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Favre in Purple?


This is the image we are going to see in a couple of weeks.  This was the plan the whole time.  He has a hatred for the organization he used to call his home.  He is a tremendous competitor who can’t walk away from the game.  It is the reason Minnesota has only back up QBs on its roster. 

Why else would Favre ask for his release instead of just sitting on New York’s reserve/retired list?  Brett wants options just in case that itch returns.  Which, according to Pioneer Press, has already happened because he has hired a professional trainer. 

Let’s face it, Brad Childress wants him and who can blame him.  His team is a good QB away from competing for an NFC crown.  Favre may not be great anymore but he still certainly qualifies as good.

Green Bay had concerns about Favre breaking down late in the season which was one of the reasons they committed to Aaron Rodgers.  The NY Jets did experience that breakdown.  What the media and team didn’t elaborate on was that Favre played the last few weeks with a torn biceps tendon.  I don’t care who you are, that injury will effect how you throw a football.


That season is over.  It is May 2009 and NFL teams are preparing for the new season.  With that we are certain of a few things.  Favre is a free agent.  Favre is healed.  Favre is rested.  Favre didn’t go out the way he wanted to.  Favre wants to go out beating the Packers and getting to a Superbowl.  Minnesota is the perfect location for him to accomplish that goal.


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Pro Football News and Notes

– WR Mike Furrey was release from the Lions two days ago.  Hmmmm?  He has over 1,000 yards rec two years ago and now he gets cut from an 0-16 team.  That is a mystery to me.  Teams looking for a 3rd (slot) type WR give Mike a call.

– Pacman Jones is finished as a Dallas Cowboy and may have run out of options in the NFL.  Sorry Pac, if you are too “thug” for the Cowboys than you are done.

– Rumor mill says T.O. might be SOL in Dallas.  They are considering giving him his out right release but a deal to the Oakland Raiders for a mid-round pick might be in the works.

– Brett Favre is gone…again.  Brett officially retired from the NY Jets.  A bit of advice to the future HOF, stay gone.  Your fans choose to remember your high flying Superbowl years.  I am sure you will be an awesome high school coach in southern Mississippi.

– Apparently Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger played the Superbowl with two broken ribs.  What does this mean?  He is one bad MF with a ring.

– The Bucs re-signed QB Luke McCown and are apparently cutting ties with Jeff Garcia.  This means two things.  First it means Jeff will now under perform for  some other teams offense in 2009.  Finally it means the Bucs are indeed starting over.

– Currently the NFL is not in a steroid crisis unlike MLB.  A-Roid CHEATER…Tej-hoppedup…CHEATER.

– The NFL College Combine is rapidly approaching and the NFL Network is planning on giving us a behind the scenes look at combine week.  Interesting but I am guessing the interest will wane after about 10 or 15 minutes.  Free Agency and the NFL Draft are much more interesting.

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2008 NFL Regular Season Comes to a Close

The 2008 NFL Regular Season has come to a close.  So, for better or worse, what do we know?

We know…

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan is for real.

Winning a crappy division like the NFC West doesn’t mean you are a good team.

Starting out the Regular Season 8-3 and missing the playoffs means the coach needs to start sending out resumes.

Failing to clinch your division 4 weeks in a row and losing it on the last Sunday to an 8-8 team means the coach should be out of a job.

Losing your final game of the season to the Houston Texans means you shouldn’t be in the playoffs any way.

Finishing 0-16 means you are the worst team in the modern era of football.  An era that includes the Steelers and Broncos of the 1960s, Saints and Bucs of the 70s and Packers and Cards of the 1980s. 

The wildcat offense is the coolest damn thing to hit the NFL since the 46 defense.

The Chicago Bears would have finished 6-10 or worse without Matt Forte running and catching the ball.

We know that the NY Giants are going to walk through a weak field of NFL contenders to reach the Superbowl for the second straight year.

We know Indianapolis is going to upset the Titans and Steelers to reach the Superbowl.  You know the networks want the battle of the brothers…c’mon.

A high powered passing game with a weak run attack and mediocre defense gets you nowhere.  How many rings do Brees, Marino, Moon and Fouts have combined.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s less than one.  

You were retired and then came out of retirement to play only to finish the season gimpy and interception ridden, it means you probably should have stayed retired.


Your original team that spurned you in favor of an injury prone, dismal 4th qt QB rating punk had changed their mind and wanted you instead.  See what Favre had to go through.  😉

Michael Turner is better than LT.

Dallas gets what they deserve for bringing cancers like T.O. and Pacman in the fold.

Tony Gonzalez may go down as the best tight end to ever play the game.

Packers management was wrong.

Tavaris Jackson is a great kid and you can’t help but root for him.

The top college players of 2008 are telling their agents, “WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP ME OUT OF DETROIT!” 

Football is still a 10-yard game.

Tennessee and NY Giants got to the best records in the NFL with power running and tough defense.

We know the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL are…

#15 San Francisco 49ers


#14 Seattle Seahawks


#13 Indianapolis Colts


#12 Houston Texans


#11 Arizona Cardinals


#10 Denver Broncos


#9 Oakland Raiders


#8 KC Cheifs


#7 San Diego Chargers


#6 Carolina Panthers 


#5 Washington Redskins


#4 Dallas Cowboys


#3 Philadelphia Eagles


#2 Miami Dolphins


#1 Tampa Bay Bucs  



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Wild and Wacky NFL Season

The NFL season is drawing to a close and it has been very odd.  I would even say wild and wacky.

Who predicts Tom Brady missing the season, Chad Pennington finding a new lease on life in South Florida or the Seahawks and Browns taking a complete dump?  It has been extremely bizarre.  The Lions?  Ok, we all knew they sucked but 0-15?  How about veterans like Derek Anderson, Marc Bulger and Carson Palmer going from very good to suck in the matter of a season?   Brett a Jet and pushing for the playoffs while Aaron Rodgers has begun planning tee times.  Very strange.

A veteran running back like Edgerrin James is stuck behind 3 yards per carry Timmy Hightower.  A young stud like Darren McFadden can’t break 500 yards rushing for the season.  Willis McGahee, Willie Parker, Fred Taylor, Julius Jones, Reggie Bush, Brian Westbrook and Jamal Lewis won’t break 1,000 yards rushing this season either.  Matt Forte, Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson and Michael “The Burner” Turner have already broken 1,000 yards on the ground this season.  Anyone surprised that Turner has out-rushed LT this season?

The Giants are the #1 seed in the NFC and I think that is probably the only thing that has happened that hasn’t surprised anyone.  How they’ve done it might be a bit of a surprise.  Manning hasn’t set the record books on fire and Plaxico is a criminal with a hole in his leg.  They are doing it with a bad ass, two headed ground attack of Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward.  Hmmm?  I recall some fans earlier in the season saying that a tough D and ground game were the old fashioned way to win and that you had to have an all-out aerial assault to win in the modern NFL.  Well, I’m not going to call out these fans but I am pretty sure Drew Brees will be watching teams like New York and Tennessee from the comfort of his home.   Oooops.

The playoffs really are going to be bizarre though.  If New England squeaks in it will be without Brady and if they don’t it will be Miami or the NY Jets going to the post-season?  How about the very mediocre Bears making a late charge to the post-season?  And how about the Denver Broncos collapse and a 7-8 Charger team still in the hunt?  Really, is it just me or is the NFL more vanilla than ever?

Could we really stomach a Kyle Orton led Bears team playing the Dolphins in the Super Bowl?  Bears v. Dolphins in 1985 OK!  Today, not so much.  How about Atlanta v. San Diego?  Yuck!!!  

Here is hoping the NY Giants and Tennessee Titans, their respective conferences best teams all season, make it to the big game.  Both teams deserve it and will once again re-affirm my belief that great teams are still built around a power run game and aggressive, speedy defense. 

In closing, the reason we shouldn’t feel too bad for Tom Brady.




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There were a lot of interesting results this week.  Some of them were shocking and some just down right ridiculous.

1. The Denver v. San Diego game was outstanding.  Denver just blew out San Diego in the 1st Half with Brandon Marshall having a huge game in his return.  Then San Diego had a monster comeback in the 2nd Half led by Philip Rivers.  Cutler threw a terrible interception in the San Diego red zone that led to San Diego grabbing the lead.  Denver marched right back down near the San Diego end zone when FUMBLE!  It appears Denver loses the game but a whistle says Denver gets the ball back.  Wow!  I am a Broncos fan and I didn’t even agree with that one.  Ed HOCK-A-LOOGEE really blew that one.  However, Denver still had to score and not only did they score on a sweet drag route by Eddie Royal but they decide to go for two points and the win at home.  Denver lined up and ran the same play to Royal with the same result.  TD and a win for Denver.  But, take nothing away from San Diego who played well enough to win…again.  They are probably the best team to ever start 0-2.



Well the old man couldn’t get it done against the team his Jets need to beat.  However I don’t want to put it all on Brett.  The Jets had plenty of opportunities to capitalize on New England errors.  The only problem was there weren’t to many errors to capitalize on as Matt “Sand” Cassel effectively managed the offense and controlled the clock.  The Patriot defense also took the big play away from Favre and company.  Can Favre and Co. regroup next week?

3. The Chicago Bears are a good team.  They are a playoff caliber team.  They are a team that can win 9 or 10 games.  However, you can’t go on the road against a good team, turn over the football and make stupid mistakes and expect to win.  That just doesn’t happen.  They had the game in control into the 3rd quarter when the wheels came off.  The play calling was terrible.  Seriously, if I have to see that quick pass to the reciever for a whole 2 yards again I am going to scream.  And to lose like that against a jackass like Delhomme!  That just sucks.  Bears!  Step it up.


Is he for real or not?  It may be to early to tell but he sure did look awesome on Sunday.  He ran well inside-out which is a really good sign for a young running back.  Especially when your offensive line is that of the Oakland Raiders and the QB is the young and erratic Jamarcus Russell.  Kudos to DMac.


Dallas and Philly…a rivalry renewed.  Boy, what a great football game.  I was hoping for a Romo-McNabb battle and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The bomb to T.O. and the return by Felix were highlights in this game.  Who can forget the awesome hook up between McNabb and rookie WR DeSean Jackson and he puts it on the turf volunteerily but accidentally at the one yard line.  What a gaffe!  Then Dallas has it with just minutes left and Romo overthrows the ball into the flat and stops the clock.  I didn’t get that.  Now Philly has yet one more opportunity to take the game and fails on a 4th down trick play.  What a game!  Philly and Dallas (along with the NY G-men, Carolina and maybe Green Bay) are the class of the NFC.

6. The BABES of WEEK 2

I have never been jealous of an American Idol winner.  Never…ever!  Ok, now I am

The weather wasn’t the only thing HOT in Carolina Week 2.  Whew!

The Philly-Dallas game was so hot I didn’t even notice the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.  Ok, that’s a lie.

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are outstanding.  Oh, and they cheer well too.  🙂

“Oh my God!  Dude did you see that?  Cutler totally fumbled.”  Nope…sorry.  Missed it.

Bad News Packer Fans!  You lost your hot fan.

Of course Odin had to stand up and ruin the photo of the cute VIking girl.  “Hey, down in front!”

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Life After Tom

For the first time in a long time the NFL is Bradyless.  I’m not sure what I’ll do.  I might pace back and forth sucking my thumb.  Then again I might just kick and scream and throw stuff at the television.  No, actually I’ll sit in my favorite chair with a sandwich and beverage and watch the games as I do every Sunday.  New England will just have to deal and won’t it be fun watching them cope.  What would happen if a Brett Favre led Jets stormed to an AFC East title and played in the Superbowl.  Would Patriot fans join Packer fans on the ledge?  I am not sure but one man’s misfortune has made things awfully interesting in the AFC in 2008. 

Oh, and if you were thinking of sobbing and crying over Brady’s misfortune, think again.

Tom gets to spend more quality time with his girlfriend.  Lucky bastard.

Enjoy a fun weekend of football!!!

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The first week of games are just about in the books and I know it was one to talk about.

1 – Brett Favre in his return as a NY Jet.  It was a memorable a game as he led the Jets to a 20-13 victory over the rival Dolphins.  Now that he is no longer a Green Bay Packer I was actually able to sit and enjoy his game play.  The Jets should compete for a playoff spot in the AFC East.

2 – The Dolphins are still bad but they are a little better under their new leadership.  The defense I thought did a pretty good job containing the Jets running game.  I also thought Pennington did a decent job in his first game as a Dolphin.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have many targets.  Maybe he can just throw to his tight ends all season.  Oh, and is it just me or is Ted Ginn the biggest waste of NFL dollars you have ever seen?  Wait, dumb question!  The biggest waste ever was Cedric Benson.

3 –

“PATRIOTS FANS!  STEP AWAY FROM THE LEDGE.”  Yes Bostonians, it will be OK.  16-0 OK?  LOL  No, not that OK.  However, this team is deep in talent and will need to make some adjustments in their game.  Matt Cassell will be the Patriots Kyle Orton.  Look for him to average 180 to 200 yards per game and just manage the offense.  I look for Maroney to now have an increased roll in the offense.  10 or 11 wins are still possible but at this point you are facing an ass kicking at the hands of Pittsburgh come January.

4 – Well, well, well!  Look at what the Chicago Bears can do when they get away from the Cover-2 and execute a successful power run scheme.  Chicago looked like an NFC contender last night.  The combo of Forte and Jones look very tough, Orton was smart and error free, and the defense swarmed all over the field.  I know it is one game.  I know it is early.  However, the Bears were in a Superbowl just 2 years ago.  They do have the talent to get back to the playoffs and in this division they just might.

5 – McNabb is BACK!  The last few years have been tumultuous to say the least.  Granted he was only playing the Rams but McNabb was also playing without his #1 and #2 receivers.  His arm was strong and he made excellent decisions.  If his top receivers get healthy and the defense continues to play well the Cowboys and Giants will have their hands full in the NFC East.

6 – I understand name changes.  Bobby Moore became Minnesota WR Ahmad Rashad.  Basketball player Lew Alcinder became Kareem Abdul Jabaar.  Even goofy changes like Adam Jones to Pacman Jones were understandable and even acceptable.  However, when you put on a jersey and it has a number you don’t change your name to the jersey number.  “Hello, I’m Joe One Six, meet my friends Dan One Three and John Seven.”  Furthermore, you don’t make that change and then try it in a different language.  All NFL fans knew who Chad Johnson was and is?  Chad Ocho Cinco?  I mean how ridiculous does that sound.  It isn’t even right.  In Spanish 85 is Ochenta cinco.  I guess anything to sell a few more jerseys.

7 – HOTTIES for WEEK 1

This Redskins Cheerleader is possibly the hottest cheerleader EVER.

The Dolphins actually had something to cheer about?  YES!  Good becaue they have HOT cheerleaders.

Hot NFL Fans.  Love it.  And more surprisingly…a Hot Philly fan.  Spotting one of those is like spotting a comet or a Sasquatch. 

Last but not least are the beauties from San Diego.  Next to Miami they are probably my next favorite group of cheerleaders.  Why aren’t they cheering?  Well, you must not have seen the end of that game.


Minnesota Vikings 20 Green Bay 10 – Minnesota should be able to execute a nice run/pass balance tonight and control the clock.  I look for Green Bay to stay close for a while but I also look for Rodgers to make a couple of mistakes.  Boobirds?  Not yet but check back in Week 3.

Denver Broncos 28 Oakland 13 – Oakland is still a bad team.  Russell and McFadden (no it’s not a law firm) should make a couple of big plays tonight but they will also make mistakes.  I really like Cutler and I look for him to take another step toward the big time this season.  Denver should also have a nice balanced attack tonight and keep Oakland’s playmakers on the bench.

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