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NFL Championship Games

This Sunday the nation watches as two teams will advance to SUPERBOWL XLV.  In the AFC you have the steel-city bruisers versus the trash-talking boys from the Big Apple.  In the NFC you have the leagues oldest rivalry.  The opportunistic Bears versus the aggressive, high-scoring Pack.  Both games should be fantastic and fans of these four teams will be on the edge of their seats as both games should be close.


Chicago v. Green Bay

These two teams don’t like each other very much.  They respect each other, but don’t like each other.  The fans can’t stand one another.  The back and forth between fans through the media and online has reached new heights.  Who knows, there could be more action in the stands on Sunday than on the field.  To analyze this game really doesn’t go much further than Jay Cutler.  Bottomline, how he plays will dictate if Bears are prowling the streets of Dallas in two weeks.  As a Bear QB he is 1-3 versus the Pack with 9 interceptions.  That of course scares me big time but I won’t necessarily put that all on him because last years Bears were not very good.  Conversely, Jay Cutler is 22-0 as a QB when he concludes the game with a 100 QB rating or better.  That is a very telling statistic.

Green Bay will rush everyone at Jay all day long.  Jay will run, Jay will fall and Jay will not collect $200.  The best thing Jay can do under rough circumstances is not turn the ball over.  Mike Martz has to help Jay by running the ball and keeping the passes under 15 yards.  Quick looks in the slot and passes to the back out of the backfield will make any pressure Green Bay brings negligible.

On Green Bay’s side of the ball Aaron Rodgers will do well, he always does.  The Bear simply have to do what they did in Green Bay a few weeks ago which was stop the run and put pressure on Aaron without blitzing too much.  The Bears D is almost unbeatable if Peppers, Harris and Idonije are able to put pressure on the QB.  It allows Briggs and Urlacher to stay back and do what they do best which is filling the running lanes and taking away the intermediate passing attack.

There are two other intangibles worth noting.  If Hester and Manning get the ball on special teams the Bears should have great field position all day.  So, even if the Bears don’t score much, Punter Brad Maynard should keep Green Bay inside their own 20 most of the day.  If Green Bay has to play up hill all day they won’t win.  One other one worth mentioning is the matchup between Matthews and Webb.  LB Clay Matthews is Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus and Thor all rolled into one.  He makes a huge difference on that defense.  On the Bears side is very green rookie OT Webb.  He has shown steady improvement all year but he will be staring down the blitzes from Clay all day.  If he can contain him even a little that will help Chicago.  If he can’t than Chicago could be in trouble.

MY PICK – Chicago 17 Green Bay 13


New York v. Pittsburgh

This is going to be a great game.  Pittsburgh has been tough as nails since Big Ben’s return and the Jets have been like a boulder rolling downhill.  Both teams, on the surface, are very equal.  Both defenses are very tough, the QBs don’t make too many mistakes and the running games are very good.  Both teams are also well coached.

NY is facing a better running team than they did last week.  Rashard Mendenhall is vastly underrated.  He is very tough.  The one thing that the Steelers have going for them and this should come into play this weekend is the knack for the big play.  At almost guarantee at one point in this game when things are tight Big Ben is going to hook up for a big TD with Wallace, Sanders or Ward.  It will more than likely be a difference maker.

The Jet offense is good but has been inconsistent.  While Pittsburgh making big plays is almost a guarantee, I don’t feel the same way about the Jets.  I don’t think the offense can break open a game or come from behind late to win.  Their recipe for success is their defense holding the opposing team to under 20 points.  That is pretty much the bottom line.  I don’t want to knock Sanchez or the couple of weapons he has at wideout but that offense doesn’t scare me much.  I can see them moving the ball decently enough against Polamalu and the boys but I can’t see them making big plays and scoring too much.  LT could be a difference maker and open up the passing game but it isn’t likely against Pittsburgh.

Some intangibles worth mentioning might be the Jets pass rush.  They were able to disrupt any sort of passing attack from Tom Brady last week by keeping constant pressure on him.  That will be their plan against Ben as well.  The only difference is if they bring too many of their talented LBs on the rush it could open up for a big run or pass play.  Big Ben always played well under pressure.  The final intangible I can think of would be Pittsburgh’s depth and experience.  This is their fourth AFC championship in 7 years.  They have a great coach and an amazing system that works.  They can plug in and rotate guys all over the field and not lose too much.  They Jets are close but on the road against a team like Pittsburgh is going to be tough.

MY PICK – Pittsburgh 27 NY 16

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College Hotties Vol 1 – 2010

Well it is that time of year again!  NCAA football is in their 3rd week and the season shapes up to be a good one.  Something else that looks to be good is our crop of college cuties.  You can’t have a college football season without paying tribute to the hot fans and cheerleaders.  So, without further adieu, the college hotties of 2010.  Enjoy!

This coed looks a lot better than her team.  Her Illinois pillow certainly has the best view in the house.

Hey Wildcat!  You have a lot to be happy about, Kentucky is undefeated heading into a showdown with Florida.

K.State never looked so good!

So is football the only reason Nebraska has 306 consecutive sell outs?  Adorable Husker fans like her give us another reason to want to go.

3 Big 12 teams in a row?  Sorry, couldn’t pass up a hot group of Soonettes.

Many football fans fav cheer group are the USC song girls but I will put this hot group of Ducks up against them any day of the week.

THE Ohio State has some HOT girls.   🙂  Not sure too many other schools in the Big 10 can RIVAL their fans.

Did someone mention RIVAL?  She could stop ‘Shoelace’ in his tracks.

I am not sure if Boise is for real but I think TCU you is and this fan certainly is.

Last but certainly not least is this FSU hottie courtesy of Maxim.

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College Football 40

We are only weeks away from the beginning of college football.  There is much excitement and anticipation for this season.  Teams like Nebraska, Utah and Colorado will play in their respective divisions for the last time.  Schools like TCU and Boise State have a realistic shot at a national title.  Storied teams like Tennessee, Notre Dame, Florida State and USC are under new leadership.

After looking at the schedule I’ve determined there are at least 40 ‘can’t miss’ games this season.  If you are a college football fan like I am don’t miss these games.  Here they are!

Monday, September 6th

Boise State at Virginia Tech

Saturday, September 18th

Florida at Tennessee

Thursday, September 23rd

Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh

Saturday, September 25th

Alabama at Arkansas

UCLA at Texas

Saturday, October 2nd

Texas at Oklahoma

Miami (FL) at Clemson

Stanford at Oregon

Saturday, October 9th

LSU at Florida

Florida State at Miami (FL)

Alabama at South Carolina

USC at Stanford

Saturday, October 16th

Texas at Nebraska


Ohio State at Wisconsin

Saturday, October 23rd

Washington at Arizona

Wisconsin at Iowa

Saturday, October 30th

Florida at Georgia

Stanford at Washington

Oregon at USC

Thursday, November 4th

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

Saturday, November 6th

Alabama at LSU

Washington at Oregon

Arizona at Stanford

Saturday, November 13th

Penn State at Ohio State

Miami (FL) at Georgia Tech

Utah at Notre Dame

USC at Arizona

Saturday, November 20th

Stanford at California

Ohio State at Iowa

Friday, November 26th

Arizona at Oregon

BYU at Utah

Florida at Florida State

Notre Dame at USC

Saturday, November 27th

Georgia Tech at Georgia

Michigan at Ohio State

Thursday, December 2nd

Arizona State at Arizona

Saturday, December 4th


Oregon at Oregon State

Saturday, December 11th

Army at Navy

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Super Bowl or Bust?

It is time once again for one of the most hyped sporting events on the planet.  Superbowl XLIV takes place this Sunday at 6:30PM EST from soggy Miami, FL.  The game pits the favored Colts v. the underdog Saints.  Brees v. Manning.  Archie’s former team v. his son’s team.  Indianapolis v. West Lafayette.  Hoosiers v. Cajuns.  Who Dat v. Who Cares?

Now this game could go down as a classic with two gunslingers battling it out for 4 quarters.  However it could also be a 21 point victory for the Colts and be over by halftime.  And, speaking of halftime do we really have to endure 15 minutes of the Who?  Oh, wait, they really aren’t The Who.  Half of “The Who” are no longer amongst the living.  They couldn’t find U2 or Metallica?  Or perhaps some local Calypso bands with Latin dancers?  After all it is South Florida and The Who really don’t scream South Beach to me.  I could see it maybe if the game was played in Boca or Sarasota.  After all, they probably appeal to the over 65 crowd.

Perhaps you prefer ‘bust’.  Football isn’t for everyone and if your team is out of it and you don’t have party plans I am pretty sure you’ll find something else to do that day.  My wife might hit the movies with her friends.  Some folks are going to the mall.  I know one guy that is waiting until game time to run up to Home Depot and Menards.  Pretty smart.  I know a colleague that is going to invite people over and watch Superbowl XX (Chicago v. New England) from scratch.

Other ideas?  If you haven’t already thought of it you might want to check out Lingerie Bowl VII.


I am not sure which two teams will be facing off but does anyone really care?  It is all about hotties running around an Arena size field in their underwear.  Bravo!

If commercials are part of your reason for tuning in you may want to know the conservative Christian elements at CBS have nixed a lot of the more “entertaining” spots.  What a relief.  Let’s thank God for CBS.  If it wasn’t for CBS taking a moral high ground the world would have slipped into an immoral abyss right after the game.  Whew!  Glad we avoided that mess.  Now back to our regularly scheduled anti-abortion message with that really good QB that will never make it in the pros.

For those heathens like myself you can still find those commercial spots online and I encourage you guys to mute Timmy Tebags commercial when it comes on and watch one of the following.


If you thought, “Wow CBS kind of has their head up their collective asses”, than the following banned spot is for you.

I just find this amusing because they’re Packer and Viking’s fans.

Finally this link shows another Go Daddy ad and Dante’s Inferno spot.

In closing if you watch the SuperHype…I mean Bowl enjoy.  I hope it is that shoot out.  I hope it is 35-35 with one of the QBs driving his team down the field with under 2 minutes left.  I also hope most of the commercials are entertaining.  That always makes for fun party conversation.  I would love for that to be the case.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

For those of you finding “other and possibly better ” things to do, have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.   Enjoy work on Monday as well.  Most of us game watchers will be contracting a terrible cold Monday AM and will not be in.


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College Football Hotties 2009 – Vol 5

OK, I’ve ranted long enough about the Billion Dollar Yankees and Lovie “Idiots Guide to Coaching” Smith.  Let’s have some fun.  Bring on the college football hotties.


After last weeks loss ASU fans should be hiding their faces.  Oh wait, not you!  As a matter of fact let’s ditch the Pink jacket.  Thanks Dirty!


The Wolverines are going down faster than a drunk coed at a frat party.  Not sure about this Wolverette going “down” though.  After further review it looks like she has a pair of scissors.  Yikes!


How can you do a post like this and not give love to the Gators?  They have the #1 team in the land and some of the hottest fans around.


Look at this Wisconsin girl go.  Daddy would be so proud.


The NC State cheer squad by the pool.  Are they ripped or what?  I am thinking about diving but the pool didn’t give me that idea.


This gorgeous hottie is a Playboy model but I also know she is from Texas and a Longhorn fan.  Judgement call here but I think it was OK to use her in the post.


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I can’t get enough of these.  They make me giggle.


OI..HO?  These kids certainly qualify for enrollment into OSU.


I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to go OVER the bar.


You suck at soccer now go back inside and play with your Barbie dolls.


Speaking of soccer it is called a header…not a facer.


“I said your short of the 1st Down so take that beeeotch!”


This is why the fat kids get picked last.


Introducing your Washington FAIL!


Paddle faster bitch, you’re about to become lunch.


A baseball fail with the Cubs?  No…really?  101 years of Fail.  Way to go boys!


I can’t imagine why soccer doesn’t catch on in the United States.


…as I was saying.


This shit never happens when I watch skating.  I love skating fails.


LOL!  Upside down Cup fail.  Hahaha.  What do you expect?  He’s a Brit.

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