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NFL Hotties 2011 Vol 1

It’s that time again BPD fans.  NFL’s hottest hotties are back.  Enjoy the beauties than enjoy today’s games.  Peace.  And as always, thanks for checking in.

She looks A LOT better than the team she roots for.  Not sure Kolb is your long-term solution.

Ms. Edmundson has ATL looking might fine.  Fans hope their Falcons look this good in Week 2.

Bear Down!  Whoooo!  It’s hot in herre.

I don’t know about the Dolphins being #1 but she might be.

Sexy Eagles fan.  Wow!

New Jersey babes UNITE!  Um, I meant New York.  😉

OK, if I am a Saints fan this is going to be a distraction.  I wonderfully, beautifully, hot distraction, but a distraction none the less.

Remember to prime and paint your steel!

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NFL Championship Games

This Sunday the nation watches as two teams will advance to SUPERBOWL XLV.  In the AFC you have the steel-city bruisers versus the trash-talking boys from the Big Apple.  In the NFC you have the leagues oldest rivalry.  The opportunistic Bears versus the aggressive, high-scoring Pack.  Both games should be fantastic and fans of these four teams will be on the edge of their seats as both games should be close.


Chicago v. Green Bay

These two teams don’t like each other very much.  They respect each other, but don’t like each other.  The fans can’t stand one another.  The back and forth between fans through the media and online has reached new heights.  Who knows, there could be more action in the stands on Sunday than on the field.  To analyze this game really doesn’t go much further than Jay Cutler.  Bottomline, how he plays will dictate if Bears are prowling the streets of Dallas in two weeks.  As a Bear QB he is 1-3 versus the Pack with 9 interceptions.  That of course scares me big time but I won’t necessarily put that all on him because last years Bears were not very good.  Conversely, Jay Cutler is 22-0 as a QB when he concludes the game with a 100 QB rating or better.  That is a very telling statistic.

Green Bay will rush everyone at Jay all day long.  Jay will run, Jay will fall and Jay will not collect $200.  The best thing Jay can do under rough circumstances is not turn the ball over.  Mike Martz has to help Jay by running the ball and keeping the passes under 15 yards.  Quick looks in the slot and passes to the back out of the backfield will make any pressure Green Bay brings negligible.

On Green Bay’s side of the ball Aaron Rodgers will do well, he always does.  The Bear simply have to do what they did in Green Bay a few weeks ago which was stop the run and put pressure on Aaron without blitzing too much.  The Bears D is almost unbeatable if Peppers, Harris and Idonije are able to put pressure on the QB.  It allows Briggs and Urlacher to stay back and do what they do best which is filling the running lanes and taking away the intermediate passing attack.

There are two other intangibles worth noting.  If Hester and Manning get the ball on special teams the Bears should have great field position all day.  So, even if the Bears don’t score much, Punter Brad Maynard should keep Green Bay inside their own 20 most of the day.  If Green Bay has to play up hill all day they won’t win.  One other one worth mentioning is the matchup between Matthews and Webb.  LB Clay Matthews is Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus and Thor all rolled into one.  He makes a huge difference on that defense.  On the Bears side is very green rookie OT Webb.  He has shown steady improvement all year but he will be staring down the blitzes from Clay all day.  If he can contain him even a little that will help Chicago.  If he can’t than Chicago could be in trouble.

MY PICK – Chicago 17 Green Bay 13


New York v. Pittsburgh

This is going to be a great game.  Pittsburgh has been tough as nails since Big Ben’s return and the Jets have been like a boulder rolling downhill.  Both teams, on the surface, are very equal.  Both defenses are very tough, the QBs don’t make too many mistakes and the running games are very good.  Both teams are also well coached.

NY is facing a better running team than they did last week.  Rashard Mendenhall is vastly underrated.  He is very tough.  The one thing that the Steelers have going for them and this should come into play this weekend is the knack for the big play.  At almost guarantee at one point in this game when things are tight Big Ben is going to hook up for a big TD with Wallace, Sanders or Ward.  It will more than likely be a difference maker.

The Jet offense is good but has been inconsistent.  While Pittsburgh making big plays is almost a guarantee, I don’t feel the same way about the Jets.  I don’t think the offense can break open a game or come from behind late to win.  Their recipe for success is their defense holding the opposing team to under 20 points.  That is pretty much the bottom line.  I don’t want to knock Sanchez or the couple of weapons he has at wideout but that offense doesn’t scare me much.  I can see them moving the ball decently enough against Polamalu and the boys but I can’t see them making big plays and scoring too much.  LT could be a difference maker and open up the passing game but it isn’t likely against Pittsburgh.

Some intangibles worth mentioning might be the Jets pass rush.  They were able to disrupt any sort of passing attack from Tom Brady last week by keeping constant pressure on him.  That will be their plan against Ben as well.  The only difference is if they bring too many of their talented LBs on the rush it could open up for a big run or pass play.  Big Ben always played well under pressure.  The final intangible I can think of would be Pittsburgh’s depth and experience.  This is their fourth AFC championship in 7 years.  They have a great coach and an amazing system that works.  They can plug in and rotate guys all over the field and not lose too much.  They Jets are close but on the road against a team like Pittsburgh is going to be tough.

MY PICK – Pittsburgh 27 NY 16

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NFL Divisional Playoffs

The NFL playoffs are in full swing.  It is a wonderful time of year, but sad at the same time because we know the glorious game of football is coming to an end for the year.  To make matters even worse there is that pesky issue of the CBA which has next season up for grabs.  Well, I guess none of us can control what the NFL does in the off season.  Obviously we hope it is the two sides playing nice and coming to terms.  But, if they don’t it is going to be a long time until we see football again.  SOOOOO, let’s enjoy the hell out of these playoffs.


The miracle Seahawks v. the Jekyl and Hyde Bears.  This should be a better game than most people think.  The Bears came off of a flat game against Green Bay in their finally while the S’Hawks are on a roll with wins over St. Louis and New Orleans.  Seattle is mostly healthy.  Matt is back at QB and Marshawn is running like Earl Campbell.  All of those things do work in the S’Hawks favor.  What doesn’t is the brutal weather expected for Chicago.  Snow showers and a high of 14 degrees.  Now Tom Brady torched the Bears a month ago in similar weather but that was Tom Brady and the Patriots.  They’re awesome and Brady plays ridiculously well in poor weather.  The S’Hawks are used to the moderate climate of Seattle.  So, what other than the weather is against the S’Hawks?  How about the Bears staunch run defense.  They are among the league leaders and if Seattle can’t run, Seattle won’t win.  For Chicago not to blow this game on offense is simple.  They have to NOT turn over the football and convert on 3rd Downs.  If they can do this than it will be an uphill battle for the S’Hawks.  PREDICTION – Chicago 24 Seattle 14

The Green Bay Packers are on fire.  They beat the big, bad Bears in a brutal defensive game and then the GB defense whooped up on Vick and Philly.  On the downside they are entering the Georgia Dome to face Matt Ryan and the Falcons.  Simply put they don’t lose much at home.  Actually, they have only lost once there so the odds are against GB right out of the gate.  Both QBs are great so they cancel each other out.  Green Bays defense is good and ATLs is underrated so they cancel each other out.  That leaves special teams, receivers and runners.  ATL wins each of those battles.  Weems should be able to give ATL great field position all day.  Michael “the Burner” Turner is better than, well, just about anything Green Bay has.  Finally GB does have some good receivers but ATL gets the edge with TE Tony Gonzalez.  Other intangibles?  Can’t see any really.  It should be a close game with the home team squeaking out a win.  PREDICTION – Atlanta 20 Green Bay 17


This is going to be a hate fest from the word GO!  Rex Ryan has his boys playing well.  They have a chip on their shoulder and they’re daring just about anybody to knock it off.  The J E T S are talking smack, especially Cromartie who called Brady an “asshole”.  Wow!  That is some hate.  Now, I like confidence.  Heck, the 85′ Chicago Bears were as brash as they came but they NEVER disrespected another player and they always backed up their talk.  Now the J E T S might want to pipe down a bit because Brady and company are healthy and rested.  Why do I get the feeling, if I may make this analogy, the NY Jets are the Japanese after Pearl Harbor and the Patriots are the sleeping giant.  I so have this feeling Brady will tear up that NYJ defense and the Patriot defense will treat Sanchez like their bitch.  PREDICTION – New England 35 NY Jets 10
This should be the game of the weekend.  I have gone back and forth on this matchup.  Baltimore looked spectacular against the Chiefs last week.  The defense looked like the Ravens defense we recognize.  Flacco and company are efficient.  They run and pass and last week made it look easy.  However, their opponent this week is just a little bit tougher in Pittsburgh.  The Steelers haven’t done any one thing superbly this season but they have been so solid all around since Ben’s return.  RB Rashard Mendenhall is a key guy for the Steelers.  He can wear down the aging Raven defenders with his physical in-between the tackles running and take pressure off of Big Ben.  If however the Ravens are able to contain Mendenhall they will begin teeing off on Ben.  The Steeler D should be able to keep Baltimore in check.  Once again it isn’t a great defense but they do everything very well.  They don’t make too many mistakes.  The final stat if you will is that Pittsburgh has a 6 game winning streak over the Ravens.  That may be something too difficult for this Ravens group to overcome.  PREDICTION – Pittsburgh 21 Baltimore 16

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NFL Hotties Vol 2 – 2010

These two certainly look a lot better than their football team.

Did you really think we weren’t going to show a pic of the Jets hottie Jenn Sterger?

I am feeling a bit…Patriotic right now.

Meeeeeeeow!  Get it? Bengal…cat.

Where do I sign up for VIP?

I am loving the new addition to the Bills.  Hey, let’s face it, she couldn’t do any worse than the losers they have out there now.

Redskins cheer team, always one of the hottest in the NFL.

Steelers are indeed looking “super” again.

Arrrrgh!  I want me some of that booty.

The Jets get a two-fer this week.  This Jet model is too f***ing hot to pass up.

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NFL Draft Wrap Up – AFC East

1 – Miami Dolphins (B)

If you include the acquisition of WR Brandon Marshall it is probably an A.  But, going strictly on the picks I’ll still give them a B.  Getting DT Jared Odrick and DE Koa Misi give the Dolphins some much needed youth and quickness on that defensive front.  OT John Jerry might have been a bit of a reach at pick 73 but in a few years should develop into a solid RT.  They added LB A.J. Edds who should be an immediate contributor on the special teams.  Finally SS Reshad Jones was a steal in the late 5th Round.  He has 3rd Round talent.  He needs to work on technique but could develop into a solid NFL Safety.

2 – Buffalo Bills (C-)

No matter who seems to be running the team they always find a way to botch up the draft.  Don’t get me wrong; I think C.J. Spiller is going to be a fine RB in the NFL.  But, when you have major needs at QB, WR and DL and you go RB, something is wrong.  They took DT Torell Troup with the next pick to fill their void at Nose Tackler.  He should do fine but I felt their were better guys on the board at that position.  In the 3rd Round they take small school stud DE Alex Carrington.  He appears to be strictly a pass rusher at this level but he should contribute.  In Round 4 with talent like DE Corey Wooten, DE Ricky Sapp, LB Eric Norwood and some great QBs still on the board, they take WR Marcus Easley.   Easley has great size but talent wise he is 3rd or 4th on the depth chart at best.  They finally take QB Levi Brown late in the draft.  This kid has ‘career back up’ written all over him.  I did like the final pick of OT Kyle Calloway.  I think he will develop into a starting OL in the next 2-3 years.

3 – NY Jets (C)

Some thought the Jets had a very good draft when you figure in the acquisition of L.T. and Jason Taylor.  The Jets only had 4 picks and didn’t address all of their areas of need.  CB Kyle Wilson was a nice but odd addition.  Perhaps they are going to move him to S because they already have two very solid CBs.  With needs at WR and on the OL I thought it was an odd pick.  OT Vlad Ducasse will probably play G and replace G Alan Faneca.  They added two RBs at the end in Joe McKnight and John Connor.  Joe will be a back up to L.T. and John will eventually supplant Richardson at FB.

4 – New England Patriots (A)

The Pats acquired 12 picks and by maneuvering down they picked up more for next season.  I thought their entire draft was solid.  CB Devin McCourty should play right away.  TE Rob Gronkowski is a lunch pail kind of guy.  He’s tough and has soft hands.  DE Jermaine Cunningham and LB Brandon Spikes will add depth on the aging and depleted New England front 7.  WR Taylor Price could be the steal of the draft.  He will give Brady yet another target and provide much needed depth if Welker goes down again.  They take another TE in Aaron Hernandez.  Great pick.  Drafting the top punter in Zoltan Mesko was also very important.  They needed to add a young leg there.  They added some depth to the offensive and defensive side of the ball late in the draft and also added QB Zac Robinson from Oklahoma State.  I am very high on this kid and I look for him to replace Brady like Brady did to Bledsoe in the next 3 to 5 years.

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Who’s Fishin’ For Cutler?


The Jay Cutler v. Coach McDaniels saga is never ending and it is looking more and more like the Denver Broncos will have to part with their All-Pro quarterback.  This debacle is really a case of he said, she said.  Who initiated contact in the possible dealing of Cutler?  Did McDaniels pursue the New England back up as a replacement for the All-Pro QB?  Listening and initiating contact are very important details here and the Broncos organization isn’t the least bit interested in giving us those details.  All we know is Cutler has had enough and has forfeited his $100,000 for missing 10% of the off-season training activities.  He has also left his Tennessee home for parts unknown.

Despite his current mental state as a result if this fiasco, how many teams are going to cast their lines in hopes of landing a Cutler?  Which teams stand the best chance?


Detroit Lions


Not that Cutler wants to or deserves to go here but the Lions are shaping up to be the favorites in the race for Cutler.  The Lions have the #1 overall pick in the draft and that could be very appealing to the Broncos.  If they are starting over with a new system a highly intelligent, moldable QB like Matt Stafford would do the trick.  There would also be a strong possibility that Matt would be united with RB Knowshon Moreno with Denver’s second 1st Round pick.  Detoit would get a bonafide all-pro QB.  They would have to draft plenty of offensive linemen and wide receivers to keep this cocky QB happy.

Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns have a QB named Brady Quinn as bait for the embattled Cutler.  The also have the fifth overall pick in the 1st Round of the Draft.  Quinn has loads of potential but his development was cut short due to a freak injury.  Brady has the potential to be a fine NFL QB and some compared his college game to that of Tom Brady.  That is perfect for McDaniel who would be instituting the same type of offense.  With the #5 pick Denver would then look at someone like LB Curry or DE Orakpo.  They might also be tempted to take Crabtree.  Cleveland will be starting over regardless of the Cutler deal.  Building a strong offensive line  around Jay Cutler would be the priority.


NY Jets


The NY Jets have a shot to get Cutler.  I don’t think it is as strong a shot as Detroit and Cleveland have but it is a shot.  They need to replace the void left by Favre and the talent behind Favre was thin to begin with.  What does NY have to give to get Cutler?  Not a whole lot but they may offer their #17 pick in the 1st Round along with another pick, maybe 3rd or 4th Round.  The picks alone are not enough so they may need to include someone like LB David Harris or LB Calvin Pace.  That could work because Denver is switching to the 3-4 and looking for veteran personnel to run it.  To replace Cutler Denver would probably take Sanchez or Freeman at #17.  If Denver chooses not to draft a QB early they could sign Grossman or Losman for a season or two while they develop Chris Simms. 

Tampa Bay Bucs


OK, I know she isn’t the Bucs logo but I found her much more interesting.  Back on point, the Bucs have been dying for a QB.  They always seem to get a bust in the draft or a rusty, old veteran with not many miles left on the tires.  Bucs management made it known they would do what was necessary to land a stud QB.  Enter Jay Cutler.  Tampa isn’t a terrible team.  They just missed the playoffs.  Tampa might be willing to pull a Ricky Williams-New Orleans kind of trade just to get him.  Cutler guiding that offense would make them a strong contender in that division and in the conference.  Tampa would probably have to offer their 1st Round pick this year (#19), another pick in 2009 like the 3rd Round (#81) and a 1st Round pick next year.  Tampa may not want to get involved in swapping players because the systems don’t match the needs very well.  This is a slim shot but if Tampa puts a package of high round picks it could get done.


Chicago Bears


Sparkly GIF Bear says the chances are slim but with Jerry Angelo running the show you never know.  He constantly surprises the fans.  He will crap out in almost every 1st Round pick and then turn around and find a Briggs, Hester, Vasher or A.Brown in the middle rounds or even CB Corey Graham in the late rounds.  What I am getting at is Bears fans might not mind if management sacrificed 1st Round picks in 2009 and 2010 to get Jay Cutler because the Bears don’t have a high rate of success on 1st Rounders.  The Bears would probably have to send the Kyle Orton to cap off a deal like this but it is possible.  Kyle does have some similarities to Matt Cassell and Denver did almost everything they could to get him.  Put this down as a longshot but I don’t think I’d be surprised to see something go down on draft day.  

Philadelphia Eagles


Any excuse to run more pictures of a cheerleader, especially one of Philly’s finest.  To my knowledge there isn’t much noise between Philly and Denver but hear me out on this one.  McNabb only has another 3 or 4 years left in the tank.  Philly’s current back up may be only that, a career back up.  Cutler would give Philly a legitmate star QB for the future.  What Philly has in return besides Donovan McNabb would be two 1st Round picks in this years draft (#21, #28).  With Denver rebuilding on the fly, this would give them picks 12, 21, 28 and 48.  This is almost like the deal the Cowboys worked out sending Hershel Walker to Minnesota for essentially 3 Superbowl titles.  Denver would be able to build a tremendously talented young defense by executing this deal.  I think both teams would benefit greatly from this deal.

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There were a lot of interesting results this week.  Some of them were shocking and some just down right ridiculous.

1. The Denver v. San Diego game was outstanding.  Denver just blew out San Diego in the 1st Half with Brandon Marshall having a huge game in his return.  Then San Diego had a monster comeback in the 2nd Half led by Philip Rivers.  Cutler threw a terrible interception in the San Diego red zone that led to San Diego grabbing the lead.  Denver marched right back down near the San Diego end zone when FUMBLE!  It appears Denver loses the game but a whistle says Denver gets the ball back.  Wow!  I am a Broncos fan and I didn’t even agree with that one.  Ed HOCK-A-LOOGEE really blew that one.  However, Denver still had to score and not only did they score on a sweet drag route by Eddie Royal but they decide to go for two points and the win at home.  Denver lined up and ran the same play to Royal with the same result.  TD and a win for Denver.  But, take nothing away from San Diego who played well enough to win…again.  They are probably the best team to ever start 0-2.



Well the old man couldn’t get it done against the team his Jets need to beat.  However I don’t want to put it all on Brett.  The Jets had plenty of opportunities to capitalize on New England errors.  The only problem was there weren’t to many errors to capitalize on as Matt “Sand” Cassel effectively managed the offense and controlled the clock.  The Patriot defense also took the big play away from Favre and company.  Can Favre and Co. regroup next week?

3. The Chicago Bears are a good team.  They are a playoff caliber team.  They are a team that can win 9 or 10 games.  However, you can’t go on the road against a good team, turn over the football and make stupid mistakes and expect to win.  That just doesn’t happen.  They had the game in control into the 3rd quarter when the wheels came off.  The play calling was terrible.  Seriously, if I have to see that quick pass to the reciever for a whole 2 yards again I am going to scream.  And to lose like that against a jackass like Delhomme!  That just sucks.  Bears!  Step it up.


Is he for real or not?  It may be to early to tell but he sure did look awesome on Sunday.  He ran well inside-out which is a really good sign for a young running back.  Especially when your offensive line is that of the Oakland Raiders and the QB is the young and erratic Jamarcus Russell.  Kudos to DMac.


Dallas and Philly…a rivalry renewed.  Boy, what a great football game.  I was hoping for a Romo-McNabb battle and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The bomb to T.O. and the return by Felix were highlights in this game.  Who can forget the awesome hook up between McNabb and rookie WR DeSean Jackson and he puts it on the turf volunteerily but accidentally at the one yard line.  What a gaffe!  Then Dallas has it with just minutes left and Romo overthrows the ball into the flat and stops the clock.  I didn’t get that.  Now Philly has yet one more opportunity to take the game and fails on a 4th down trick play.  What a game!  Philly and Dallas (along with the NY G-men, Carolina and maybe Green Bay) are the class of the NFC.

6. The BABES of WEEK 2

I have never been jealous of an American Idol winner.  Never…ever!  Ok, now I am

The weather wasn’t the only thing HOT in Carolina Week 2.  Whew!

The Philly-Dallas game was so hot I didn’t even notice the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.  Ok, that’s a lie.

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are outstanding.  Oh, and they cheer well too.  🙂

“Oh my God!  Dude did you see that?  Cutler totally fumbled.”  Nope…sorry.  Missed it.

Bad News Packer Fans!  You lost your hot fan.

Of course Odin had to stand up and ruin the photo of the cute VIking girl.  “Hey, down in front!”

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