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Out Of Retirement

It’s been a while.  Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

Well, since I’ve last scribbled much has happened.

ND went to the College Football championship and got their ass kicked.  ND MLB T’eo was found to have a fake girlfriend so he got his ass kicked by the oh so righteous and ethical sports media.

The Cubs signed some free agents…zzzzzzzzzzz.  What was I saying?  I shouldn’t be so negative though.  If Nate Schierholtz doesn’t spell championship, I don’t know what does.

Lance Armstrong kind of, sort of admitting to doping and the world was NOT surprised.

And, finally, the Chicago Bears ended the not so offensive reign of one Lovie Smith.

The new coach IS….drum roll….Marc Trestman.  Silence.  Tumbleweed rolling across the floor.  Confused looks on the fans faces.

Actually the hire wasn’t all that bad.  Plenty of offensive experience in college and pro football.  Oh, and hey, he has head coaching experience up in Canada which has about as much credibility as a competitive rec league.  Seriously though, the guy is the QB guru.  And I mean THE QB guru.  I don’t know what it is but he has a knack for getting the most out of his thrower.  He also calls a good game and his offenses are ALWAYS at the top of any league.  This IS what the Bears need.

The remaining questions are…  Will Cutler buy into it?  I think so.  Will the aging, talented defense have one more good season under an offensive minded head coach?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Not sure if the guy from Jacksonville has the chops but we’ll all find out.  Will Emery open up the Bears tightly fastened coin purse and get several (meaning more than 2) offensive linemen on the free agent market?  That would surprise me but that is exactly what is needed to keep Cutler on his feet and throwing TDs.

Oh, and I don’t want fans demanding the Bears waste a 1st Round pick on lineman because we need one.  Stop it.  NFL teams almost always take the best guy on the board no matter what his position is.  Besides, drafting offensive linemen that are immediate contributors on an NFL offensive line is like finding a winning lottery ticket in the garbage.

Well, glad to be back writing.  I’m sure it will be an interesting off-season in the NFL.  There will be lots to talk about in the world of baseball.  The Bulls continue to do well without D. Rose or the Bench Mob.  The NHL is back in action and…well, so what.  I think the fans should boycott for the season.  Make Bettman sweat a little.

I might also start spewing about pro wrestling.  I have been a fan since, well, since I’ve watched TV.  I don’t watch with as much interest or passion as I did 20 years ago, but I still enjoy it.  It’s the male soap opera and plenty of us guys are hooked.  LOL

Oh, and in closing, plenty of fine BPD ladies of sports to come.  😉


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A Special Rose

Gertrude Stein said, “A rose is a rose is a rose.”  In the case of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, she couldn’t be more wrong.  This Rose isn’t any ordinary rose.  He isn’t your average Tea or Shrub Rose.  He certainly isn’t your Jalen variety Rose either.  This Rose is one of a kind and the fans of the Chicago Bulls should cherish this time because this Rose doesn’t bloom in your garden too often.

Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said that this kid is going to be an MVP multiple times and lead the Bulls to a “minimum” of 4 NBA championships.  Wow!  I first thought that was a pretty ballsy statement coming from the Eastern Conference which contains teams like Boston, Orlando, New York and Miami.  Then I thought I kind of liked hearing some confidence coming from upstairs.  We haven’t heard or seen this kind of brash talk since 1998.

It may be unfair to compare him to Michael Jordan, perhaps the greatest professional athlete of all time.  However, he is 22 years old and a favorite to become the youngest MVP in NBA history.  I just got goosebumps typing that.  Could it be the Bulls are that lucky?  Guys like Magic, Bird or Jordan come along once every half-century if you’re lucky.  Chicago just got their second superstar in under 20 years.  To think there was even a debate of whether to take Rose or Beasley just makes me giggle.  To think some Chicagoans were behind gutting this young group, possibly even throwing in Rose, to get a LeBron, Bosh and/or DWade makes me laugh even more.  Miami cries in the locker room and I laugh.

But there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Rose and the Bulls serious play and them seriously kicking the asses of some really good teams.  I think about all of the injuries the Bulls suffered this year with a first year, first time NBA head coach.  They didn’t cry about it.  Rose and Coach T stayed cool and Rose kept lighting it up night after night.  DRose has become the soft-spoken leader of the current #2 seed in the East.

So what is the top for this Rose?  3 or 4 titles?  A couple of MVP awards?  A dozen or more All-Star appearances?  I guess we will just have wait and see.  One thing we do know is that this fragrant Rose just came into bloom and should be around to give us many great memories for a long time to come.

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Finally the Daddy has come BACK to the Sports Rag!!!!

Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

I’ve been gone a long time in Blog years but it is good to be back.

Since I’ve been gone the Green Bay Packers have become World Champs.  Well that’s just great.  The big silver football is a town where the biggest building is a corn silo and the players look like they work for John Deere.  The fans all wear big pieces of foam cheese on their heads and the big G on the side of the helmet stands for GIVE ME A BREAK!  Hey Matthews!  Thor called and he wants his hair back.  Or was that Pamela Anderson?

The multi-millionaire dollar Miami Heat are off to a good start with King Douche and company but let’s count 1, 2 , 3…17 losses already.  Some return on investment.  The Bulls, Celtics and Knicks have all kicked their candy asses so far this year.  Sure, they’ll make up excuses like oh LeBron and D Wade missed some time.  Well, waaaaaah!  Cry me a river.  You think that’s it?  Do you really think that’s it?  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!  The Bulls have missed one of more of their big three all season and they are right on your asses.  The Knicks and Celtics have made themselves stronger as well.  So Miami sHeat, enjoy your time in the sun.  Relax, order some more mojitos and get ready for the beat down of your lives come play off time.

If you smellllllllalalalala what the Daddy is cookin’!

Oh, and yes, thank you Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for you return and inspiring me to write this.


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South Beach to be Lebronified

The sports world had to sit through weeks of “experts” spouting off their theories about King James.  Sports talk shows were drawn to it and so were the sheeple.  He’s going home!  He is going to Chicago!  He is going to New Jersey or New York or Miami.  And the reasons for their beliefs were, well, down right stupid.  We had to listen to Mariotti, Stephen A. Smith and some other hack sports journalists tell us why it would be one city and not another.  What started as an exciting free agent process with a lot of really good players like LeBron, Wade, Boozer, Bosh and Nowitzki turned into an avalanche of greed and self-importance.

LeBron announced he would meet these teams on his own terms and then have a one hour special announcing his decision.  Really?  All the great players of ALL TIME in every major sport and this guy needs a show.  I surprised LJ didn’t contact USA Network have Jeffery Donovan fired, King James would be the new lead and rename the show Lebron Notice.  No wonder the Cavs owner felt the way he did.

The Cavs are the home town team.  All heart strings are pulling Lebron back but it isn’t about home being where the heart is.  It certainly wasn’t about building a championship with a great young team like Chicago.  If that had been a priority than Chicago would have made the most sense.  Newly signed Carlos Boozer, Noah, Deng and super point guard Derrick Rose would have made for an excellent starting 5.  But, he wasn’t interested in a great sports city like Chicago.  Or maybe he just didn’t have the balls to come to the team that Michael Jordan built.

What was important was greed.  What was important was playing ball with his homies Bosh and DWade.  What was important were beaches, clubs, babes and no state income tax.  After the decision it just made the whole one hour announcement a contrived dramedy.  It wasn’t as hard of a decision as he played it.  It was about image and getting to hang out in South Beach with his “Rat Pack” for 5 years.

Will they win a championship?  It is possible if all three ball studs stay healthy and play 45 minutes a night for 82 games.  The Heat bench will be unimpressive overall and they won’t be able to make any moves during the trade deadlines.  It is the Three Amigos or BUST!   And, keeping this team under the cap will be an amazing feat of accounting skills worthy of a one hour special but I have a feeling the Heat won’t have enough left over to support the Boys and Girls Club.  Well, the team won’t but I bet Wade, Bosh and Lebron have a few extra shekels to spare.

King James is all yours South Beach.  Enjoy!  I don’t think you guys have a court big enough for those egos.

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Boozer to Bulls

The Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls having discussed a deal that would be headlined by Carlos Boozer and Kirk Hinrich, according to NBA front-office sources.

A deal featuring those main components would deliver the top of the line low-post scorer that the Bulls have been after since parting with Elton Brand.  The Bulls would also position themselves to have significant salary-cap space for the summer of 2010 to court Chicago native Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh in free agency, since Boozer is entering the final year of his contract.

The Bulls have one stellar piece in gaurd Derrick Rose.  Adding Boozer gives the Bulls a scoring threat in the front court.  So, while positioning themselves for a run at one or two big named free agents next year they have also set themselves up to make a playoff run in 2009-10.  A starting line up of Rose, Salmons, Deng, Boozer and Miller should be able to win 48 to 52 games in a weak Eastern Conference. 

Here’s hoping the Bulls have the Balls to pull it off.

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Basketball Babes

While I usually post the beautiful babes of college football, NFL Cheerleaders and baseball I do have lots of love for the babes o’ basketball. Here are a few. Enjoy!








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WTF Volume 1

I watched a really great basketball game last night between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. No, wait. I thought it was the Miami Heat. Yep, there is Dwayne Wade. EL HEAT. WTF is that. Look jack nuts, “The Heat” in Spanish is “el Calor”. If you are trying to appease your Latin basketball fans in South Florida it would help if you got it right.

WTF A-Roid. “I have a torn labrum but I am a man and I’ll play in the World Super Global Tournament of Baseball Teams for Interstellar Domination. Oooops, maybe not. I think I will skip that and rest my boo boos and concentrate on opening day with the NY Yankees. Oh SNAP, more bullshit. Tee Hee. I think I’ll just have the surgery after all and play for NY June 1st.” What a freakin’ tool!

Buffalo signs T.O. WTF Bills. You have a nice, young nucleus and you want to wreck that by signing cry baby, whack job, suicide attempt, cancer to all clubs Owens? I wouldn’t have predicted this signing in a million years. Let’s see how quickly he’ll start feuding with Marshawn and complaining to the press about his lack of touches.

DePaul defeats Cincy 67-57? WTF!!!! DePaul couldn’t beat off.

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