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A Special Rose

Gertrude Stein said, “A rose is a rose is a rose.”  In the case of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, she couldn’t be more wrong.  This Rose isn’t any ordinary rose.  He isn’t your average Tea or Shrub Rose.  He certainly isn’t your Jalen variety Rose either.  This Rose is one of a kind and the fans of the Chicago Bulls should cherish this time because this Rose doesn’t bloom in your garden too often.

Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said that this kid is going to be an MVP multiple times and lead the Bulls to a “minimum” of 4 NBA championships.  Wow!  I first thought that was a pretty ballsy statement coming from the Eastern Conference which contains teams like Boston, Orlando, New York and Miami.  Then I thought I kind of liked hearing some confidence coming from upstairs.  We haven’t heard or seen this kind of brash talk since 1998.

It may be unfair to compare him to Michael Jordan, perhaps the greatest professional athlete of all time.  However, he is 22 years old and a favorite to become the youngest MVP in NBA history.  I just got goosebumps typing that.  Could it be the Bulls are that lucky?  Guys like Magic, Bird or Jordan come along once every half-century if you’re lucky.  Chicago just got their second superstar in under 20 years.  To think there was even a debate of whether to take Rose or Beasley just makes me giggle.  To think some Chicagoans were behind gutting this young group, possibly even throwing in Rose, to get a LeBron, Bosh and/or DWade makes me laugh even more.  Miami cries in the locker room and I laugh.

But there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Rose and the Bulls serious play and them seriously kicking the asses of some really good teams.  I think about all of the injuries the Bulls suffered this year with a first year, first time NBA head coach.  They didn’t cry about it.  Rose and Coach T stayed cool and Rose kept lighting it up night after night.  DRose has become the soft-spoken leader of the current #2 seed in the East.

So what is the top for this Rose?  3 or 4 titles?  A couple of MVP awards?  A dozen or more All-Star appearances?  I guess we will just have wait and see.  One thing we do know is that this fragrant Rose just came into bloom and should be around to give us many great memories for a long time to come.

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NBA 2010-11 Predictions


Atlantic Division

Boston 52-30

New York 39-43

Philadelphia 30-52

Toronto 24-58

New Jersey 22-60


Southeast Division


Miami 64-18

Orlando 54-28

Atlanta 52-30

Charlotte 40-42

Washington 28-54


Central Division


Chicago 55-27

Milwaukee 48-34

Cleveland 40-42

Detroit 30-52

Indiana 26-56



Southwest Division


Dallas 55-27

San Antonio 54-28

Houston 50-32

Memphis  38-44

New Orleans 34-48


Pacific Division


Los Angeles Lakers 62-20

Phoenix 48-34

Los Angeles Clippers 42-20

Golden State 26-56

Sacramento 22-60


Northwest Division


Oklahoma City 50-32

Portland 48-34

Denver 47-35

Utah 40-42

Minnesota 20-62



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South Beach to be Lebronified

The sports world had to sit through weeks of “experts” spouting off their theories about King James.  Sports talk shows were drawn to it and so were the sheeple.  He’s going home!  He is going to Chicago!  He is going to New Jersey or New York or Miami.  And the reasons for their beliefs were, well, down right stupid.  We had to listen to Mariotti, Stephen A. Smith and some other hack sports journalists tell us why it would be one city and not another.  What started as an exciting free agent process with a lot of really good players like LeBron, Wade, Boozer, Bosh and Nowitzki turned into an avalanche of greed and self-importance.

LeBron announced he would meet these teams on his own terms and then have a one hour special announcing his decision.  Really?  All the great players of ALL TIME in every major sport and this guy needs a show.  I surprised LJ didn’t contact USA Network have Jeffery Donovan fired, King James would be the new lead and rename the show Lebron Notice.  No wonder the Cavs owner felt the way he did.

The Cavs are the home town team.  All heart strings are pulling Lebron back but it isn’t about home being where the heart is.  It certainly wasn’t about building a championship with a great young team like Chicago.  If that had been a priority than Chicago would have made the most sense.  Newly signed Carlos Boozer, Noah, Deng and super point guard Derrick Rose would have made for an excellent starting 5.  But, he wasn’t interested in a great sports city like Chicago.  Or maybe he just didn’t have the balls to come to the team that Michael Jordan built.

What was important was greed.  What was important was playing ball with his homies Bosh and DWade.  What was important were beaches, clubs, babes and no state income tax.  After the decision it just made the whole one hour announcement a contrived dramedy.  It wasn’t as hard of a decision as he played it.  It was about image and getting to hang out in South Beach with his “Rat Pack” for 5 years.

Will they win a championship?  It is possible if all three ball studs stay healthy and play 45 minutes a night for 82 games.  The Heat bench will be unimpressive overall and they won’t be able to make any moves during the trade deadlines.  It is the Three Amigos or BUST!   And, keeping this team under the cap will be an amazing feat of accounting skills worthy of a one hour special but I have a feeling the Heat won’t have enough left over to support the Boys and Girls Club.  Well, the team won’t but I bet Wade, Bosh and Lebron have a few extra shekels to spare.

King James is all yours South Beach.  Enjoy!  I don’t think you guys have a court big enough for those egos.

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Basketball Babes

While I usually post the beautiful babes of college football, NFL Cheerleaders and baseball I do have lots of love for the babes o’ basketball. Here are a few. Enjoy!








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Trading Times

Although we are in the beginning of our “Sports Dead Zone” there are a few things that can keep us amused.  One of those things is the NBA Trade Deadline.  It is here where you know whether your team is interested in making a playoff push in 09′ or selling and thinking about 2010.  Will the elite teams like Cleveland, Boston, Orlando or LA make a key move to solidify the playoff roster?  Here are 5 moves that I think have to happed before the end of the trading deadline.

#1 ORLANDO MAGIC ACQUIRE A POINT GUARD – The Magic have lost Jameer Nelson for the season and need to make a move.  They are one of the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference and will make a move.  I think the Chicago Bulls are the perfect trading partner with the Bulls.  Ben Gordon would give Orlando a PG with offensive presence.  The Bulls are point guard heavy and looking to deal.  Orlando would give Chicago PF Brian Cook, SG Keith Bogans and a 1st Round Draft Pick.  Brian would give Chicago added depth in the front court and Keith would replace a soon to be departed Larry Hughes.  All players have a one year deal.  It is very low risk for all parties concerned.

#2 LAKERS AND GRIZZLIES SWAP BIG CONTRACTS – I look for the Lakers to do two things at the deadline.  One is rid themselves of Lamar Odom and the second is to pick up some front court players to replace Odom and the oft injured Bynum.  I think a perfect scenario would be for the Lakers to send Odom, Mihm and a 1st Round Pick in 2010 to Memphis for Hakim Warrick, Darko Milicic and Marko Jaric.  Memphis will acquire to veteran leaders on the front court to go with Arthur, Gay and Mayo.  The contracts of Odom and Mihm also expire so they would be off the hook for over $16,000,000 against the cap and could pursue the likes of Shawn Marion or Carlos Boozer in the off-season.  The Lakers get front court help in Hakim Warrick and Darko Milicic for their playoff run.  Hakim is youth and athleticism to the front court while Darko adds power to the paint.  Guard Marko Jaric has been a major disappointment.  LA might increase his minutes but essentially he would be nothing more than a cap throw in and would occupy the back part of the bench.  

#3 BOSH MOVES TO CHICAGO – A great deal for both Toronto and Chicago would be for Toronto to send PF Chris Bosh to Chicago for PF Drew Gooden, SF Luol Deng and the Bulls 1st Round Pick in 2009.  The Bulls will lose Gooden after this season so he will get moved either way.  Bosh is a key to the Bulls puzzle.  The Bulls could then build a championship caliber team around Bosh and Rose.  Toronto would get a solid swing type player in Luol Deng and the Bulls 1st Round Pick, which should be a lottery pick.  This would give Toronto two picks in the 2009 NBA Lottery.  Still not enough for Bosh?  Well, maybe so but he wants out and it makes sense for them to get something for him instead of nothing.

#4 SACRAMENTO SENDS BIG MAN TO MILWAUKEE – The Bucks are fighting for a playoff spot and lost their big man Bogut.  They will be looking for a short term solution and that could be Sacramento C Brad Miller.  He is a veteran averaging 12 points and 8 rebounds per night.  If Bogut is back by playoff time than Miller will give them added depth.  Sacramento would get Charlie Bell, Francisco Elson and Dan Gadzuric.  Charlie is a 6’3″ tweener guard.  In Sacramento he would be a roll player.  Dan is a center and would replace Brad.  He is also more of a bench player and would split time with Mikki Moore.  Elson is a center in the final year of his deal.  He would more than likely not be retained.  Milwaukee might throw in a 2nd Round pick.

#5 MIAMI AND TORONTO SWAP BIG MEN – I am uncertain what the impact of this deal actually is but Riley has been trying to unload Marion for a while.  An ideal target would be Toronto and their C Jermaine O’Neal.  The money doesn’t quite work out so Toronto would have to throw in a James Jones as well.  Both players contracts expire as well so their is really no risk for either team.  Perhaps Miami feels O’Neal and his game are a better fit with Wade and Beasley during a playoff push.


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NBA Predictions for 2008-09


Atlantic Division – Boston Celtics 62-20, Philadelphia 76ers 45-37, NY Knicks 39-43, Toronto Raptors 37-45, New Jersey Nets 30-52

Central Division – Detroit Pistons 59-23, Cleveland Cavaliers 56-26, Chicago Bulls 44-38, Milwaukee Bucks 40-42, Indiana Pacers 35-47

Southeast Division – Orlando Magic 50-32, Miami Heat 45-37, Atlanta Hawks 43-39, Washington Wizards 37-45, Charlotte Bobcats 33-49


Southwest Division – Houston Rockets 60-22, New Orleans Hornets 58-24, San Antonio Spurs 50-32, Dallas Mavericks 47-35, Memphis Grizzlies 28-54

Northwest Division – Utah Jazz 58-24, Portland Trailblazers 52-30, Denver Nuggets 45-37, Minnesota Timberwolves 28-54, Oklahoma City Thunder 24-58

Pacific Division – LA Lakers 63-19, Phoenix Suns 52-30, LA Clippers 38-44, Golden State Warriors 34-48, Sacramento Kings 30-52


EAST FINALS – Boston 4 Cleveland 2

WEST FINALS – LA Lakers 4 Houston 3


LA Lakers 4 Boston 2

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Time for Another DRIVE BY

Get in your hoopty and lock n’ load because it is time for a BPD Drive By!

ESPN’s coverage of the NBA draft.  I hear crickets in the background.  The hosts sucked, Stu Scott is so 1999 and Stephen A. Smith’s one-on-one interviews were mind numbing.  “SO DOG, WHAT YA GONNA DO NOW THAT YOU ARE IN THE NBA”?  Well Smith, he is probably going to make a lot of money and play some basketball.  Good gravy.  Not to mention the no comment after every trade because it isn’t a real trade unless big brother (I mean the NBA front office) says so.  The Stu Scott interview with Larry Bird was like watching Gilbert Grape get interrogated by a 3rd rate ambulance chaser.  BLAM!!!!!

I am reading an article about the AFC East on ESPN.com.  The article dares to ask, “HAVE THE BILLS, JETS and DOLPHINS CLOSED THE GAP ON THE PATRIOTS?”

I read the article just for fun but let’s be real, there are so many things to write about in the NFL why even write this article?  It would be like asking if Poland, Latvia and Croatia have closed the gap on the United States being a world economic power. 

None of the other teams in this conference made the playoffs last season and New England went UNDEFEATED.  So, the only two things I can think of is New England slips and only goes 14-2 and the NY Jets win a few of those close games they lost last year and finish 8-8.  Does that really make them any closer?  Seriously, in terms of competing for a conference title and Superbowl championship, does it make them closer?  No.  But, are they closing the gap?  Sure, technically.  Dumb article.  Two shots.  BLAM! BLAM!

Let me get this straight, you can run down a woman with your SUV and avoid criminal prosecution.  I live in Chicago (one of the crookedest towns in the U.S.) and I have never heard that one before.  Are they saying she jumped out in front of him and not the other way around?  Marshawn’s attorneys and prosecution reach a plea deal in record time.  So, if you are wealthy you can conceivably get away with just about anything.  Not to mention he popped this women in a bar district.  Breathalizer anyone!   BLAM!  BLAM! BLAM!

To close out this addition of BPD Drive By they really need to start showing more games on NFL Network.  Instead they have Football America and numerous other shows.  There isn’t a whole hell of a lot going on right now so let’s throw some classic games on NFL Network.  How about a week of Greatest Comebacks or Great performances like any of the dozen or so games in which Dan Marino threw for 400 yards?  However, I will give them kudos on the cheerleader shows.  It is summer and I want to see beautiful, half-naked girls frolicking on the beach.  For this the NFL Network gets just a warning shot over the bow.  And for the BPD Rag fans, you get the half-naked cheerleaders.

You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend PBD fans.  Enjoy some great interleague baseball, the EURO finals and some sweet sports honeys frolicking on the beach.  😉


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