it to them.  While they weren’t blown out in either game they didn’t exactly inspire confidence either.  This is not a team ready to win a Superbowl and with the mighty Texans up next Coach Wade could be out the door.


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BPD’s College Football 2010 Top 25

1 – OHIO STATE – Pryor, Nine starters return to this talented offense.  Defense isn’t great but is probably good enough to win the Big 10.

2 – ALABAMA – Same recipe as last year.  Run, run, run with Ingram and an aggressive defense.

3 – TEXAS – Losses to NFL keep this group just out of National Title reach.  Look for a more balanced attack on offense.

4 – BOISE STATE  – They have the talent to get to the big game.  A tough opening game at Virginia Tech will keep this team on the outside looking in.

5 – IOWA – The Hawkeye offense is good but lacks experience on the line.  The receivers are excellent and the defense should be Top 10.

6 – VIRGINIA TECH – For once the VT offense and not the defense will dictate just how far this team will go.  Tyrod for Heismann?  Maybe.

7 – OREGON – The Ducks have the talent to compete for a National Title.  Off-season issues with the law could mean trouble for this team.

8 – TCU – A light schedule keeps this team out of the Top 5.  Both the Horned Frog offense and defense should be in the Top 10.

9 – NEBRASKA – The Huskers won 10 games last season without an offense.  Well, now they have one and another killer defense.

10 – FLORIDA – That Gators move on without Tebow but Brantley might actually be a better passer.  The Gator game plans may change but the talent is still there.

11- WISCONSIN – The Badgers have a powerful offense led by John Clay and a good defense.  Hopes for a title hinge on mid-October wins against OSU and at Iowa.

12- OKLAHOMA – Keys for Sooner success are the development of QB Landry Jones and overall health.  Tough non-con and con schedule doesn’t help.

13 – UTAH – While the Utes defense should be tough again the inconsistent offense should keep this team outside of the Top 10.

14 – AUBURN – This is a team rise.  The Tigers have a great offensive line and should do a better job moving the ball.  Look for an aggressive Tiger D in 2010.

15 – PENN STATE – A great trio of runners led by Evan Royster should make State very tough to stop.  The defense lacks experience and will make mistakes.

16 – NORTH CAROLINA – The Tar Heel defense could be one of the best in the country.  If they get some consistency out of QB Yates, watch out.

17 – ARKANSAS – Mallett and Co. should score a lot of points this season.  The team struggled defensively in 09 but the team speed and depth have improved.

18 – MIAMI (FL) – 8 guys return to this very talented defense.  They have some consistency issues at QB and a tough non-con schedule.

19 – HOUSTON – The Cougars, behind QB Case Keenum will be one of the highest scoring offenses in the US.  Problem?  They still can’t stop the run.

20 – GEORGIA TECH – The Tech spread offense will be great again under QB Josh Nesbitt.  The real plus was adding Def. Coord. Al Groh in the off-season.

21 – WEST VIRGINIA – This team should have a good offense if it can control the football better and the defense should be solid.   Overall, down year for the East.

22 – LSU – The Tigers could be better than #22 if the offensive line improves.  The defense is good but needs consistency.

23 – GEORGIA – Hold on to the football is the Bulldogs key to success.  WR A.J. Green should be fun to watch.  New pro-style Def. Coordinator is a welcome change.

24 – USC – The Kiffen regime begins in Southern California.  The offense is led by hot and cold Matt Barkley but look for them to run a lot more.  Defense looks to be solid.

25 – FLORIDA STATE – Get ready for the Chris Ponder show.  The FSU offense will put up its best numbers in years.  The defense is rebuilding under Mark Stoops.


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College Football 40

We are only weeks away from the beginning of college football.  There is much excitement and anticipation for this season.  Teams like Nebraska, Utah and Colorado will play in their respective divisions for the last time.  Schools like TCU and Boise State have a realistic shot at a national title.  Storied teams like Tennessee, Notre Dame, Florida State and USC are under new leadership.

After looking at the schedule I’ve determined there are at least 40 ‘can’t miss’ games this season.  If you are a college football fan like I am don’t miss these games.  Here they are!

Monday, September 6th

Boise State at Virginia Tech

Saturday, September 18th

Florida at Tennessee

Thursday, September 23rd

Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh

Saturday, September 25th

Alabama at Arkansas

UCLA at Texas

Saturday, October 2nd

Texas at Oklahoma

Miami (FL) at Clemson

Stanford at Oregon

Saturday, October 9th

LSU at Florida

Florida State at Miami (FL)

Alabama at South Carolina

USC at Stanford

Saturday, October 16th

Texas at Nebraska


Ohio State at Wisconsin

Saturday, October 23rd

Washington at Arizona

Wisconsin at Iowa

Saturday, October 30th

Florida at Georgia

Stanford at Washington

Oregon at USC

Thursday, November 4th

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

Saturday, November 6th

Alabama at LSU

Washington at Oregon

Arizona at Stanford

Saturday, November 13th

Penn State at Ohio State

Miami (FL) at Georgia Tech

Utah at Notre Dame

USC at Arizona

Saturday, November 20th

Stanford at California

Ohio State at Iowa

Friday, November 26th

Arizona at Oregon

BYU at Utah

Florida at Florida State

Notre Dame at USC

Saturday, November 27th

Georgia Tech at Georgia

Michigan at Ohio State

Thursday, December 2nd

Arizona State at Arizona

Saturday, December 4th


Oregon at Oregon State

Saturday, December 11th

Army at Navy

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College Football Hotties – FINAL VOLUME of 2009

The college football season is coming to a close (tear) but at least we have bowl season.  It was certainly an interesting and exciting season.  You’ve gotta love that Cincy v. Florida match up in the Sugar Bowl.  There should be a few points scored there.  Boise v. TCU in a battle of unbeaten teams should be good as well.  But, this isn’t my Bowl Preview (coming next week) this is about the college hotties that love our favorite sport.  ENJOY!

What does this ND hottie have to be so happy about?  ND isn’t going to a bowl game.  Oh yeah, Weis is gone!  That would be reason to be happy.  I hope they have Coach Kelly’s parking spot ready for him.

You can’t have a final volume of a college hotties blog post and not include some girls from ASU.

BSU’s football field turf might be ugly but that is the only thing ugly at the games.  The BSU cheer team is hot, hot, hot.

These Delta Gams from Florida are lookin’ a lot better than the Gators did against Alabama.

Texas got lucky last weekend but that was enough to get them into the big game against the Crimson Tide.  Maybe she was distracting McCoy as he rolled towards the sidelines.

Speaking of the Crimson Tide…wow!


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Ball State Smart, Not Scared

Ball St Navy Football

Ball State has had a tremendous run in 2008.  The only thing that hurt them was the schedule.  But that isn’t Ball State’s fault.  Most of the teams from the MAC, Sunbelt, Mountain West and WAC are victims to the BCS strength of schedule penalty.  Simply put they usually don’t play the Florida, Oklahoma and Texas teams of the world.  If they get any team from a major conference it is usually mid to lower tier team.  In Ball State’s case it was Indiana and Navy.  But they are not alone.  Boise beat a #17 Oregon team on the road but the rest of their schedule is littered with 7-5 and lesser teams.  The bottomline is whether they play unranked teams or teams in the Top 25, they are undefeated.  Ball State has a chance to play on New Year’s Day and that is great.


However, Yahoo! writer Jason King questions their backbone.  He says they are scared to face undefeated, mid-sized Boise State in the Humanitarian Bowl.  Really Jason?  You really think so?  Jason thinks that Ball State excepting another bowl game, like the Motor City Bowl against a major program with only 6 or 7 wins would be embarrassing.  Really?

Jason, Ball State still has hopes for a New Year’s Day game.  They want to wait for all of the offers to go out and then make an intelligent decision.  Ball State has a great QB and runner and would like nothing more than to showcase them on National TV on or around New Year’s Day.  It is a bigger pay day and tremendous exposure for the school.  If they win or even keep it close it is a bonus for that program.  What does the Humanitarian Bowl offer?  It is a low-rated bowl game that offers nothing than a home game for Boise and an obnoxious blue field.  

If I were Coach Hoke I would rather face a Michigan State, Nebraska, Florida State or Georgia Tech on New Year’s Day.  Heck, even a New Year’s Eve game would be better.

So Jason, while a John Wayne, gunslinger type might relish the opportunity of riding into Idaho and taking on the other mid-sized undefeated team it really makes no sense for Ball State.  Jason says Ball State instead will take on NC State or ND in the Motor City Bowl?  Sounds nice but the Motor City Bowl is MAC v. Big 10.  If they went there they would match up against Iowa or Northwestern on the only bowl game on TV after XMAS.  That isn’t even a bad call. 

The Ball State athletic dept. and the head coach are using their heads to make the best decision for the program.  A better decision?  Well their is the Motor City game listed above.  And yes, in this economy a good fit because thousands of fans can make the trip up.  Good for Ball State and good for the terrible Detroit economy.  Also good for partying before and after.  I am not sure how much trouble you can get into in Nowhere, Idaho, but Windsor is just over the Ambassador Bridge. 

Not sold on the Motor City Bowl?  How about the International Bowl v. Cincinnati?  That could be a great game between two great midwest programs.  However, they still have a BCS bid in their sites.  If Boise opts for the Humanitarian Bowl that makes Ball State the 11th team for 10 BCS spots.  All they need is for one of the teams above them to stumble badly in their remaining games.  Florida could stumble v. Alabama and Oklahoma could lose to Missouri.  This would really shake things up and possibly propell Ball State into a major game.  At that point officials will need to decide if they want a 2 loss Ohio State or TCU team over Cinderella Ball State.  Cinderella’s often sell better and ratings are what it is all about.

In my opinion that is what Ball State is waiting for.  They will make a desicion after the games this weekend.  So Jason, they aren’t afraid of the mighty Boise State Ponies and their blue carpet.  They want a BCS game against a big team.

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