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The first week of games are just about in the books and I know it was one to talk about.

1 – Brett Favre in his return as a NY Jet.  It was a memorable a game as he led the Jets to a 20-13 victory over the rival Dolphins.  Now that he is no longer a Green Bay Packer I was actually able to sit and enjoy his game play.  The Jets should compete for a playoff spot in the AFC East.

2 – The Dolphins are still bad but they are a little better under their new leadership.  The defense I thought did a pretty good job containing the Jets running game.  I also thought Pennington did a decent job in his first game as a Dolphin.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have many targets.  Maybe he can just throw to his tight ends all season.  Oh, and is it just me or is Ted Ginn the biggest waste of NFL dollars you have ever seen?  Wait, dumb question!  The biggest waste ever was Cedric Benson.

3 –

“PATRIOTS FANS!  STEP AWAY FROM THE LEDGE.”  Yes Bostonians, it will be OK.  16-0 OK?  LOL  No, not that OK.  However, this team is deep in talent and will need to make some adjustments in their game.  Matt Cassell will be the Patriots Kyle Orton.  Look for him to average 180 to 200 yards per game and just manage the offense.  I look for Maroney to now have an increased roll in the offense.  10 or 11 wins are still possible but at this point you are facing an ass kicking at the hands of Pittsburgh come January.

4 – Well, well, well!  Look at what the Chicago Bears can do when they get away from the Cover-2 and execute a successful power run scheme.  Chicago looked like an NFC contender last night.  The combo of Forte and Jones look very tough, Orton was smart and error free, and the defense swarmed all over the field.  I know it is one game.  I know it is early.  However, the Bears were in a Superbowl just 2 years ago.  They do have the talent to get back to the playoffs and in this division they just might.

5 – McNabb is BACK!  The last few years have been tumultuous to say the least.  Granted he was only playing the Rams but McNabb was also playing without his #1 and #2 receivers.  His arm was strong and he made excellent decisions.  If his top receivers get healthy and the defense continues to play well the Cowboys and Giants will have their hands full in the NFC East.

6 – I understand name changes.  Bobby Moore became Minnesota WR Ahmad Rashad.  Basketball player Lew Alcinder became Kareem Abdul Jabaar.  Even goofy changes like Adam Jones to Pacman Jones were understandable and even acceptable.  However, when you put on a jersey and it has a number you don’t change your name to the jersey number.  “Hello, I’m Joe One Six, meet my friends Dan One Three and John Seven.”  Furthermore, you don’t make that change and then try it in a different language.  All NFL fans knew who Chad Johnson was and is?  Chad Ocho Cinco?  I mean how ridiculous does that sound.  It isn’t even right.  In Spanish 85 is Ochenta cinco.  I guess anything to sell a few more jerseys.

7 – HOTTIES for WEEK 1

This Redskins Cheerleader is possibly the hottest cheerleader EVER.

The Dolphins actually had something to cheer about?  YES!  Good becaue they have HOT cheerleaders.

Hot NFL Fans.  Love it.  And more surprisingly…a Hot Philly fan.  Spotting one of those is like spotting a comet or a Sasquatch. 

Last but not least are the beauties from San Diego.  Next to Miami they are probably my next favorite group of cheerleaders.  Why aren’t they cheering?  Well, you must not have seen the end of that game.


Minnesota Vikings 20 Green Bay 10 – Minnesota should be able to execute a nice run/pass balance tonight and control the clock.  I look for Green Bay to stay close for a while but I also look for Rodgers to make a couple of mistakes.  Boobirds?  Not yet but check back in Week 3.

Denver Broncos 28 Oakland 13 – Oakland is still a bad team.  Russell and McFadden (no it’s not a law firm) should make a couple of big plays tonight but they will also make mistakes.  I really like Cutler and I look for him to take another step toward the big time this season.  Denver should also have a nice balanced attack tonight and keep Oakland’s playmakers on the bench.

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Who are the Hottest Women in Sports

OK, I am tired of talking about losing Chicago sports and baseball is still to far away for my liking.  As I stood in line waiting to buy a paper the other day I was distracted by this months SI cover.  There is an amazing blonde, topless model on the cover and she was the inspiration for my latest article.  Who is the HOTTEST woman in sports today?  I can’t tell you how many arguments I have heard over the years in local Chicago bars on this subject.  

So, that being said I have decided to come up with my own TOP 10 list.  These women have to meet 2 main criteria to be eligible for my list.  #1 they have to be hot and #2 they have to be relevant.  I can tell you right now there are going to be dozens of people who say “Where is Anna Kournikova?”  Well, despite being HOT she is not longer relevant or playing so we move on without her.

#10 US Soccer defender Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts 

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