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College Hotties Vol 1 – 2010

Well it is that time of year again!  NCAA football is in their 3rd week and the season shapes up to be a good one.  Something else that looks to be good is our crop of college cuties.  You can’t have a college football season without paying tribute to the hot fans and cheerleaders.  So, without further adieu, the college hotties of 2010.  Enjoy!

This coed looks a lot better than her team.  Her Illinois pillow certainly has the best view in the house.

Hey Wildcat!  You have a lot to be happy about, Kentucky is undefeated heading into a showdown with Florida.

K.State never looked so good!

So is football the only reason Nebraska has 306 consecutive sell outs?  Adorable Husker fans like her give us another reason to want to go.

3 Big 12 teams in a row?  Sorry, couldn’t pass up a hot group of Soonettes.

Many football fans fav cheer group are the USC song girls but I will put this hot group of Ducks up against them any day of the week.

THE Ohio State has some HOT girls.   🙂  Not sure too many other schools in the Big 10 can RIVAL their fans.

Did someone mention RIVAL?  She could stop ‘Shoelace’ in his tracks.

I am not sure if Boise is for real but I think TCU you is and this fan certainly is.

Last but certainly not least is this FSU hottie courtesy of Maxim.

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NFL Hotties Vol 1 – 2010

A new season means new beauties both on and off the field.  Enjoy!

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Football Musings

We are a few weeks into college and pro football and I have a lot on my mind.  I suppose I could have been more proactive and written several blog posts over the past few weeks but I’ve been slacking.  So, I thought it would be best to spit out my random thoughts over these past two plus weeks with some bullet points.

* Randy Moss needs to shut the f**k up.  Whining about wanting a new deal, respect, getting the ball more, etc.  SHUT UP!  You have a deal and you are getting paid.  Keep your mouth shut and do your job.

* I am a Bears fan.  I sat in the end zone of the home opener.  I thought Calvin Johnson caught the touchdown at the end.  According to the very confusing and difficult to interpret control rule he did not.  I’ll take the very ugly win as a Bears fan but the NFL needs to get rid of that stupid rule.  It should be 2 feet OR 1 leg with control equals TD.  It is so plain and simple even a ref can’t mess it up.  LOL

* Just a reminder, the Chicago Bears lost a game in Detroit a few years earlier in similar fashion.  Berrian caught the ball for a TD late in a game in Detroit and the refs reversed it.  All I can say is pay back is a bitch.

* Holy Sh*t!  Boise beat Virginia Tech in the opener.  Great game and a great comeback.  Boise must be for real.

* Double Holy Sh*t!  James Madison beat Virginia Tech too.  Now we really aren’t sure how good Boise is.  Damn!

* By the way Boise, the blue field has got to go.  Every time I see a home game of yours I start f**king around with my contrast and tint.

* Bears looked so bad in a win over Detroit, then they go to Dallas and look so good.  Not sure how good or bad these Chicago Bears are.  They kind of have that Boise feeling to them.  Maybe we’ll find out how good they are next week against undefeated Green Bay.

* Hopefully Green Bay doesn’t have to play James Madison the following week.

* Impressive so far…South Carolina, Nebraska and Arizona

* A bit disappointing…Iowa, Oregon State and Notre Dame

* Is it just me or are there going to be several division lead changes in the AFC East?  Miami has the upper hand but New England and New York will be lurking.

* I am not quite sure if I like Head Coach Mike Singletary’s style or if he has one foot in the loony bin.

* Speaking of head coaches holy heart attack batman.  I wish MSU’s Head Coach Mark Dantonio a speedy recovery.

* Denard Robinson is absolutely ridiculous.  He single handedly beat Notre Dame so U Mass decides they are going to attack him.  Great!  They hold him to ONLY 100 yards on the ground instead of his usual 250.  OK, he’ll throw for over 200 yards too.  Unreal.  I am not a Wolverine fan but this kid is amazing.

* The Houston Texans are for real.  Schaub is a stud QB with weapons all over the field.  If they stay healthy they could be looking at 11 to 12 wins.

* The Minnesota Vikings are not for real.  They look sloppy and they have no offense what so ever.  Their old, veteran QB is finally starting to look and perhaps feel his age.  Time to retire for good and run for Governor of Mississippi Mr. Favre.

* Was so uninterested in the battle of the brothers (Eli v. Peyton) for one main reason…NBC was going to mention it 500 times during the telecast.  Instead I kept track of the score online and watched Boardwalk Empire instead.  Great show!

* Pleasant surprise?  Hail to the Redskins!  Despite the loss to the Texans the Redskins are back.  Shanhan, McNabb and gang have themselves an entertaining team.  If Dallas continues to trend down and Philly can’t decide on a QB, the Skins should be able to stay in the Division race.

* Disappointing?  It would have to be the Cowboys.  Everyone had the Cowboys 2-0 after the first two games.  However Chicago and Washington took it to them.  While they weren’t blown out in either game they didn’t exactly inspire confidence either.  This is not a team ready to win a Superbowl and with the mighty Texans up next Coach Wade could be out the door.


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