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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween BPD readers.

Greek Goddess.  Meeeeow

Yep.  I did it.  Arrest me.

Up…up…up…and away.

Could be the hottest Alice in Wonderland impression EVER!

How hot would it be to see the hot wolf eat Red Riding Hood?

This little bee knows where the honey is.

This little bee found something.  Ms. Potter I presume.

Hottest Elvira costume EVER!

Happy FREAKIN Halloween!

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Happy Halloween – Vol 1

Halloween is one of BPD’s favorite holidays!  Below are some of the reasons why.


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Hot College Hotties – Halloween Edition

Hello BPD fans!  We have been posting pics over the past couple of weeks of the hottest college football fans in the country.  This week I am doing it will a little twist.  This time of year is one of my favorite.  I love fall at the end of October.  The leaves are changing, World Series baseball and lots and lots of college football.  The end of October also means Halloween which means lots of college girls dressing up (or down in most cases).  Enjoy the collection!

Any girl that picks a skimpy domanatrix costume gets a gold star from me.  The ball gag is a nice touch…LOL.

I think this might be Adrianne Curry (the chick from My Fair Brady).  Either way the Clockwork Orange costume has never, ever looked hotter.  Meeeeeeow!  Oh, and just for the record, if my wife wanted to bring another beautiful woman into the bedroom the answer would always be “YES!”  Just a little life lesson for you Peter Brady.

There is just so much to love here I don’t even know where to start.

I need to start by saying the Boba Fet costume kicks ass.  But, more importantly I think I can speak for any man ages 21 to 50 and say I love, love, love the Princess Leia Return of the Jedi look.  You can just tell she’s naughty too.  I think Boba’s getting some tonight.  LOL

There’s something strange…sneakin in my bed, who ya gonna call?   HER

I am not really sure what the hell she is supposed to be.  To be honest my eyes never made it up from her chest.

Yes, I will tie everything into sports somehow.  She looks very hot in this Bengals get up.  Does she know how bad they suck though?  Probably not but I am certain she sucks well.  😉

Let’s see…nurse, naughty German girl, prisoner and flight attendant.  CHECK!  The gangs all here let the bang begin. 

Once again, props for the sports themed costume and MAJOR props for the body paint.  I highly encourage girls to don the body paint this year.  Body paint is in girls!  On, but the FLYERS.  Really…the Flyers?

ENOUGH SAID!  Happy Halloween to the BPD Rag and sports fans all across the world.  Get drunk, get laid but be safe.  I’ll be posting again some time next week.  I will be on a road trip to Lawrence, KS for the KU v. K.State game and then the Chiefs v. Bucs on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!

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